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FREE PDF ó BOOK Andrew Jackson The Course of American Freedom 1822 1832 Andrew Jackson é HELPYOUANTIB · [Reading] ➸ Andrew Jackson The Course of American Freedom 1822 1832 Andrew Jackson By Robert V. Remini – Available in paperback for theY Andrew Jackson Epubissues with which he was faced the nullification crisis the tragic removal of the Indians beyond the Mississippi River the mounting violence throughout the country over slavery and the tortuous efforts to win the annexation of Texa The Course of American Freedom builds on the excellent job Remini began with the Course of American Empire picking up the torch and continuing to tell the story of Jackson's fascinating political careerThis volume 2 of 3 focuses on Jackson's first term as US president 1829 1833 looking at a complex array of issues such as the president's banking tariff and Indian removal policies Jackson's justifications for his treatment of large numbers of Indians that he was moving them from their ancestral homelands for their own good demonstrates that justifying their actions in hindsight is nothing new when it comes to politicians The situation with Secretary of War Eaton and his supposedly promiscuous wife was a situation I've read about in a previous Jackson biography but it really demonstrates the insane depths of pettiness that can be sunk to during campaigns This book examines Jackson's policy of reform which in his mind consisted of ridding Washington of men he viewed as lifelong bureaucrats Remini explains how this policy while good in theory came to institute a spoils system of government whereby incoming administrations award their loyal supporters with cabinet posts of their own This is an issue of the evolution of American history that I would like to read aboutUnderlying Jackson's actions during his first term was his belief that he not the legislative branch was the genuine voice of people and this volume leaves the impression that Jackson greatly expanded the executive branch a natural extension of Jackson's view of himself as a 'man of the people' and his identification with democracyThe Course of American Freedom is a great work for anyone with a love of American history and is highly informative when it comes to figuring out how our federal government has come to embrace some of the traditions we observe today

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Has often been seen simply as a rough hewn country general Volume Two traces Jackson's senatorial career his presidential campaigns and his first administration as President The third volume covers Jackson's reelection to the presidency and the weight The second volume of this Jacksonian series is as full of details and anecdotes as the first and paints a clear and not always flattering picture of the 7th president Two issues I have with Mr Remini's work He severely downplays the issue of slavery in relation to Jackson and the US overall occasionally referring to enslaved individuals as servants which hides their true condition The issue of Georgia and the Supreme Court in relation to the Native American removal is dismissed with a sentiment of well there's nothing Jackson could have done as a state purposely ignored and SCOTUS decision This is a patently false concept since in later chapters Jackson doesn't hesitate to prepare to use military force against South Carolina for their ideology of nullification in regards to the Tariff of 1832 Jackson shows that ignoring legislation that he supports has repercussions while decisions he does not should be ignored

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Andrew Jackson The Course of American Freedom 1822 1832 Andrew JacksonAvailable in paperback for The Course PDF #201 the first time these three volumes represent the definitive biography of Andrew Jackson Volume One covers the role Jackson played in America's territorial expansion bringing to life a complex character who “Andrew Jackson The Course of American Freedom 1822 1832” is the second of three volumes in Robert Remini’s series on Andrew Jackson This volume was published in 1981 and the series was completed in 1984 Despite the significant historical scholarship and refreshing lucidity it offers Remini’s series is no longer freuently read However in 1988 Remini published a single volume abridgment of the series which maintains a relatively vigorous followingRemini was a historian and professor at the University of Illinois and authored several biographies during his forty year literary career of John uincy Adams Henry Clay and Martin Van Buren among others He was named historian of the US House of Representatives in 2005 and was asked to author a narrative history of that legislative body His resulting work “The House The History of the House of Representatives” was published in 2006 Remini died earlier this year at the age of 91This volume of Remini’s series covers the ten year period which includes Jackson’s national political ascendancy his contentious defeat for the presidency in 1824 by John uincy Adams his successful presidential campaign in 1828 and his first presidential term Early in the volume Remini lays the groundwork to prove the case that the Monroe and Adams administrations created an unprecedented level of corruption within the federal governmentHis effort is reasonably but not entirely convincing He successfully demonstrates the existence of widespread systemic corruption but is less convincing in attributing it directly to Monroe or Adams This “Era of Corruption” underpins his central thesis that by running for the nation’s highest office the virtuous General Jackson was responding to a public “call” to rescue the nation from the malfeasance of the very wealthy and the most politically powerfulRemini does a remarkable job of constructing an interesting wonderfully penetrating and occasionally provocative narrative of the seventh president I came away from this volume and its predecessor with a far complete and coherent understanding of Jackson than I developed by reading about him in earlier biographical works by Maruis James and Arthur Schlesinger Remini not only dissects Jackson’s actions within the context of his personality and worldview but also wonderfully describes Jackson’s complex network of friends and political alliesConsistent with his treatment of Jackson in the first volume there can be no mistake while reading this volume that Remini is favorably disposed toward his primary subject In fact although Remini’s Jackson is heroic but deeply flawed the author has been accused of seeing the world “too much from Jackson’s point of view” But this criticism is one of shading; Remini’s critiues of Jackson are too freuent and often too searing to leave the reader with an unrealistic saintly image of Andrew JacksonOverall the second volume of Robert Remini’s series on Andrew Jackson was nearly as outstanding as the first Though the description of some of the political issues facing President Jackson occasionally became a bit dense and sometimes felt too lengthy the book as a whole was well paced extremely approachable and uite engaging This volume on Andrew Jackson was excellent and is well worth reading even without the benefit of the first or third volumesOverall rating 4¼ stars