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Fierce Fragile Hearts'This time around I'm going to be so much better I'm going to prove to them that it was worth waiting on me' Two years after a downward spiral took her as low as you can possibly go Suzanne is. I am emotionally spent I’ve spent the last two days reading this book and its series predecessor Beautiful Broken Things and well I truly don’t know what to say These books are exceptional They both deal with the complexities of female friendship in the most touching manner ever Fierce Fragile Hearts is set two years after the events of Beautiful Broken Things and is written from the PoV of Suzanne as opposed to Caddy whose PoV was used for BBTSuzanne has been living away from friends Caddy and Rosie in Brighton and instead was with a foster family In Southampton and has been in therapy in the time elapsed since the events of book one But she’s now 18 and is therefore leaving the care system So she decides to return to Brighton in an effort to make some sort of home for herselfAnd what follows is a tumultuous year where we truly get to see the impacts of the abuse she was subjected to as a child have on her now as a young adult attempting to make her way in the world And it’s so painful to read about My heart hurt so much for this character I wanted to cocoon her in love and warmth I wanted her to find peace and love basically as a reader I was like freaking Caddy in this euation Y’all remember Caddy from book one A well intentioned but ultimately blind to reality fool Well reading this I was as moronic as privileged Caddy who doesn’t understand Suzanne and craves this healing love for her So when the character of Matt came along my heart leaped could he be the one to show Suzanne love so that she could view herself like others view her But this book goes so much deeper than romantic love It doesn’t promise any uick fixes There’s no magic Characters have to experience all their emotion They have to live with their scars They have to openly deal with such too So it’s all about creating loving bonds of friendship and starting a journey of trust with yourself As with the first book each of the three friends Suzanne Caddy and Rosie again feel incredibly authentic No one is perfect No one is truly wrong They’re all just people who care so deeply about each other and for whom friendship means everything There are also some new characters in this book As mentioned earlier there’s Matt with whom Suzanne instantly has chemistry There’s Caddy’s boyfriend Kel who I was truly surprised byhonestly loved him Can we just praise this book for writing such great characters irrespective of gender So much in YA that focuses primarily on female characters the boys can start to feel very stereotypical cough Holly Bourne’s writing cough cough and I just liked how this book gave a bit depth to these side male characters And then there’s wonderful Dilys a spunky elderly neighbour of Suzanne’s with whom Suzanne forms such a uiet but profound friendship and also there’s a cute little doggie thrown in the mix so this dog lover is 100% soldThis book and book one are just great at giving narrative and agency to the voice of victims There’s a theme running through this novel in particular in which certain characters try to cast Suzanne as dramatic and only ever focusing on the bad aspects of her past and my god I sobbed reading these parts Reading how this girl had to fight for her truth to br recognised and how she had to admit that some people just will always see things differently for their own self gain All I’ll say is chapter 25 TEARS AND HEARTACHEOverall this is just an incredible book I was a bit nervous that this seuel wouldn’t continue the uality of plot and character that was so evident in book one but I am so glad to report that my feelings of trepidation were unfounded Highly recommend this to fans of contemporary YA For reviews and book related chat check out my blog

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REVIEW Fierce Fragile Hearts 107 ✓ [PDF / Epub] ★ Fierce Fragile Hearts By Sara Barnard – 'This time around I'm going to be so much better I'm going to prove to them that it was worth waiting on me' Two years after a downward spiral took her as low as you can possibly go Suzanne is startin 'This time around I'm going to be sYour light in the darkness what happens when you're the one left behind Fierce Fragile Hearts is the stunning seuel to international bestseller Beautiful Fierce Fragile MOBI #207 Broken Things. My emotions are an utter mess after devouring this book I read Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard last year and adored the book so much I've enjoyed each of Sara's books but BBT had a mature and darker theme to it FFH continues Suze's story I was thrilled when I found out we'd be learning about Suze's future in this bookI was expecting an emotional roller coaster but I still ended up crying horrendously by the end of this book Suze's story contains very mature themes such as abuse and trauma so please make yourself aware of all the triggers before reading itThe main focus of this book is Suze's various relationships her new found friendship with her elderly neighbour Dilys her friendships with Caddy Rosie whilst they're away at university and how she deals with the loneliness and helplessness she feels at times How friendships can change fall apart or strengthen over distance and timeThe feelings emotions and actions explored in this book are all important in Suze's journey of recovery however they can be difficult to read about I was hooked from the first page to the last I was fully invested in Suze and would urge you to read BBT FFH if possible

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Starting again Again She's back in Brighton the only place she felt she belonged back with her best friends Caddy and Rosie But they're about to leave for university When your friends have been. i need this immediately