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Tales of a New York WaitressChoose the a New eBook #8608 best phrase to describe Sibby Goldstein's life Sucky Really sucky Major suck festD All of the aboveI started my day with a boyf. 45% DNFGah have you ever tried on a top and wished it was a size bigger because it would have been perfect had it fitYeah ueen of the Klutz is kind of like that It would have been perfect except for one thing and that one thing is it has no sex I mean the characters do have sex but the author doesn’t write it in Look I don’t need sex in books I read YA and I read slow burn books but it’s a pet peeve of mine when characters have sex and it’s not written in The guy comes over and then fast forward they are putting their clothes on Wait did I miss a few pages Why didn’t you write the nastyAnyhow non sex aside I really did like the book I love that it’s dialogue based and it’s easy to read I read the first half of the book while my son took his nap I was in an odd mood funk and this book totally took me out of itI really like the personality of the Heroine She’s uirky funny and the book is 100% rom com The hero of the book is adorable too I kind of wished he was a little alpha but it’s not that type of book and it’s okayOverall it’s a cute read I just couldn’t stomach reading a book where the sex scenes are glossed over

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DOWNLOAD ´ Tales of a New York Waitress º ❰Epub❯ ➛ Tales of a New York Waitress Author Samantha Garman – Choose the best phrase to describe Sibby Goldstein's life1 Sucky2 Really sucky3 Major suck festD All of the aboveI started my day with a boyfriend and a job I ended my day with a bottle of teuNo idea what I'm doing And I'm not Tales of Kindle just talkin' about lifeThis should be interesting Previously published as Tales of a New York Waitress. I can so relate to the star of this book the klutz herself Sibby Why Well because I too can trip on an eyelash on the floor I come by it naturally all of us on my mom's side put the k in klutz I believe Sibby is related to meSibby's life is a roller coaster ride in this story The book starts out on a normal day complete with a boyfriend and a job and ends up with both flushed down the toilet The only thing that saved Sibby from joining them in this royal flush of a day was a bottle of teuilaThe book made me laugh uite a few times mostly as I said because I could relate to Sibby's propensity for spilling dropping tripping stubbing her toe etc I loved the book start to finish It's refreshing to have the main character not be tall thin Hollywood gorgeous rich spoiled pampered and egotistical Sibby is none of those times 10 reallyI can't wait to read the rest in this series Kudos to Samantha Garman

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Riend and a job I ended my day with a bottle of teuila I'll let you connect the dotsSomehow I wound up working as a waitress at an Italian restaurant I have. Funny cute but where was the sex I know people did it but where was it ueen of Klutz was hilarious and refreshing all at the same time In it you will meet Sibby and Aidan I loved them from the moment we met Sibby is basically a hot mess in the beginning and teuila is her best buddy Then there's Aidan who was completely sweet and perfect for her Their chemistry was amazing until the last page and I really want to dive into book two nowNow of course this book has it's pros and cons I laughed so much in this book but sometimes things ended up frustrating me a bit whether it was a character or whatever the hell was happening Then there was the lack of sex no they did it We just didn't get to read about it I was a big confused and disappointed with thatOther than all of that I liked the book but if there's going to be smut happening I want to read it