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Just a Child summary ñ 108 Ë [Read] ➳ Just a Child Author Sammy Woodhouse – Helpyouantib.co.uk Sammy Woodhouse was just 14 when she met Arshid Hussain Ten years older he promised to take care of her Sammy thought she was in love but in reality she was being groomed by a ringleader of Britain's Sammy Woodhouse was just when she met Arshid HSammy Woodhouse was just when she met Arshid Hussain Ten years older he promised to take care of her Sammy Just a Epubthought she was in love but in reality she was being groomed by a ringleader of Britain's most notorious child sex ring Just A Child tells the heartbreaking story of how a young girl from Rotherham wa. In this difficult but important book Sammy Woodhouse shows us how it easy was for her to be groomed by a man 10 years older than when she was just 14 For anyone who asks why do victims of CSE stay with their abusers this book will educate them on how their minds are manipulated creating an unhealthy dependency making it hard to break away fromThis book should be read by all that are involved with the care of children It is raw honest and powerful Sammy may have had her childhood taken away from her but her determination to prevent other children going though what she did is admirable and she is now committed and instrumental in making changes to services and laws

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S abused by her drug dealing boyfriend eventually giving birth to his baby right under the nose of the very authorities who were meant to protect her When reality dawned and Sammy realized she was one of countless vulnerable child victims many of whom were trafficked around the north of England she took it upon herse. InspiringSuch a hard reading account of what Sammy went through at the hands of her groomer and how he brainwashed and abused her for yearsThis book tells what happened to Sammy and how she became a survivorWell done Sammy for standing up getting your voice heard and getting these monsters out away But also for pathing the way for other victims of child sexual exploitation to come forward

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Just a ChildLf to blow the whistle and save others from a similar fate Thanks to Sammy's bravery the gang was fully exposed as well as the authorities that did little to help her Her shocking account of how these events came to pass will enrage and sadden but above all it will offer hope and show why this must never happen again. I knew this would be an hard emotional read when I picked it up at the library but I also know awareness of such topics is vitally importantHaving read articles about the Rotherham paedophile scandal I knew a little about what had gone on but to read a survivors account of what happened blows you awayThis is the shocking true story of an amazingly brave Sammy Woodhouse who was groomed brainwashed and abused by a paedophile who was 10 years her senior She tells how she met Hussain how he lured her in turned her against friends family ruined her education and got her pregnant at the age of 15 and she was repeatedly let down by those in authority who failed to protect her turned a blind eye to the abuse that they knew was happeningAlthough a child when she had her first born James he was her saving grace and it was after he was born Sammy started to realise that her situation wasn't right at all She then recounts how she set about exposing the grooming the people who kept uiet I think Sammy is an amazing woman who has been through hell and back but is a strong survivor Even at her lowest point when she thought she would break she held on Even when those very authorities that turned a blind eye to what was happening tried to stop her uncovering the shocking web of cover ups she stood against the storm like a true warrior