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Read & Download Ú eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF à Sarah Monzon The world at war yet again Alice Galloway rejects her father’s traditional expectations and offers her piloting expertise to the Air Transport Auxiliary She may be a woman in a man’s world but when she of You Carrington eBook #8608 overhears key intelligence she must find the strength to transcend boundaries and her own fears Or countless people may die Sometimes the past reaches forward to bring hope to the futu. Sigh All of You leaves you with that warm glow feeling You know that feeling when the couple comes together in the movie and that catch phrase melts your heart and brings tears to your eyes Yep That’s the feeling I had after reading Sarah Monzon’s latest workMichael “Finch” Carrington is perfect Perfect I say And I’ll say it once again perfect Seriously if he didn’t have the tall dark and handsome down pat he had me at “Argh” and that’s all I’m going to say about that And Jack Oh Jack Rogers Jackie Rogers Or Jacuelyn Rogers to those who risk a bruising is a formidable lovable awesome heroine I truly wish she were real so I could count her as a friend Her heart for people and her heart for Michael made me grin until my eyes watered I don’t think I was crying yet Seriously perfect heroineAdd this book to your must reads I received a complimentary copy This review is my own opinionFull review interview at

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characters All of You Carrington Family #2 ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ò ✪ [PDF] ✐ All of You Carrington Family #2 By Sarah Monzon ✷ – Maryland Present DayJacueline Rogers can rebuild anythingexcept the shambles of her past A restorer of vintage planes she's worked Maryland Present You Carrington ePUB #8608 DayJacueline Rogers can rebuild anythingexcept the shambles of her past A restorer of vintage planes she's worked hard to earn the reputation of being one of the guys The last thing she needs is a former Navy pilot fighting his own inner demons stepping in to defend her from dangers she thought she’d outrun long ago Some battles must be fought aloneAfter a freak accident se. At the risk of sounding completely shallow hello Carrington brother #2For all of Trent’s flirty bad boy yumminess that we enjoyed in Finders Keepers it’s MICHAEL Carrington’s deep emotion and raspy voice that currently has me swooning Navy pilot Double amputee Willing to become a pirate when needed Murmurs husky things like “You’re killing me” in the middle of a don’t dare breathe romantic moment Hero Hunk HonorableBe still my book boyfriend collecting heartAnd then there’s Jack or Jacueline but don’t call her that to her face – she’s feisty independent and on her way to “Cool Aunt of the Year” domination Her independence plus Michael’s charge from without and within to protect her sets up some fireworks as you might have already guessed But where there’s fireworks there’s sparks And where there’s sparks You get the kind of chemistry that builds with intensity every moment bringing them closer to a first kiss that might even make you the reader forget your own nameWoven throughout Michael and Jack’s present day story is another – perhaps even compelling – story set a few decades in the past American Alice Galloway arrives in England to fly with the Air Transport Auxiliary Her story involves great danger great courage and great romance Henry You will love watching it unfold and especially how it intersects with Michael and Jack’s timelineBottom Line Sarah Monzon’s novels just keep getting better and All of You is my favorite so far Her research and attention to detail is clear giving life to her characters and to their stories The message of trusting God with the life you’ve been given with the bumps in the road and the redirections is naturally incorporated and authentic And the romance – tender and fan inducing all at once – is not to be missedI voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book which I purchased for my own collectionsee my full review at Reading Is My SuperPower

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All of You Carrington Family #2Vers Lieutenant Michael “Finch” Carrington’s dreams as well as two limbs he’s left with nothing but a fragile faith and All of Kindle a duty bound promise to watch out for his friend’s baby sister A promise she insists is as unnecessary as it is unappreciated But when she turns the tables and begins to weld together the broken parts of his life it may be his heart that is in need of protection England With. Reviewed at The Power of Words Monzon writes my type of book – poignant and spiritually uplifting with rich characterization Two great leading men also I enjoyed All of You so very much and although it stands alone I want to read previous books by this author very soon I’m particularly fond of dual timelines when they’re well crafted as is the case here and I was eually invested in both stories although I connected most with Jackie and Michael Monzon is a talented writer easily conveying vivid images and emotions that pulled me into the story I loved that Jackie and Michael aren’t your typical lead characters Jackie who restores vintage planes has a low self image “Guys didn’t look past the wrench and blowtorch she wielded daily the unflattering mechanic coveralls that made up her wardrobe or the layers of grease that covered nearly every inch of her skin” I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a double amputee cast as the hero – but let me tell you he lacks for nothing But it’s a different story emotionally as you would expect “It was ironic that he a sailor was drowning in the sea of an unknown future” Great relationship and chemistry between these twoThe connection of Alice and Henry’s storyline isn’t obvious at first but I knew it had to be and enjoyed trying to figure it out One of my favorite parts was being able to feel the excitement of D Day a day when “the fight may just be beginning but it is the start that will bring forth the end”Most stories where a character faces an unimaginable difficulty or heartbreak results in a loss of faith or at least doubt or a uestioning of God Michael struggled both physically and emotionally as everything that he identified with and worked for was wiped away but his core faith was never shaken I think that really hits at where we live challenging and encouraging us at the same time as we deal with our trials While never overpowering faith plays an important part in this book leaving me with much to reflect uponI thoroughly enjoyed All of You and look forward to much from Sarah Monzon Highly recommendedI was provided a free e copy of this book through Celebrate Lit The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own