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Mobi ¶ Red Riding Hood ´ 352 pages Download õ ❮Read❯ ➱ Red Riding Hood ➵ Author Sarah Blakley-Cartwright – The blacksmith would marry herThe woodcutter would run away with herThe werewolf would turn her into one of its ownValerie's sister was beautiful kind and sweet Now shThat the creature lives among them it could be anyone in townIt soon becomes clear that Valerie is the only one who can hear the voice of the creature The Wolf says she must surrender herself before the blood moon wanesor everyone she loves will dieBased on a screenplay written by David Leslie Johnson Not gonna lie this was bad I was honestly sucked in by the pretty cover and who doesn’t love a good re telling of an amazing fairytale#iwillneverbetoooldforafairytaleThis just didn’t cut it Messy boring characters and the plot was just so not very entertaining Read 281220111st rating 1 starGenresub genres Re telling fairytale romance YACover 35 stars POV 3rd person Will I recommend No Not even the movie🤷🏻‍♀️

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Tter Peter who offers Valerie another life far from homeAfter her sister's violent death Valerie's world begins to spiral out of control For generations the Wolf has been kept at bay with a monthly Red Riding PDF or sacrifice But now no one is safe When an expert Wolf hunter arrives the villagers learn Some Spoilers25 starsI really wanted to love Red Riding Hood since the movie looks really good and I'm looking forward to watching it but the booknot so muchWhile the writing is strong almost poetic at times I didn't like the style of writingI can live with the fact that the story is told in thrid person but I don't think it was necessary and it only distracted me then anything from an already slow moving paceIn a nut shell It felt like reading a very plot driven scrip where everything is described all at once through various random charactersIt lacked flow emotion and most importantly fascinationI can't say that I particularly liked any of the characters in fact I think it was only the Wolf who provided real entertainment with his killing spree and fixation on Valerie but then again it could have just been the writingValerie and Peter is what really just killed me I've always been a reader who doesn't mind love triangles or even instant romance but this It was comically hilarious just how rushed it is for these twoValerie and Peter were childhood friends till Peter left the village after a tragic mishap Ten years later Peter is back in town they see each other and there bond is newly reformed When Valerie is 'promised' to the rich and handsome Henry she goes to Peter and make there plans to run away together but the Wolf had other idea'sI felt like there was absolutely no time to feel any chemistry between the two whatsoever and that goes for Henry as well I wouldn't call this a triangle really since the girl would have to have some kind of inner battle within herself but Valerie has always known who she wantedWith that said I started liking it around 160pages in once Father Soloman came into town to fix this Werewolf problem he's a real ass btw I liked the dark Gothic twist to this tale and once the lore started taking real shape and the whodunit finger started pointingit got betterHowever the ending has no resolution so just in case your expecting to know who the big bad wolf isyou don't Sure there are suspects but no real closure so I'm guessing seuels are being planned for both book and movie cause really they can't leave it hereOverall it wasn't a terrible terrible book it was just seriously lacking which is a shame since I could see a lot of potentialWhile I didn't love the book it wont stop me from seeing the movie This may be one of those rare cases that the movie is actually better then the book I guess we'll have to see in any case I'm just hoping that it will be delivered a helluva lot better then this

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Red Riding HoodThe blacksmith would marry herThe woodcutter would run away with herThe werewolf would turn her into one of its ownValerie's sister was beautiful kind and sweet Now she is dead Henry the handsome son of the blacksmith tries to console Valerie but her wild heart beats fast for another the outcast woodcu For lovers of supernatural coming of age thrillers involving werewolves and hot brooding guysI CAN'T BELIEVE I STAYED UP PAST MIDNIGHT FINISHING A BOOK THAT HAS NO ENDING Literally this book has no ending Internet rumors say that the ending will be released online when the movie is out WTF We are teased with the identity of The Wolf and maybe it is this one person but maybe Honestly this ending makes Charlaine Harris look like M Night Shymalan the Good Years Still I am willing to recap what was good and compelling about this story The plot moves along at a brisk pace and this is a uick and fun read Valerie is a wonderful heroine self aware and strong Her suitors are eually deserving no secretly evil Yuppie schmuck here My complaint would be about the interchangeable supporting girls who will probably be easier to tell apart onscreen The character of Father Solomon is a wonder The savior with ulterior motives is a uniue and wholly interesting character I gather that Gary Oldman is playing him in the film which makes me really want to see it Julie Christie as Grandmother Sign me up Oh HI in case you Twihards were not adeuately compelled to see this film Charlie from the Twilight movies plays Cesaire the dad here Because what this film needed was yet another Twilight connection Jeremy Irons son plays Henry Valerie's fine upstanding suitor From his IMDB pix he is no Jeremy Irons My point and I do have one is that this is a fun throwaway read but SERIOUSLY THERE IS NO ENDING I want to follow Sarah Blakely Cartwright home and make her tell me the ending Not in a Kathy Bates iish stalker y way I'd be happy to bake her chocolate chip cookies and I wouldn't be scary In exchange for an END to the BOOK I BOUGHT So buyer beware