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Trials Academy of Unpredictable Magic #2A good thingI’ve always been content to fly under the radar but now Academy of Unpredictable Epub #181 that we’ve been invited to participate in the Inter academy Trials the entire school will be in the spotlightAs if trying to sort out my feelings for the four insanely gorgeous men who all want to date me wasn’t enough n. Heroine 22yrs old like reading about a 16yr oldGood storyline poor execution I read the first book giving 3 stars but no review and knowing me I do that when I'm very on the fence about something I read this book forgetting entirely what this story was all about but I was determined to remember as some of it came back I couldn't help be put out with our heroine and her mental berating This is a women 22 yrs old who had raised a sibling She worked hard for a good life for her sister and was a tough take no shit bartender so where did that chick go I felt like I was reading about a 16 yr old child the way she thought and acted it was really that bad What if I can't do it what if I let everyone down what if I'm incompetent what if I embarrass the school's what if I embarrass the guys This is how it is throughout the entire book I kidd you not Then there's the I like the guy's but I can't get attached cause everyone I care about one way or another leaves oh everyone says I'm leading them on But I'm not I just can't give the This storyline was really catching so I found myself skipping her mental struggles and her sex scenes because I didn't really feel the connections to be honest I just wanted the juicy story and there wasn't much sadly I also hated how she only tried to better herself for the school for what they think of how she'll make them look instead for herself she's easily goaded and I didn't expect that from a grown women

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I survived my first of Unpredictable PDF #198 semester at the Academy of Unpredictable Magic Apparently the universe took that as a challengeFor years Unpredictables have been brushed aside by the rest Trials Academy Kindle of the magical community Now people are starting to pay attention and I’m not entirely sure that’s. DNF I just can't go through book one again I gave it the benefit of the doubt assuming she would give up the I am a loner and everyone I love eventually leaves me so I can't get involved with these guys But maybe being a loner isn't the right thing Ok I'm going to give them a try Back and forth for one book ok fine annoying but fine Two books of that is a no from me

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Trials Academy of Unpredictable Magic #2 Review ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ë ❃ [EPUB] ✻ Trials Academy of Unpredictable Magic #2 By Sadie Moss ➜ – I survived my first semester at the Academy of Unpredictable Magic Apparently the universe took that as a challenOw I’m juggling magical games deadly plots unexpected allies and notoriety I never asked forAll right second semester Do your worst Trials is the second book in the Academy of Unpredictable Magic series a medium burn reverse harem story intended for ages featuring a badass chick and the four sexy men who fall in love with her. This book series just keep getting crazier I can’t believe that she won the trials That was crazy