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The second in the immersive series set along the waterways of a fantasy world perfect for fans of Sabaa TahirCaro has settled into a routine Wake eat breakfast try to figure out who is going attempt to assassinate Markos today The currents aren't exactly calm Markos is in constant danger and his claim. Not to brag but I've already read an early version of this and it's super satisfying and super fun

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Whisper of the TideTo the Akhaian throne is largely unsupported Without military strength he doesn't have a chance Relief appears on the horizon when a powerful Archon wants to side with Markos in his fight for the throne But in Whisper of PDF exchange for an army Markos must marry the Archon’s daughter They must decid. Ahoy there me mateys I loved the author’s debut and was excited to finally read the second book of the duology While I try to post no spoilers if ye keep reading this log then ye have been forewarned and continue at yer own peril I absolutely loved life on the river in song of the current The second book returns to follow Caroline Oresteia and her new life on the sea Many months have passed since the events of the previous book All of Caro’s old wishes and dreams for the future are sunk Caro feels adrift in her new role and has no real sense of purpose or direction She has pledged her support Markos to win back his throne Can she support him and figure out what she wants at the same timeWell not easily that be for sure Issues involve bounty hunters pirates a vengeful sea goddess assassination attempts hidden treasures magic shipwrecks and making deals with old enemies Plus there be relationship drama self doubt and mistakes made This book certainly increased the stakes for Caroline There were plot twists galore fun banter and lots of conniving The relationship between Caro and her enemy was one of the highlights for me The world building continued to float me boat I wouldn’t mind heading for many of these portsThe only small issue I had was that Caro’s family does not play big roles in this installment I kinda missed her dad and Fee Ye did get to see some of her fierce cousin at least The duology concluded satisfactorily but I wouldn’t mind another story set in this world About Daria perhaps ArrrrrCheck out me crew member’s review of this oneRaven dreamyaddiction’s review – “Overall I loved this book It’s a total entertaining read filled with adventure magic romance pirates ships and treasure hunting The story wrapped up perfectly with a satisfying ending I’m really gonna miss this world and the characters If there’s ever a spin off of this series in the future I would definitely read it I can’t wait to know what the author has in store for us next”

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review Whisper of the Tide 103 ò [KINDLE] ✾ Whisper of the Tide By Sarah Tolcser – The second in the immersive series set along the waterways of a fantasy world perfect for fans of Sabaa TahirCaro has settled into a routine Wake eat breakfast try to figure out who is going attempt t The second in the immersive series set along E which is important their love for each other or the fate of Akhaia And Caro will have to decide if her destiny is to sail with the tide or chart her own courseWith shipwrecks lost treasure old and new enemies dark magic and devastating romance Sarah Tolcser weaves another epic story about chasing fat. You can find the full review and all the fancy andor randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight Honestly I was a little hesitant to start this one I liked but didn't love the first book But I must say I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to get into this seuel The elements that I enjoyed from the last book were still in play Caro being full of awesomeness her banter with Markos and the atmospheric world building There's a ton of at sea adventure in this book and Caro sailing feels so so rightBut there was definitely at stake in this book It seemed much less safe than the first which was actually my biggest gripe with Song of the Current So for this to seem a bit urgent dangerous made it a much better read for me In fact I was pulled in almost immediately by the direness of it all The plot never lagged for me and I was engaged the whole timeThere's also some newbetter fleshed out side characters in the mix that made the book all the enjoyable One of my favorite aspects of this book is Caro's relationship with a villain of sorts to say any would be spoilery but it was fabulous The banter and snark that we've grown to love comes out in full force The only thing I wasn't totally thrilled with was a bit of predictability and a little bit of lack of communication trope from our romantic duoThe ending if it is the ending of the series I have no idea but it seems to be only the two books for now is definitely satisfying So if it remains a duology I think readers will be uite pleased with the direction this book takes Bottom Line Definitely stronger than the first I highly enjoyed this seuel set in a watery world of political chaos