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Cometh Up As a Flower characters ☆ 107 ´ [Reading] ➿ Cometh Up As a Flower By Rhoda Broughton – Nell LeStrange the heroine is torn between duty to her family and her own passion Nell is in love with one man but marries another The heroine's frank discussion of her sexual attraction to her lover Nell LeStrangeNell LeStrange the As a Kindle #210 heroine is torn between duty to her family and her own passion Nell is in love with one man but marries another The. Broughton's is a lively and unexpected voice for those for whom the 1860s are Trollope George Eliot and sensation fiction though perhaps less for those anticipating Meredith Broughton was in her early twenties when she wrote this circulating library favourite; and her narrator and heroine Nell is twenty two looking back on the events of hee girlhood only three years earlier Each chapter begins almost with a sententious or mock sententious passage of moral reflection but the novel's theme is again courtship the heartlessness precariousness and intensity of the marriage market Nell and Dolly are the daughters of a decayed house Their mother died soon after having Nell Their beloved father is sunk in lassitude resigned and agreeably prickly but unable to pay so much as his butcher's bill At nineteen Nell is an intelligent but crashing ingénue The classically beautiful characterically designing Dolly is anything butInterestingly the intrigue turns not on Nell's dealings with the two men who love her the local suire dull but honourable and a penniless Major in the lancers but on her relationship with her sister For Dolly money is a god She would sell her soul for it for a good match Without it how could either child restore their father’s spirits or think of lifting the family fortunes What power of good or evil could they have The magnificently witty resourceful and manipulative Dolly gets all the best tunes for most of the novel at least

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Heroine's frank discussion of her sexual attraction to her lover and her dispassionate evaluation of loveless marriage as Cometh Up PDFEPUB or a form of. Utter madness isn't it heavy sarcasm but for a book published in 1872 this uotation is pretty wild I've read a lot of 19th century novels over the past few years and uite a number of the heroines are somewhat lacking in a number of things independence a brain passion and their own opinions to name but a few Nell in Rhoda Broughton's Cometh Up as a Flower however is something else she actually defies feminine stereotypes and scorns the company of other womenNell lives alone with her father as her mother died when she was young Despite their family name being one of high rapport the Lestranges have gone way down the social ladder in recent years to an extent that bills are unpaid and Nell's father's health is rapidly declining under economic stress Nell meets a poor man called McGregor handsome and flirtatious he conducts an illicit relationship with her which is kept a secret from her father But when her elder sister Dorothea returns to the family home things begin to go a bit awry Is love really worth than moneyAlthough this book was written over a century ago its language is not difficult or burdensome makes a change for a 19th century novel right Nell's character is incredibly complex she has a whole number of ideas concerning the social status of women in England and has a number of factors which govern her every thought Her sister Dorothea similarly offers a uniue and often perplexing character driven largely by money she corrupts everything that is good in the novel and comes across as a true villain This text really explores what your priorities ought to be when deciding who to marry It also exposes some harrowing truths about the 'choice' even seemingly independent girls like Nell have concerning marriage All in all if you're interested in a look at how advanced first wave feminism could be in literature this is a great text to go to

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Cometh Up As a FlowerSelf sale was criticized by many critics of the day however Cometh Up was one of Rhoda Broughton's most successful sensation novels and was widely read. An insightful reading into a nineteen year olds life who is in the midst of the marriage market and struggling with her identity Really recommend this