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DOWNLOAD à A Brown Eyed Handsome Man Hell Yeah #4 ´ ➼ A Brown Eyed Handsome Man Hell Yeah #4 Free ➲ Author Sable Hunter – Kane Saucier has chosen to walk away from a family fortune to wear a badge As Sheriff of Kerrville County he lives near his brother Zane and his friends the McCoys of TebowEs Lilibet refuses to give up on her dreams or her Brown Eyed Handsome Man Warning This version of the book contains explicit content and details For a less explicit version check out the Hell Yeah Sweeter Versions Brown Eyed Handsome MOBI #244 also available on Intended for Adult audiences Contains graphical scenes and sexual content. Sable has done it again this story the most loving emotional and sweetest read you can ever find This book is #4 in the Hell Yeah series sheriff Kane Saucier a good friend of the McCoy Brothers and his Lillibet who he calls Little bit are true soul mates for an eternity the book has mysteryDramaand of course Romance and loveI love the way Sable dealt with Little bit's disability with huge compassion whatever Sable writes I will read have to say this one touched my soul as well as my heart

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Kane Saucier has chosen to walk away Eyed Handsome PDF #10003 from a family fortune to wear a badge As Sheriff of Kerrville County he lives near his brother Zane and his friends the McCoys of Tebow Ranch His life is good but something is missing The Sheriff is lonely until love walks through the door of his office one day in the form. 35 StarsSo you always know what you're going to get with Sable Hunter's bookstotally unrealistic OTT love storiesKane was a great hero and it was definitely insta love Lilibet was pretty decent I always hate though how the heroines are treated as pariah in these books Whatever disability or difference is definitely over exaggerated and the heroine is treated cruelly by others This one was no different but I liked Lilibet She seemed strong and sweet She didn't let her disability keep her from doing what she wantedI loved the epilogue I definitely could have done without the OW drama but I also appreciated Lilibet didn't jump to conclusions and was willing to hear Kane's side of the story I hate misunderstandings that could easily be solved with communicationSo overall a pretty decent sweet read


A Brown Eyed Handsome Man Hell Yeah #4Of Lilibet Ladner She’s not had an easy life but from the moment they meet the sparks A Brown Epubfly While everything is perfect in the bedroom there is trouble in paradise – intrigue danger and mystery turn their world upside down Kane’s faith never wavers his Little bit is worth fighting for And even when her darkest hour com. A 45 rating for me rounded to a 5 only reason being that there was not much of a build between the two main characters It was not a bad thing I believe in love at first sight and found the story to be a sweet touching emotional exciting and sensual read But always enjoy a great build especially with such loveable characters Any erotic romance fan will love spending some time with A Brown eyed Handsome Man Lilibet is a sweet kind hearted beautiful and lonely local gal She’s never been in a relationship but has fantasized about it many times She’s always been and still is picked on because of her uneven gate Some even call her a cripple it’s a real shame One day while she’s making rounds trying to get customers for her food business she meets the towns new sheriff Kane Saucier love his name He brings about feelings within her that she has never experienced before and wishes her fantasy could become a reality and he’d give her the time of day Kane is a good looking alpha male that enforces the law in Kerrville County He’s a loner after being married and going through a horrible time of it he’s sworn off love relationships and the like forever But when he lays his eyes on Lilibet he finds he cannot resist a pursuit she’s irresistible and calls to him like a siren I cannot believe this was my first time reading anything by Sable Hunter I’ve already loaded book 1 from her Hell Yeah series into my ereader so I can remedy it uickly I have some catching up to do Love all of the characters settings the story line and growth that occurred Both characters went through drastic changes that only made them even loveable and special as a pair Be ready for plenty of heat and a wild ride ;