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CHARACTERS ´ 砂の器 Suna no utsuwa ì ❮BOOKS❯ ✯ 砂の器 Suna no utsuwa Author Seichō Matsumoto – In the wee hours of a 1960s Tokyo morning a dead body is found under the rails of a train and the victim's face is so badly damaged that police have a hard time figuring out the victim’s identityIn the wee hours of a s Tokyo morning a dead body is 砂の器 Suna PDFEPUB or found under the rails of a train and the victim's face is so badly damaged that police have a hard time figuring out the victim’s identity Only two clues surface an old man overheard talking in a distinctive accent to a young man and the word “kameda” Inspector I. A Japanese crime fiction with a lot of various locations for setting Reading this novel made me want to imagine the sceneries The story was moving a lot of times into various areas and demographics in Japan from Western Okayama to Northeast Akita; from modern Tokyo theatres to ancient Ise Shrine; from poor mountain village to elite and intellectual communities This story is not only telling police procedural investigation but also private eye style investigation of Inspector Imanishi So this is not a pure close room murder But the mystery is good and I believe in 1960s the plot twist would be unimaginableImanishi and other characters were written as round characters and that made this novel enjoyable than as a pure crime fiction I prefer to put it into general fiction I highly recommend it for how the novel picturing the Japanese culture and social life of 1960s Even the Japanese culture in police force is apparent if you compared it with USA or UK police force fictions

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Manishi leaves his beloved bonsai and his haiku and goes off to investigate and runs up against a blank wall Months pass in fruitless uestioning in following up leads until the case is closed unsolvedBut Imanishi is dissatisfied and a series of coincidences lead him back to the case Why did a young woman scatter pieces of white paper out of the w. Excellent smart intricately constructed seamlessly translated police procedural by the dean of postwar Japanese mystery writers

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砂の器 Suna no utsuwaIndow of a train Why did a bar girl leave for home right after Imanishi spoke to her Why did an actor on the verge of telling Imanishi something important drop dead of a heart attack What can a group of nouveau young artists possibly have to do with the murder of a uiet and “saintly” provincial old ex policemen Inspector Imanishi investigates. Inspector Imanishi Investigates is my first exposure to the writing of Japanese author Seichō Matsumoto Inspector Imanishi is a police inspector in Tokyo and is assigned to the investigation of a body found on the railroad tracks The individual has been beaten to death and there are no indications of his identityThus begins an interesting investigation that will take Imanishi around Japan as he tries to ascertain who the victim was and who might have killed him It's a slow methodical approach and gradually the investigation is forced to wind down But over the months Imanishi and another inspector from another division Yoshimura continue to gather clues that will help them solve the crimeThe story is than just an investigation We get excellent pictures Japanese culture we meet Imanishi's wife Yoshiko and also a group of people who might be suspects in the murder an artistic group the Nouveau group Over time other people will die either naturally or possibly murdered some who Imanishi had hoped to gain information from In the end the story will search into the past and there will be a novel method of murder uite fascinating All in all it's an interesting mystery and excellent portrayal of a culture of which I know only a little 4 stars