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Gone SouthAnd Flint Murtaugh a fastidious ruthluss loner and freak show refugee who carries the body of his unformed twin brother on his sideAs Dan heads down into the swampland in search of his own salvation he meets a young woman who is on a similar journey Like Dan Arden Halliday bears a great burden a disfiguring purple birthmark that blankets half her face Wounded by the stares by the pity and revulsion she is making her way into the bayous to search of the Bright Girl. It was Hell's season and the air smelled of burning children This is how the journey South of Dan Lambert begins on a stifling hot summer in Shreveport The year is 1991 and Dan is painfully reminded of the horrors of the Vietnam War an experience that scarred him for life both physically as a result of exposure to Agent Orange and emotionally as his PTSD has driven his wife and child away As if his illness and family troubles were not enough the country is in a middle of a recession and Dan is out of work The straw that broke the camel's back takes the form of a bank summons to repossess his pickup truck the only means he has left for looking for work Dan gets into an argument with the bank manager security is called in a fight breaks up and a man is killed Suddenly Dan is on the run from the law He has gone south McCammon explains through the novel that the expression has several interpretations all valid it's Cajun talk for bein' dead it's an expression used in Vietnam for somebody who goes crazy who snaps and goes on a rampage it's actually the journey Dan takes towards the Alabama bayou the Mississippi Delta water labyrinth where he hopes to escape pursuit and to take stock of his situationDan Lambert is not the only character on a uest here He meets on the road a girl on the run from herself as much as from society Arden with her face disfigured by a huge birthmark is trying to find the Bright Girl a mythical creature hiding in the bayou and reported to be able to heal every illness with a touch of her hands Clint and Pelvis Eisley are a couple of mismatched bounty hunters one cynical experienced and introverted the other a babbling rookie who made a previous career out of impersonating Elvis The duo is responsible for much of the humor in the novel but McCammon deftly avoids painting them as caricatures by slowly revealing the pain and the rejection they in their turn have experienced in life treated as freaks and oddballs Little Train is a solitary fisherman in the bayou another war veteran who has chosen to live in isolation in the middle of nature Each member of the group with the exception of Little Train is looking for a way out of his problems Dan has to accept responsibility for his killing rage and to come to terms with his illness Arden has to come to terms with her disfigurement Clint has to decide about his job dissatisfaction and Pelvis to move away from his Elvis infatuationview spoiler All of us came from different places for different reasons But we all have shared one very very important thing What's that We believed In miracles But it was a lie It was always a lie No It was an illusion and there's a difference What the Bright Girl could do what she was became what the people wanted to believe If there is no hope what reason is there to live A world without miracles well that would be a world I wouldn't care to live in hide spoiler

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REVIEW Ã Gone South ☆ ❰KINDLE❯ ✽ Gone South Author Robert R. McCammon – Flooded by memories poisoned by the deadly fallout of Agent Orange and desperate for work Dan Lambert kills a man in a moment of blind fear and fury It is an act he cannot excuse a mistake that will c Flooded by memories poisoned by the deadlyA legendary faith healer who will rid her of her birthmark and her suffering Though on separate missions Arden and Dan come to respect each other's uest for freedom for a touch of simple kindness in a world grown cruel Thrown together by circumstance bound by a loyalty stranger than love they set off on a journey of relentless suspense and impassioned discoveryan odyssey over dark twisting road and waterways into the beautiful and mysterious depths of the human hea. I have a new favorite Robert McCammon novel I didn’t know if anything could ever usurp Mystery Walk or Mine but here we are Gone South is a glorious countrified character study; on display is one of McCammon’s most enthralling plots set against the swamps of Louisiana If I may humble brag for a moment I am going to a McCammon readingsigning on Tuesday and will certainly take my first edition of this book for him to autograph And I suspect I will be rereading it often — how could I not A Vietnam vet’s life has crumbled to pieces and he’s lost almost everything except his will After killing a banker in defense he’s on the run from a couple of bounty hunters a man with three arms and an Elvis Presley impersonator trust me it works and in tow is a girl desperately searching for a miracle in the heart of the Bayou McCammon’s characters are always well rounded and developed but these folks are special I feel McCammon created the characters first and worked from there The result is a thrilling ride filled to the brim with people the reader can care deeply about Every Robert McCammon novel is an underrated masterpiece This one especially McCammon doesn’t get the attention he deserves never has Though this isn’t the horror or historical fiction he is known for certainly check this out if you’re up for a boat ride through the swamps in search of redemption But be careful of alligators

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Flooded by memories poisoned by the deadly fallout of Agent Orange and desperate for work Dan Lambert kills a man in a moment of blind fear and fury It is an act he cannot excuse a mistake that will change his life forever Now Dan is on the run heading south toward the Louisiana bayous On his trail are police officers and bounty hunters including the most memorable and bizarre team ever paired in modern fiction Pelvis Eisley an Elvis impersonator of the worst kind. It was hell’s season and the air smelled of burning children Think you want to read ExactlyDan is a Vietnam War vet suffering the lingering effects of Agent Orange He fought for his country and got pissed on He has lost everything his wife his son his home He is on his way to the bank to see the loans officer with whom he has a good rapport in a last ditch effort to keep his truck But things have changed most notably the loans officer A scuffle ensues; the new loans officer lay dead Guilty of a desperate act made in an eually desperate moment this veteran now has a price on his head and is suddenly on the run wanted by the law He heads south toward the Louisiana bayouAt a truck stop he meets Arden Halliday who bears a disfiguring purple birthmark that covers half her face Life has not been kind to Arden She is clutching to the only hope she has left; her belief in The Bright Girl a legendary faith healer who can be found in the bayou Dan may be Arden’s ticket to actually finding her On their tail also swamp bound are two of the most curious bounty hunters you will ever encounter I do not say this lightly On the shelf above the “pretties” were eight photo albums that contained the pictures Smoates had collected of what seemed to be his driving passion next to making money and eating Smoates was a connoisseur of freaks As other men enjoyed vintage wine fine paintings or sculpture Smoates craved grotesue oddities of flesh and bone He acuired Flint Murtaugh our bounty hunter at a side show But then Flint himself might still be an object of disgusting fascination had Smoates not visited the side show tent that advertised among other attractions Flint and Clint the Two in One Soon you will meet his brotherAnd then there’s Pelvis Eisley the big bellied fat jowled twin of Elvis Presley as he’d been the year of his death at Graceland He is actually a hunter in training and he’s got Mama with himDid I mention the bayouMcCammon ushered me in to that isolated god forsaken place we all imagine deep in the sluggish overgrown waters His descriptive powers paint an overwhelming sense of place Down in Louisiana where the alligators grow so meanand it’s not all Polk salad The locals govern themselves no pohlice to be found here The bayou’s green walls closed in Thirty feet overhead the tree branches merged breaking the light into yellow shards Burt reduced their speed by half and steered the curve of another bend where the mossy tree trunks were as big around as tractor tires And there ahead of them in a still and silent cove was Little Train’s houseSee Dan it’s like this you look on a map of the country you see this swamp down here and it still looks like it’s part of The United States right Well the map lies This down here is a world all to its ownself It’s got its own language its own industries its ownwell I wouldn’t call em laws exactly Codes would be like it Yeah codes The first one is you don’t mess with me I don’t mess with you Hope paddles this boat searching for redemption searching for a miracle searching for a way out searching for ones own self searching for a little dignityThe swamp the gators the locals this trip; it will change them all McCammon is a gifted storyteller and this is an all round excellent adventure I savoured it slowly as one would mighty fine wine or a mighty fine story