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Tucker's ClaimEd body she throws herself into their torrid affair indulging every one of her wildest sexual fantasies Tucker's occupation however is the one thing about him she can't embrace A staunch pacifist Sallie Mae can't understand how his strong caressing hand can clench in fury or pull a trigger to take a life In this lawless land Tucker knows you have to fight to survive But. Good book with two storylines The main one is the romance between Tucker and Sallie Mae with some inroads into the ongoing mystery of what happened to the Hell's Eight's sister in law Ari Sallie Mae is a widowed uaker woman who has continued her late husband's medical work The townspeople have no problem using her services but they also look at her somewhat askance because of her independence Especially since she has Tucker staying in her barn whenever he's in town Tucker is a Texas Ranger which gains him some respect but he is also half Indian which makes him despised and distrusted by most people Tucker and Sallie Mae are drawn to each other despite all logic Sallie Mae is attracted to his hot body his occasional charm and the good man she sees underneath the violent surface However his violent lifestyle makes it hard to think of anything permanent with him Tucker fell hard and fast for Sallie Mae but knows that because of who and what he is he can't have her That doesn't stop him from wanting her and discovering that she wants him too puts them on a collision course with troubleI really enjoyed the development of the relationship It starts out with the decision to indulge in a single night together but neither is satisfied with that They easily slip into being together whenever possible The passion between them is incredible though I have to admit that some of their activities were not to my taste Both find themselves wishing for than just an affair But Sallie Mae can't reconcile her beliefs and his lifestyle choices and Tucker just doesn't believe that there is any way for them to be togetherI liked Sallie Mae but she also frustrated me In a time period when you did not associate with anyone bearing Indian blood she is completely without prejudice She believes that everyone is one of God's children I liked the way that she saw his honor his kindness and his gentleness But I also had a problem with the way she was so fixated on the violence He is a Ranger so it isn't that he has a whole lot of choice in what he does He is very protective of those he cares about and he will do anything to keep them safe As they got closer she does begin to soften her stance a little asking him to try I also thought she was rather naive about her own safety around the men of the town until it was almost too lateI really liked Tucker He is a man with a pretty deep sense of honor though most people don't look past his Indian blood to see it His relationship with his family is close as they have been there for each other since their families were killed He has fallen hard for Sallie Mae but because of who he is he does his best to protect her reputation I loved seeing how tender and gentle he could be when he wanted to but also pretty forceful when he was trying to get her to see things his way When Sallie Mae ended up pregnant not really a surprise I loved that Tucker was immediately ready to take the next step However he is also well aware of the danger once it becomes known that she is pregnant with his child I loved his determination to marry immediately and take her back to his home It was at this point that Sallie Mae's insecurities became visible as she worried about finding her own place in his worldOn their way to Hell's Eight they run into trouble related to the search for Ari as their group is attacked The attackers believe that Sallie Mae is either Desi or Ari and are determined to capture her There are some intense moments as she tries to protect the others and nearly gets herself killed in the process She learns something about her own capabilities which in turn opens her eyes to Tucker's life Then a crisis at Hell's Eight brings out her strengths though not without some rather amusing confrontations with other members of the family I loved the ending and seeing how they were figuring out the best way to make their beliefs work together

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He is everything her body cravesand everything her faith deniesTucker McCade has known violence his whole life orphaned in a massacre abused as a half breed child trained as a ruthless Texas Ranger he's learned the hard way that might makes rightSo even he is shocked when he falls for Sallie Mae Reynolds a uaker nurse Unable to resist Tucker's charm character and chisel. This third book in Sarah McCarty's Hell's Eight series was a very enjoyable sweetly erotic and mildly suspenseful read and moved along at a pretty good pace that made me want to keep turning the pages Not uite as wordy or disturbing as Caine's Reckoning not uite as erotic as Sam's Creed but a great effort with two pretty likable leads and the welcome return of a bunch of characters from previous booksThis one picks up a few months after Sam's Creed left off in Texas around 1859 with the members of Hell's Eight still looking for Desi's Caine's Reckoning kidnapped sister Ari Tucker McCade who is also a Texas Ranger is hanging around Lindos Texas waiting to see if a lead will pan out but also keeping a watchful eye on the widow Sally Mae Schermerhorn Sally Mae has recently lost her doctor husband to murder in this wild Texas town and she has come to taking up where he left off providing her own formidable nursing skills to those in need The half breed Tucker is smitten with the willowy blonde uaker as she is with him even though his violent world is against everything she believes in His long black hair silver eyes ripped physiue he can't fit in sleeves and gentle way with her sets her mind to fantasizing she's lonely and has a thirst for adventure that would be against her uaker beliefs Lonely lacking in faith Tucker whose whole family and town were wiped out in a Mexican raid when he was 16 leaving only eight young boys who survived Hell's Eight bent on vengeance longs to have what he thinks he can't have a woman to love him for what he is like Bella loves Sam and Desi loves Caine But he's part Indian and an Indian with a white woman in those days is unthinkable But that doesn't stop Sally MaeSally Mae decides to give in to temptation enjoy the now and not look to the future and enjoy the pleasure of Tucker's company They meet in the woods behind her house and Tucker shows her a thing or two about passion and lovemaking hothothot Sally Mae is a uaker Well what starts as a one time thing turns into a months long passionate affair hidden from the townsfolk of course because if they found out Sally Mae would be scorned and Tucker would be hanged And although Tucker and Sally Mae have no problems setting the sheets on fire Sally Mae being a pacifist has big problems with the violence in Tucker's world Sally Mae keeps insisting that Tucker has a choice that he doesn't have to settle differences or threats against himself with violence Tucker insists that there's no other way in untamed Texas Eventually it comes down to a choice for Sally Mae and her long held beliefs are put on the line Will she choose violence if it means saving herself and the people she lovesGood story even though at times I was wondering where the author was going with it Not that it was slow or anything since it wasn't but I kept waiting to see if something '' was going to happen There was a lot of disagreements about what Sally Mae thought was unnecessary violence on Tucker's part but I thought she was being a bit unreasonable and naive I mean she was a pacifist yet she came to the most violent place in the country what did she expect I don't think that turn the other cheek was going to work here That was the main focus of the book would Sally Mae's religious beliefs get in the way of her relationship with a man whose profession was something she abhored And of course there was the taboo relationship between a half breed and a white woman and how was that going to work out there was a little complication to the relationship that forced them to take a good hard look at where it was heading The book really started to pick up when Bella and Sam came on the scene I enjoyed the conversations that Bella and Sally Mae had as well as Tucker's interaction with Sam and Tracker and Shadow I liked how Shadow's advice to Tucker put everything about the relationship into perspective The book built up to an exciting gripping conclusion that had Sally Mae making a choice and also finding her place among the Hell's EightNow the love scenes Not as many as you would expect but well placed throughout the book and plenty hot Of course the obligatory anal scene and the use of some sex toys in 1850s helped to push this to the erotic romance category but by no means was it a sex fest There was plenty of story to go with it especially towards the final third of the bookI did have the feeling while I was reading the book that I knew a lot about Tucker who I loved and just wanted to give a big ol' hug but wasn't so sure about how well I knew Sally Mae I kept thinking that maybe I had missed something about her that was in the previous book I had uestions about her background before she married her husband and wasn't uite sure that SM was going to satisfy my curiosity Thankfully she did address my uestions even though she did wait until near the end of the book so be patient and you'll find out howwhy Sally Mae became a uakerFans of this series should be pretty pleased with this one Little spoiler coming hereno Ari hasn't been found yet but I feel like they're getting closer This book had some violence some steamy romance and a bit of harrowing suspense And aside from dealing with Sally Mae's speech pattern she substitues thee for you which at first was a little jarring the book flows very smoothly and provides a very nice HEA yet leaves you wondering what's going to happen next I for one can't wait to find out 4 12 stars

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Tucker's Claim Read è PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ð ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Tucker's Claim Author Sarah McCarty – Helpyouantib.co.uk He is everything her body cravesand everything her faith deniesTucker McCade has known violence his whole life orphaned in a massacre abused as a half breed child trained as a ruthless Texas RaWhen Sallie Mae becomes pregnant he's willing to do whatever it takes to have his family including hanging up his gunsEvery night they spend together exploring new heights of ecstasy binds them ever closer slowly erasing their differencesuntil the day Tucker's past comes calling precipitating an explosive showdown between her faith his promise and the need for reveng. Reread Oct 2017 The heroes of Hell's Eight make me wish I lived in the old West Such alpha males each toting emotional baggage each convinced they have nothing to offer a good woman each good hearted strong protective naughty in the bedroom elsewhere each willing to die for other members of Hell's Eight And then there's the women of this series Sassy strong determined to reach for the stars one of the Hell's Eight guys in spite of everythingand each discovering their own sexuality Oh my Things get down dirty so dang HOT I really love the writing style rich in sexual chemistry snarky humor and emotional turmoil This series is one of my favorite Old Western Romance series An absolutely Must Read Jan 2014 Review I love the Hell's Eight series and menthe ultimate bad guys protecting what's theirs and loving their women to the moon and back Tucker is a half breed accepted by neither side of his heritage and he falls in love with a white widow who serves as the town's nursedoctor It's a love that will never be accepted and they both know it But fate has plans for Tucker Sally Moonbeam and the road is not a smooth one What was supposed to be one night of pleasure uickly turned into a blazing love affairone neither of them could walk away from This is their storytheir battle to find love and acceptance moving forward living with the conseuences of their actions I am in love with Tucker He is all man a devil with a gun protecting what's hisbut he is also sweet romantic and would rival any modern day alpha male or Dom in bed This man has serious skills Sally is a strong heroineaccepting the hand fate dealt her with the death of her husband finding the strength to survive alone in a man's world and finally finding the strength to face her demons and allow herself to love Tucker This was a great read and one of my favorites in the series thus far Loved it You can find my full review at