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SUMMARY Diamonds and Dreams 107 ¸ ❰Read❯ ➲ Diamonds and Dreams Author Rebecca Paisley – Love’s Masuerade Newly settled in Hallensham England petite American beauty Goldie Mae stands to lose the first real home she has ever known thanks to her disreputable uncle's drunken boast of frien Love’s Masuerade Newly sEs the feisty determined miss realize that handsome Saber West is in fact the very lord she wants him to impersonate or that his gentle virility will awaken in her a passion beyond measure embroil her in a danger beyond imaginingand fulfill the rapturous promise of a love beyond drea. Since her parents died Southern Belle Goldie Mae has been dragged from one town to another after her drunken Uncle has had them run out of town They have found their way to Hallensham England no explanation how they came up with funds for the voyage where Goldie's great aunt lives Sadly the aunt died shortly before they arrived but Goldie finally has a home until her uncle's drunken boasting about knowing the Duke of Ravenhurst has the townsfolk ready to drive them out Goldie and her friend Big a midget concoct a plan to turn a stranger into a fake duke The stranger she picks out is actually the real Duke who is determined never to return to Hallensham The verbal abuse she has been subjected to most of her life has her believing she is ugly and doesn't deserve anything Saber on the other hand has lost too many people he loves in Hallensham and vows never to love again Aside from this being a romance so you know there will be a HEA there is also mystery and murder

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Love’s Masuerade Newly settled in Hallensham England petite American beauty Goldie Mae stands to lose the first real home she has ever known thanks to her disreputable uncle's drunken boast of friendship with the long departed Diamonds and MOBI #207 Duke of Ravenhurst Now unless th. Great day Miss Agnes as our heroine would say this was a helluva lot of fun It cheered me up when I was feeling down and it made laughAnd laughAnd laugh until I couldn't laugh anyThis book was filled with refreshing ridiculous hilarity and a uniue romantic sweetness that's uncommon in many romance novels This novel is for readers with a wacky sense of humour who love a good old laugh and are also fans of the type of comedy that made THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES one of the most famous cult classic sitcoms of all time If you’re a reader who is too serious to appreciate the uniue unworldly countrifiedhillbilly heroine Goldie Mae and the comic nuances in this novel then it’s best to stick to straightforward historicals and don’t put this on your reading list Me Well I am one of the biggest fans of THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES sitcom I’ve got all 9 seasons and I’ve watched them at least 3 times I don’t know why but the slapstick silliness in that lovable sitcom never fails to make me laugh There’s just something so hilarious about misfit characters transplanted suddenly from a simple rural culture into an uppity world of high society In THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES a sweet humble rural Tennessee family suddenly become oil millionaires and are shocked to find themselves living in a Beverly Hills mansion complete with a fancy “cement pond” aka the swimming pool Lol In this novel the riotous humour stems from a scheme put forward by our intrepid but innocent and unworldly heroine Goldie Mae Poor Goldie is a 19 year old orphan who lives a hand to mouth nomadic existence with her loser drunken uncle Asa and their good friend Big Mann who happens to be a midget His full name is actually Beauregard Irwin Grover Mann but Goldie thinks it's funny to call him Big Mann Goldie's alcoholic uncle Asa always gets himself in trouble wherever he goes and this causes freuent recurrent chaos when he and Goldie and Big are kicked out of each town for one silly reason or another At the beginning of the novel Goldie Asa and Big have run out of little towns in America so they’ve landed up in England at the cottage of a late relative called Daisy They’ve not even been in Hallensham for 2 weeks when Asa’s drunken loud mouth gets them into trouble again This time Asa has gone too far in his drunken state he boasted to the villagers that the Duke of Ravenhurst was a personal friend of his and that the duke was also romantically interested in Goldie The villagers have been angry at the duke for a long time because it’s been 20 years since he’s visited the village or stayed at his Ravenhurst estate The duke had left his estate at the age of 10 after his parents died and vowed never to return The villagers are so angry that they threaten to kick Asa Goldie and Big out of the village unless the newcomers can prove that they know the duke and can convince him to return to his Ravenhurst estate Nobody has seen what the adult duke looks like so this is where the plot gets interesting The duke also happens to be the H of the novel Goldie has never met the H and she thinks based on the writings in her late aunt's journals that the duke will never return to Hallensham That's when she comes up with her grand plan “You’re going to find a plain man and turn him into a duke” Big repeated incredulously “Goldie you’re an American and you’ve only been here in England for nine days What do you know about the English nobility How can you possibly make some commoner into thisthis Royal Lordship Duke Tremayne or whatever the hell it is he’s called You’ve never even seen the fellow” Rebecca Paisley Diamonds and Dreams Kindle Locations 99 102 Teresa Medeiros Kindle Edition Big Mann tries to talk Goldie out of the scheme but even he gets caught up in the silly plan after the bullying Dora Mashburn gloats that the 3 Americans will soon be kicked out of Hallensham because nobody believes they're friends with the H With that Dora turned and began to walk away “Oh yeah” Big stood and shook his fist at Dora’s back “Well when Goldie brings back His Dukeship we’ll just see who has the last laugh youyou—” “Great day Miss Agnes Big calm down Dora doesn’t bother me” Goldie lied Rebecca Paisley Diamonds and Dreams Kindle Locations 256 259 Teresa Medeiros Kindle Edition The funniest thing about Goldie's plan to find a commoner and teach him to be a duke is that the heroine actually thinks she can pull it off Goldie's not a stupid young woman; she's just like the characters in THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES extremely unworldly There's a huge difference between being stupid and just being unworldly And just like the lovable eccentric know it all Granny from the sitcom Goldie thinks that she can pull off any scheme she puts her mind to The heroine also believes that all her information about high society uppity folks dukes kings the aristocracy is 100% accurate because it's been told to her by the wise and learned Mildred Fickle from Sparrow Nest South Carolina It's obvious to the reader however that Mildred Fickle was just the town's biggest gossip who loved to make up stupid exaggerated stories and that only an ultra naive person like Goldie would actually believe all that dumb crap LOL “Wonder when I’ll get to visit ueen Victoria Wonder if anyone ever calls her Vicky I bet you a trillion dollars that’s her nickname Mildred Fickle back in Sparrow Nest South Carolina made it her business to know everything there is to know about royalty and she said ueen Vicky has a special crown for everything she does An eatin’ crown a walkin’ crown a bath crownshe even has a soft crown to wear to bed I’ll swannee I bet the poor woman spends half the day tryin’ to remember which crown she’s supposed to wear” Big kicked a rock across the yard and stuffed his hands into his pockets “Goldie I don’t know a thing about ueen Vicky or England Neither did Mildred Fickle and neither do you This idea of yours about making a duke out of a commoner is the craziest thing I’ve heard in my entire life” Rebecca Paisley Diamonds and Dreams Kindle Locations 150 157 Teresa Medeiros Kindle Edition In spite of Big Mann's warnings the heroine loved to repeat all of Mildred Fickle's wise sayings and even used that lady's ridiculous stories as her template for her duke training program This novel is set during the Victorian era in England The author never specifies a year but we're given a general timeline hint when the heroine meets the British Prime Minister Lord John Russell Lord Russell had been the PM during 1846 52 and then 1865 66 Goldie is a very naïve heroine who has been bullied by uncle Asa and mocked by strangers who make fun of her cheap patched up clothing and her petite size She hasn’t had many friends in her life and no one to confide in except Big As a result she’s extremely unworldly and knows nothing about the world beyond the many small towns she’s lived in throughout her short life Her only female friend seemed to have been the weird but domineering gossip Mildred Fickle and so she’s grown used to believing every stupid far fetched story and explanation that that lady had told her This is the heroine Goldie MaeAnd this is the H Saber aka Marion Tremayne the Duke of Ravenhurst And this is Big MannThe whacktastic festival of fun gets started when Goldie meets up with the H Saber and decides that he's the ideal candidate to undergo her duke training program Saber is at one of his lavish country estates but he is there in the guise of a servant because he's lost a bet to his best friends Our H had made a silly bet with his friend Addison that he'd be able to make the most dour man in the Ton Horatio laugh for the first time in that man's life Saber had been drunk while he'd made that bet and so when he'd failed to amuse the grouchy Horatio he's forced to spend 3 weeks playing a servant to his friends That's why Goldie thinks he's just a poor commoner in need of funds who will be agreeable to her plan Saber wants nothing to do with Goldie's scheme but his friend Addison is so amused by the American girl's enchanting and hilarious manner that he uses the terms of the bet to force the H to undergo this duke training programIt's not long after this that Saber becomes besotted with Goldie and the best and ironic part of the story occurs when the H has to adapt to Mildred Fickle's stupid and ridiculous duke rules in order to please the heroine I couldn't stop laughing Goldie's ideas of what a duke is supposed to look like walk like talk like etc are OTT hilarious Anybody who's seen THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES knows how silly Jethro Bodine behaved whenever he dressed up as a cool cat studly Romeo because his ideas of what this sort of guy looked like were exaggerated and borderline caricatures Goldie's ideas based on Mildred Fickle's font of wisdom were similarly hilarious and silly And the poor long suffering H cannot even tell Goldie that's she wrong and he knows it because he is after all the real Duke of Ravenhurst His friends and this reader had a lot of fun with the fact that Goldie was training him to pretend to be himself I can go on forever talking about this wonderful book because everything about it was fabulous humorous and beautifully romantic in a sweet and innocent manner The romantic storyline between the MC's developed along the lines of a Cinderella fairytale I enjoyed how the tough and cold H fell in love with Goldie and how she taught him to embrace his long forgotten childish innocence and lose his cynical outlook on life Saber has become disenchanted with life after the deaths of his parents and his fiancee Angelina But Goldie opens his heart again and soon he finds himself doing whatever it is she needs because he just wants to make her happy There was a lovely scene where the childish Goldie convinces him to play like a kid again; she persuades him to do like he used to do as a little boy and make dandelion stew in a bucket of mud and water It might seem weird and unromantic but it was a defining turning point for the MC's relationship Some highlights of the story1 Goldie's many hilarious entertaining stories about all the eccentric folks she'd encountered during her travels through small towns in America2 Goldie's toothless old horse called Dammit who had to be spoon fed mushy oats by the heroine3 Goldie's hyperactive greedy mongrel dog called Itchie Bon This is Itchie Bon4 The H's aunts' lovable ueenly spaniel dog called Margaret who lived in the lap of luxury This is Margaret5 The minor storyline that focused on the solving of the H's fiancee's murder and the unfolding plot that dealt with the activities of the 2 main villains who had been embezzling funds from the H for years The villains had been able to do this because they were aware that Saber would never return to the Ravenhurst estate in Hallensham His steward Hutchins used this opportunity to fleece all the tenants in Hallensham and to start living in the Ravenhurst mansion as if he himself was it's owner 6 The H's kind and generous maiden aunts who took it upon themselves to train Goldie for life as an aristocrat This part was hugely entertaining because the heroine knew nothing about high society and life in the Ton It was funny when Goldie started to realize that the wise teachings of Mildred Fickle were not uite so correct or appropriate 7 Goldie ended up being the first person who made the dour unsmiling Horatio laugh for the first time in his life She did this at a fancy Ton dinner party where she regaled everyone with funny stories from back home in America Horatio could contain his laughter no longer In a great loud burst it exploded from him He doubled over his body shaking violently His paper boat floated to the floor His wife Lady Alders jumped from her chair frantically fanning her husband “Oh my He’s having an attack” “Looks to me like he’s laughin’” Goldie commented “Send for a doctor” Lord Chittingdon barked at a young maid “He’s just laughin’” Goldie said again “He must’ve really liked the story about Able Poots” Rebecca Paisley Diamonds and Dreams Kindle Locations 7592 7598 Teresa Medeiros Kindle Edition 8 The sweet proposal scene where Saber announces to all the villagers in Hallensham that Goldie is to be his new duchess All the villagers cheered because Goldie is so lovable and they're all excited that she actually had been able to make the duke return to Hallensham after 2 decades of absence 9 My favourite scene occurred when the nasty evil conniving lying OW the H's former mistress Jillian got her comeuppance from the H Lady Jillian was a widow who had hoped that Saber would promote her from penis polisher to duchess When she realized that he was not interested in her and was in love with a simple American commoner she lied and caused Goldie to run away from the H This made the H so vengeful that he not only ruined Jillian socially but he also gave her one of the sweetest verbal lashings I've ever encountered in a romance novel “You were but a willing body Someone into whom I could pump my frustration and rage You were a temporary and physical remedy Jillian And if you were really gentle bredif you were a true lady you never would have done what you did tonight You are no lady Jillian You are little than a fortune hunting doxy A bitch who will spread her legs for any man wealthy enough to satisfy your boundless greed” Molten rage sluiced through her “If I cannot have you no other woman will either I swear to destroy any future relationship you might ever hope to have with anyone else” Saber drew himself up to his full height “There will never be anyone else for me but Goldie And you Jillian Sommerset are not fit to utter her name God willing I’ll find her tonight and mend what damage you have done And if I am successful you will never have the opportunity to hurt her again I am going to use every possible means at my disposal to make certain that you are immediately and permanently banned from society You will never be welcome among the nobility again And don’t doubt for a moment that I cannot do it for you know full well that I can” His sharp gaze crucified her to her seat She couldn’t move “You wouldn’t” she whispered horror stealing her voice “Consider it already done” Rebecca Paisley Diamonds and Dreams Kindle Locations 7848 7859 Teresa Medeiros Kindle Edition I am a total hater of the evil OW who never get comeuppance in romance novels so this scene made me ecstatic Anybody who loves to laugh and adores an underdog heroine will enjoy this novel because Goldie was one of the nicest funniest kindest and most endearing underdog heroines ever I totally enjoyed following her journey from the impoverished hillbilly American to the rich but humble new Duchess of Ravenhurst The heroine's bullying alcoholic uncle Asa also mended his ways stopped drinking and became a nicer human being to his niece and to everyone in the villageSafety No OM a wannabe OW who had been the H's former mistress and no cheating Both MC's were celibate during their short separation

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Diamonds and DreamsE Duke himself or a convincing imposter supports the old man's lies the angry townsfolk will drive Goldie and her kinsman from their village With luck and Goldie's infallible duke lessons the secretive stranger she encounters while bathing might fool the doubting locals But little do. When i first read about this book through a Teresa Medeiros newsletter I got very excited about reading it the story sounded funny and cute But then when I did I learned how naive and dare I say dumb the heroine was I mean seriously what the H As if that wasn't enough I then learned she was 3 weeks from turning 19 and the hero was almost 30 I mean come on Anyway having read a lot of historical novels and knowing it was the norm back then I decided to keep going But then all hell broke loose in my head when I kept reading how Sabre the hero kept comparing Goldie's mannerism to a little girl and so child like At that point that was all I could handle of this so called heroine and hero and practically threw my Kobo down had I been reading the actual book I would have thrown it out the window or burned it in the fireplace that's how annoyed and disturbed I was with it Maybe all the other reviewers who loved this did not see that as something disturbing and maybe it's because I am over sensitive but either way I would not recommend this book to anyone who is bothered by the idea of a child like girl yes girl not woman with a 30 yr old manTo each their own but I for one will not be reading any other novel by this Rebecca Paisley