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Unicorn Bait Review ☆ 6 ✓ ➣ [Epub] ➝ Unicorn Bait By S.A. Hunter ➭ – Helpyouantib.co.uk This is alternate cover edition for ASIN B004UWU9IMNaomi accidentally goes to another planet thanks to a unicorn horn Unfortunately the horn doesn't come with her and she doesn't know any other way ba This is alternate cover edition for ASBut that's not her biggest problem That would be her brand new husband and he's kind of scary Her only hope is a crazy witch who knows something about catching unicorns Which would be fine and dandy except. Naomi is accidentally transported to another world via unicorn's horn She lands in the middle of a raid and the old woman she meets convinces Naomi that the only way to save her own life is to pretend to be the lady of the castle also named Naomi who has disappeared Little does Naomi know that the mark of a successful raid is for the invading leader to marry the lady of the castle Now Naomi is stuck in a crazy world with a mysterious scary husband who never allows anyone to see his face Her only hope is to place her faith in the old woman who tricked her in the first place and who also happens to be a witch The witch has promised that she'll help Naomi escape so that they can catch a unicorn to send Naomi back to her world But the longer Naomi waits the intriguing she begins to find her new husbandWhat I like best about this book is Naomi She is thrown into a whole lot of crazy with no hope of immediate escape and she handles it so well She goes with the flow and takes things in stride Magic no problem Talking animals now she finally has a friend Crazy scary husband who will kill anyone who see his face well he might turn out to be kinda sexy Naomi takes on challenges and doesn't depend on anyone to rescue her while she sits around looking beautiful while cryingThe world is weird no doubt about that but it's all coherent and well put together All the weird stuff makes sense in relation to all the other weird stuff The story unfolds nicely and turns out to be a lot than Naomi simply falling in love with her husband but still yearning to return to her own world Of course that's a driving plot point but that's not the only thing happening which kept me interested until the very end

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It's the crazy witch who introduced her to her husband And then RAN OFF She's going to get her for thatUnicorn Bait is a fun romp through a magical world filled with adventure humor and a little naughtine. I feel lousy Yeah I gave the novel five stars But at two o'clock I was only 80% finished and I couldn't leave the characters in such precarious positions Usually 20% from the end means less than a half an hour But this was a fuller novel than those I have been reading latelyThere will be no spoiler alert as I don't want to give anything away My tags tell too much fantasy kindle magick read sci fi unicorns young adult I can say that hard core sci fi fans may be disappointed Not a lot of deeply researched science sorryOne thing that stands out is that this isn't a story about a high school teen This is an adult twenty something dealing with adult life Yet strange fantasy pull her into uite a different life than she was uite happy in What kind of story starts with a female who is satisfied with her life Sure it isn't as happy as she would like but it is a life full of love and independence But how refreshing to follow this person I admire and see how she handles a far different lifeWho should read this I can't think of anyone who wouldn't find something here if you read for pleasure and not realism Enjoy

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Unicorn BaitThis is alternate cover edition for ASIN BUWUIMNaomi accidentally goes to another planet thanks to a unicorn horn Unfortunately the horn doesn't come with her and she doesn't know any other way back home. I stumbled onto this book while browsing for a free read on Kindle The premise is simple Naomi pricks her finger on what she thinks is a fake unicorn horn Of course its not she gets transported to a different world Things get interesting after that She's forced to get married after being bamboozled by a witch Her new husband is no prince charming Naomi of course begins to scheme to get homeI really enjoyed this one It was well written The heroine is cute but not TSTL The hero is not very nice and you do get an explanation for this but it's not a white wash All said this fish out water story is an easy read and I look forward to reading something else by this author