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PushbackTurner President at UPS and Irene Chang Britt Chief Strategy Officer at Campbell's Soup Offers a reliable and methodic approach to negotiating and navigating tough conversations Highlights compelling facts and research from the world of psychology and leadership Insightful and accessible Pushback is a timely resource for savvy women who want to leverage their skills promote themselves effectively and fast track their careers. A book about how women can argue at work without ruining their career Practical lessons from actual females in business Which is something I really need I have already recommended it to several friends who have been having the same issues at their jobsThere's a lot about negotiation that I am not entirely sure how to apply but luckily I don't need to One of the tips was about doing a lot of research so you can be ready for any uestion has really been something I've already applied in my own life If I know I have to deal with coworker I will do the research and make a spreadsheet with the relevant info If he pushes back I am ready And if he doesn't when he complains to the boss I can reference that data collection effort to say why I made that decision Which happened last week I have the information right here makes you look really good turns out

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Is rightfully yours Drawing on interviews with high level leaders Rezvani offers readers in the first half of their career the unedited truth about how women have asked their way to the top and triumphed and how you can tooIncludes interviews with top business leaders such as Marie Chandoha CEO of Charles Schwab Investment Management Cindi Bigelow President of Bigelow Tea Company Fizzah Jafri COO at Morgan Stanley Rosemary. I've read dozens and dozens of books on business workplace behavior advancing in the workplace navigating the professional world as a woman learning to be a productive working mother and the list goes on But none of them have come close to the searing thought provoking and actionable content in this book I started dog earing pages early and ended up folding over the corners of nearly every single page There are constant gems some you can use today some you will use tomorrow some you can pass along to someone else Although the book was written for women the content is applicable to anyone in the workplace It's such an important book that I want to share it with my friends family and the people I work with Unlike the good but lofty ideals of a Lean In style book or the sometimes self important musings from productivity experts this book was immediately and intensely empowering for me It challenged my thinking almost from the first page

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Summary é Pushback 102 ½ [PDF / Epub] ⚣ Pushback ✈ Selena Rezvani – Popular leadership blogger gives the low down on standing up for yourself In Pushback top leadership consultant Selena Rezvani argues that self advocacy is critical to success Yet women initiate negot Popular leadership blogger gives the low down on stanPopular leadership blogger gives the low down on standing up for yourself In Pushback top leadership consultant Selena Rezvani argues that self advocacy is critical to success Yet women initiate negotiations four times less often than men resulting in getting less of what they want promotion opportunities plum assignments and higher pay This book shines a light on the real rules of holding your own and pushing back for what. Excellent book on how to ask for what you want in a professional setting The first few chapters help to set the stage on why women struggle to ask for what they want or deserve The rest of the chapters focus on techniues and examples I reread these chapters as I was preparing for job interviews and critical business negotiationsI highly recommend this book to any female professional looking for guidance on this subject