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Read Ï PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ì SailorChibi Supernatural FanficDean was just a shy lonely college student until the day he was kidnapped Castiel and Sam are determined to show him what it's like to be the baby of support. 35 starsThere are certain books that I'm embarrassed to say that I really liked and this certainly ranks as one of them Adult babies Non con infantilism Diapers Oy the audience for this book must be super tiny But yeah I enjoyed this one At times a LOT I'm usually not a fan of slaves and non con but because this book has zero sex content I was surprisingly fine with it What I am a huge fan of is daddy kink HUGE I'm also a big fan of power exchange relationships As a result I'm a big fan of domestic discipline books and find those types of relationships to be really hot Now here is the ULTRA embarrassing part view spoilerEven though this book had no sex content whatsoever and Dean wasn't sexualized I found the whole being helpless thing sort of a turn on I don't think the situation is meant to be arousing but damn it I'm depraved I'm not talking bow chica wow wow level but yeah I was like this is could be kind of hot hide spoiler

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Daddys Boy Review å 2 ê ➵ Daddys Boy Read ➼ Author SailorChibi – Supernatural FanficDean was just a shy lonely college student until the day he was kidnapped Castiel and Sam are determined to show him what it's like to be the baby of supportive loving parents Dean' Supernatural FanficDean was just a shy lonely college s Ive loving parents Dean's eually determined to escape but what he doesn't realize is that his plan to gain the trust of his parents by going along with what they want might jus. 45Humming Jesus is the key Kidding kidding I'm not humming it It's being played behind me via a live band Ok seriously So ummm scratches head and adjusts speaker notes Yeah wow There are a few books that I'm realllllly embarrassed to say I enjoyed and this is one of them So everyone knows I love Daddy kink It's usually not incest but loving nurturing 'role play' between two consenting adults Once in a while it's not but I'm not into age play actually I've only ever read one and most certainly never ever adult baby Like ever Well guess who crossed that line today What in the ever living hell did I just readand love The fact that I made it past Chapter 2 with the gasp diapers That alone is medal worthy right there But onto our story Wait why am I the first person on GR to review this Just embarrassment SighThis is Supernatural fic Cas and Sam are married Dean is a down and out 23yr old man working at a library to make ends meet After losing his job one day and realizing he won't have enough to eat much less make rent he sits on a park bench and seriously considers just lying down and freezing to death His mother is deceased; his father a no good alcoholic As he's contemplating exactly how he's going to make it to end of the week he is approached by Cas whose niece freuents the library Cas makes note of Dean's dilemma and tells him there is another way he can be taken care of Dean is insulted that Cas thinks he's a prostitute and pretty much tells him to kick rocks Instead Cas drugs and kidnaps him takes him home to his husband and he and Sam turn him into their 'baby'Of course the first problem I have is with the non con The Daddy stories I love have always pretty much been consensual which is what make them sexy Throw in the diapers pacifier crib the baby bottle and burping the fact that they're carrying a grown ass man around on their hip well Let's just say the first two chapters were a struggle But this is what I always say A skilled writer can take any subject trust me ANY subject and make it relatable If any one had ever told me I would read much less like an AB story I would have probably punched them in the throat This story made me smile it made me teary it made me cry The beauty of it is in Dean's journey Every thought you have in your head is addressed It's not like they kidnapped Dean threw him in a crib and he was like onesies yay He struggled hard He was humiliated he was angry resentful; he was emotionally torn; he even tried to escape But they explain how long they've been watching him wanting to help and love him they were even helped by someone Dean knew and trusted who was protective of him and little by little you see him acuiesce You see him accept the love he's never had the warmth of family; the steady reassurance of his Daddy and Papaand you understandThe only slight hitch came with the reveal of what Sam and Cas do for a living Eh I kinda thought they were gonna be werewolves LOL Seriously give us something supernatural at least Cause really what normal strength man can carry a 23yr old male on his hip like a baby all the time I thought some kind of supernatural strength would come into play SighEither way the rest of the story was great IMO Definitely DMC Depraved Min

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Daddys BoyT be backfiring on himEverything comes to a head the day the FBI finds and brings Dean in and he discovers that Sam and Castiel are much than he thought they wereWords complete. I'm shocked to the core that I enjoyed this so much There's no sexual content whatsoever just lots of warm cuddles soapy bath times fun mealtimes and lounging around on the sofa I wouldn't recommend this book to most people in fact I can only think of perhaps two of my friends here on GR that may be up for it However speaking for myself I didn't want it to end and there were parts that I read over because I loved them so much I would definitely read another of SailorChibi's books