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PDF Õ BOOK Uglies by Scott Westerfeld Û HELPYOUANTIB å ➳ [Reading] ➶ Uglies By Scott Westerfeld ➩ – Helpyouantib.co.uk Tally is about to turn sixteen and she can't wait In just a few weeks she'll have the operation that will turn her from a repellent ugly into a stunning pretty And as a prettIde of the pretty world and it isn't very pretty The authorities offer Tally a choice find her friend and turn her in or never turn pretty at all Tally's choice will change her world forev I remember my initial disappointment when Scott Westerfeld switched from adult sf to YA fiction How could he do this to me? I liked his books but I don't wanna read a dopey YA novelI'd read in an interview that it was mostly a financial decision the YA market has exploded and that's where the money is right now How can you fault a guy for trying to make a living?As a junior high Language Arts teacher it's impossible not to notice that Westerfeld's first YA series has done extremely well I guess it's time I checked it out for myselfWell after the first section of the novel I can understand why Uglies has been a hit with the YA crowd it's a fun easy read While Westerfeld hasn't completely dumbed down his writing it is certainly much accessible than his adult novels Tally is a likeable teenager that the readers will identify with and her plights are standard ones considering the world she inhabitsYes it takes some suspension of disbelief to accept the premise that all people are given massive plastic surgery and made pretty at the age of 16 But if you are willing to accept the premise the rest of the world makes sense Tally wants to be pretty as do all teens in this world But she's a mischievous girl and loves to play pranks and pull tricks When she meets up with Shay a fellow prankster her world is turned upside down Shay introduces her to a world where people don't consider being pretty the ultimate goal and when Shay runs away choosing NOT to be made pretty Tally is led down a road that will completely alter how she sees herself and the world around herWesterfeld has created a good old fashioned coming of age tale in a sf world Sure it's a YA novel but that's ok We need to create another generation of sf readers It might be a bit of an easy read for a sophisticated ie old reader like myself but it was still enjoyable The book is in fact the first of a trilogy but it is possible to read the first novel by itself Sure the story continues but Westerfeld does give the first book a sense of closure I think the YA market is lucky to have Westerfeld I hope he continues to have great success And maybe someday he'll write adult novels for his growing legion of YA fans

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Tapulted into a high tech paradise where her only job is to have funBut Tally's new friend Shay isn't sure she wants to become a pretty When Shay runs away Tally learns about a whole new s Nope couldn’t finish it Sigh I thought I was going to like this one It started off fine and all And then everything fell apart Yes that dramaticAm I the only one who was deeply offended by this piece of crap ? This book is wrong wrong wrongThe writing itself isn’t particularly well isn’t anything really But this is supposed to be a book about beauty with a big B and the writing doesn’t do justice to the theme I’d even call it Ugly The characters are stereotyped Tally is a brainwashed moron Okay she was raised to believe the ideology of her country but she cannot think by herself She wonders whether to betray the Smoke the rebellious uglies and you know what helps her make the right decision? A boy Woohoo thank God he was there with his adorable crooked smile his sweet kisses and his handmade leather shoes otherwise I really would have thought that she was an immoral bitch This also means that the fate of an entire city depends of the hormonal state of our young hero DUDEThe boy himself is phew of course he thinks Tally is beautiful special strong smart unlike anyone else when she is in fact so flat that I could surf on her back In fact she’s “the only one who truly understands” Pleaaaaaase He was raised to be a very careful and independent thinker but he falls for the first pair of boobs he encounters and turns out to be a spy Good jobShay was the best character until Westerfeld reduced her to some stupid vapid girl She who expressed interesting and deep as much deep as this book can be thoughts became a giggling naïve brainless chick whose only interest is of course the boy with the handmade leather shoesAnyway let’s move on to the real problem The content has almost nothing to do with the premise The book is full of ecologist propaganda Westerfeld keeps telling us how bad bad BAD things we humans are He calls our generation the Rusties Isn’t that nice? He criticizes everything we do Oh wait no he praises the invention of the Roller Coaster We’re bad because we use metal we’re bad because we’re savages who eat animals and because we “killed every living thing” Well apparently not because there are a lot of forests and flowers despite our destructive frenzyI was going to uote some passages but the words are so offensive I just can’t We’re freaks we’re ugly and we’re wrong This must not be the message intended but it’s all I got from this book It’s like Westerfeld wants us to go back to some primitive way of life He doesn’t criticize our mistakes he condemns progress He’s not warning us he’s trying to shove his dogma down our throats He’s telling us “I’m right you should believe me because I detain the truth” I deeply love nature and also fear for its future but I want to believe that mankind has an eual capacity for creation and destruction for beauty and ugliness for right and wrong It’s depressing to read about how hopeless we are Westerfeld lacks delicacy neutrality He’s not objective“Nature at least didn’t need an operation to be beautiful It just was” How about us? Aren’t we part of nature? Aren’t we beautiful then the way we are? For Westerfeld this is Nature versus Mankind He takes us apart from it he draws a line between the Earth and our species I believe that everything that lives on Earth is connected that we’re a part of a whole If you really want to write about nature and man you shouldn’t make them opposite Instead look for what makes us part of the earth what connects us to the rest of the world the plants the animals We are a part of this planet we are nature and culture I believe that it is where lies the true beauty of our condition I want to believe that some of us can see that that we will realize how important nature is not because it just feeds us or that flowers are pretty but because we are one with itThe plot itself is weak I don’t understand what the real issue of the book is The government doesn’t look threatening I didn’t feel the pressure I felt in The Hunger Games for example I I don’t understand what the Smokies are doing what is their purpose I have no empathy for them or any of the characters Everything is very confusing Westerfeld wants to talk about free thinking nature man beauty but he doesn’t do it wellAlso I may not be an expert about economics but it seems to me that without a financial system a country cannot work In the Pretties society no one pays for anything and Tally is shocked when she learns that at the Smoke people have to give to receive So yeah it made me frown

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Uglies by Scott WesterfeTally is about to turn sixteen and she can't wait In just a few weeks she'll have the operation that will turn her from a repellent ugly into a stunning pretty And as a pretty she'll be ca I need to never run into Scott Westerfeld down a dark alley or during a Civil War reenactment or at Charlton Heston's house or wherever My deep desire not to be arrested for murder would have an epic battle with my need to reach for a weapon when I see his stupid face In all fairness as you see I coughed up three stars for this book so I will clarify that my empty threatening is really directed toward Pretties and Specials books two and three in this series I'm posting this review on the link for the first book in the hopes that it will inspire people to put this book on their list of books never to read If you read this book there is the danger that you may want to continue with the series but trust me you really don'tIn listing what I don't like about this series I'll start with EVERYTHING from the characters to the plot to the worldview that I imagine would inspire a story of this kind of depth and breadth of ambivalence The premise of Uglies is that in the future when kids reach puberty they all have mandatory plastic surgery to turn their bodies into a perfect standard of beauty based on human brain reactions to visual stimulus Unfortunately and this is a slight spoiler so my apologies but it really is an element that is pretty obvious from page one though not clearly stated until later when the kids are having the surgeries to make them pretty the surgeons change their brains too to determine their decision making abilities capacity for independent thought and even sense response Basically the pretty surgery makes most people stupid unless the occupation that the government determines for them reuires intelligence So far so good it's your basic government takeover dystopia Yes kids if you let the government give you free health care checkups it's only a small step to the day they start chopping up your brainLuckily said ugly teens particularly our protagonist Tally through her bff Shay discover that if they flee to the wilderness they will be able to live a life of freedom and romance Oh what's that? Did I say romance? Thanks again Jean Jacues Rousseau Percy Bysshe Shelley Ralph Waldo Emerson et al Sometimes when characters go out into the wilderness I don't even know Does the phrase it's been done even begin to cover my feelings on that topic? Thus begins the cat fight between Tally and Shay that is the uniting thread of this entire series You see there is a wilderness boy imagine my surprise who is uite a catch even though he's ugly and there's some jealousy and betrayal and kick ass hoverboarding You get the ideaLet me clarify the problems I have listed so far1 Suspicion of the city using a retreat to the wild as the solution to social ills It's a tired premise2 Cattiness of the female protagonist and portraying the central female character as mostly driven by her current crush and competition with other women That is a huge pet peeve of mineThose however are small forgivable wrongs compared to the basic disingenuousness of the moral arguments Westerfeld makes While he on one level criticizes the idea of basing society on a hierarchy of physical looks the characters repeatedly interact within that hierarchy calling each other pretty and ugly at every turn and defining pretty people very specifically Even the repetition of the words ugly and pretty undercuts any message Westerfeld might have against pigeonholing people I found myself seeing people in the grocery store and evaluating whether they met the evolutionary definition of pretty as according to this series It's creepy and annoying Westerfeld can be as showy as he wants about how it is limiting to judge people based on their appearance but I argue that he is actually encouraging that same shallow judgment if only by instruction and repetition For example it's like saying kids don't shoplift but here's how to shoplift if you ever want to do it And here's a catchy shoplifting song to sing with your group of friends who really should have a name Hey we could call you guys the 'shoplifting gang' Don't shoplift though What's the real message there? Ultimately the arguments of the government that reuires the pretty surgeries also make a lot of sense in the stories The surgeries solve anorexia bring world peace and save the environment Plastic surgery sounds fun too and Westerfeld literally makes no compelling arguments against body alteration At the same time I'm left feeling that Westerfeld thinks it is a bad idea though he is not convincingIf Westerfeld's discussion of body image wasn't enough of a travesty the point in this series where this backwards arguing makes me want to wipe him off the face of the planet is when he introduces cutting By cutting I'm not talking about skipping school If you are not familiar with cutting it is a form of self mutilation that has been growing in popularity with teenagers over the past few years I'm going to go ahead and say it's been growing in popularity since 2006 when the book Specials was published In Specials our catty female protagonist and her buddies discover that by slicing up their arms they experience a particularly satisfying high and all of their senses are strengthened Ultimately they randomly decide that this is a bad idea but Westerfeld only implies their reasoning for that decision and again I'm left with the feeling that probably everyone should be a cutter because in the context of the story it's pretty badass I think that was the point where I started yelling and throwing things around my houseUnfortunately some parts of these stories are actually engaging not seriously engaging but passably and for a while I wanted to find out what happened to everyone even while I wanted to burn the author's house down The truly unforgivable wrongs are his wolf in sheep's clothing discussions of teen body image and self mutilation issues His characters never develop deep self respect or intelligent motivation for their actions and even when their decisions seem healthy Westerfeld makes a better argument for the unhealthy decisions Now I realize that I didn't even talk about the uber annoying slang language he develops for the Pretties and Specials I'll just say that these books are not bubbly and leave it at that