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When the Tea Party Came to TownRation from the major players and provides an insider's book like no one else can a colorful unsparingly detailed but evenhanded narrative of how the House of Representatives became a house of ill repute Because of the bitterly divided political atmosphere in which we live this li Informative book about the 2010 2012 US House of Representatives read at the risk of getting angryWhat made 2010 different was a rising tide of economic distress coupled with the growing belief that the Democrats were only making things worse Unlike many of the other Blue Dogs Giffords had voted for the complete unholy trinity stimulus cap and trade and health care The latter vote set off an ugly conflagration of attacks the very least of which were snarky ads featuring a Pelosi double instructing a Giffords stand in who would bleat Whatever you say mama Nancy More ominously an anonymous assailant blew out the windows on her district office Sarah Palin's PAC website showed a map of congressional districts with crosshairs covering twenty of them representing Democrats who had voted for health care Arizona's 8th district was one of them Giffords went on MSNBC to warn Palin that there's conseuences to that action 36 I remember hearing about this after Giffords was shot It made me so upset Knowing about the situation just makes it worse Obama had made a strategic mistake McCarthy thought picking a fight with Paul Ryan on the budget I think Ryan's in his head he would say Think about it Ryan's a young guy Ryan's risen fast Ryan's got a great family Ryan's got a lot of comparisons to the rise of where the president is It's not so smart to raise him up by picking him as an enemy 143 Ryan is featured uite a bit in thie book It was interesting to read about him now that he's Romney's VP pickAnd she Pelosi had resisted the temptation to say I told you so to Obama who back in December had disagreed with the Speaker's belief that they should raise the debt ceiling during that lame duck session The president's belief had been that the Republicans would and should be eual partners in the debt ceiling discussion implying she thought that he believed the Republicans would treat the matter in a reasonable fashion 259 This totally makes sense to me Whenever Republicans tell me how radical they think Obama is I just have to laugh inside because I really believe he was trying to be centrist and work with the Republicans as much as he couldIn short whatever pressures to govern the freshmen faced were drowned out by pressures from the right On top of that their reelection fortunes depended on money from conservative donors Blake Farenthold had raised a meager 102000 during the third uarter of 2011 Farenthold couldn't stand asking people for money and was troubled by a system that dictated raising and spending a million dollars every two years so as to keep one's seat 271 A million dollars every Congressional campaign Infuriating We need campaign finance reform yesterdayThe Florida freshmen West wasn't uite sure what vision was being articulated on November 1 when the Republican leadership brought to the floor House Concurrent Resolution 13 which reaffirmed In God We Trust as the official motto of the United States There are few things Congress could do that would be important than passing this resolution cosponsor Lamar Smith intoned 272 273 Seriously? The guy seriously believes this was one of the bets things Congress could have been doing? Aargh

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Read mobi ✓ When the Tea Party Came to Town · Paperback å helpyouantib å [Reading] ➶ When the Tea Party Came to Town Author Robert Draper – In When the Tea Party Came to Town Robert Draper delivers the definitive account of what may turn out to be the woTerary window on the backstage machinations of the House of Representatives is both captivating and timely revealing the House in full from the process of how laws are made and in this case not made to the most eye popping cast of lawmakers Washington has ever seen Book cover note An insider's look at the last four years of Congressional inaction It focuses on the Tea Party freshmen House members than anyone else Their refusal to compromise frustrates Boehner as Cantor plots to take Boehner's place Obama comes off as weak and naive thinking he can compromise with the Republicans He offers them deal after deal irritating his own Democrats If the Progressives have a hero it has to be Nancy Pelosi who is the strongest advocate for the Democratic base Yes she caves in too when the party demands it but at least she tries to stand up for preserving Medicare and Social Security In the end like sausages you don't want to know how bills get passed It'll just give you indigestion As long as the Republicans insist on bills like Resolution 13 which reaffirmed In God we Trust as the official motto of the US stating there are few things Congress could do that would be important than passing this resolution the people who need work or help with their mortgages are out of luck and the approval rating of Congress will stay below 10%

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In When the Tea Party Came to Town Robert Draper delivers the definitive account of what may turn out to be the worst congressional term in United States history As he did in writing about President George W Bush in Dead Certain Draper burrows deep inside his subject gaining coope An inside view of the first year or so of the 112th House of Representatives ie the 2010 Tea Party House Written in admirably unbiased style the book follows a handful of GOP House freshmen through the travails of 2010 and 2011 the euphoria of the landslide midterms the Anthony Wiener scandal through the debt ceiling debate and up to the 2011 State of the Union Those freshmen include Allan West the ex marine Tea Party rep from Florida famous for saying crazy shit most recently that many of the democrats in the house are Communists and Jeff Duncan the only House rep with a perfect 100 score for the Heritage Foundation in 2010All of these characters despite views which to me seem em unintuitive come off sympathetically All are in their own way idealistic about changing the machine and passionate about representing their constituents And all in their own way face clashes not just with the opposing party that's to be expected after all but with their own leadershipIf the book does one thing right it shows the near impossibility of governing even in the best of circumstances over a giant body of 400 different egos and agendas