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Divine Uprising Divine Uprising #1Freedom always comes at a costThe fallen were never named therefore we go by our human names names given to us by people who use to worship us I’m Athena one thing you need to know about me? I hate having to protect the human race but my job as Seeker asks me to do just that so that one day I can earn a spot in heavenMy father is I was literally swept away into this awesome world that Rachel Van Dyken has created This book has it all Action romance good versus evilwhat could you want? Oh I knowhot looking guys in all their perfection I loved how tough Athena was and how perfect and good looking all of the characters were and for good reason since they are all angels fallen or some super race Athena was a great lead character she was strong she could hold her own and she wasn't simpering bonus Adonis I loved him He kept me smiling throughout the book Seth takes the cake though He was part bad boy wanted to be a good guy and so darn charming Man how could Athena stand being around such hot guys all the time? I guess it was her lot in life Overall this was a fast and easy read for me I was hooked from the start and couldn't put it down until the finish Rachel Van Dyken beautifully weaves together the story of the Creation Greek mythology and fairy tale creatures into one fantastic book The ending left me wanting a lot Yet I know there is another book so I am trying to be content If you like books about angels or Greek mythology then you will LOVE Divine Uprising Hurry and grab your own copy you won't be disappointedI received a copy of this book for free This is my honest reviewRating Clean in the romance department

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Divine Uprising Divine Uprising #1 doc ✓ ebook Ç rachel van dyken Ç ➽ [Download] ➺ Divine Uprising Divine Uprising #1 By Rachel Van Dyken ➸ – Helpyouantib.co.uk Freedom always comes at a costThe fallen were never named therefore we go by our human names names given to us byThe leader of the Phantoms so I’m pretty sure that the archangels think of me as a flight risk maybe that’s why they gave me the most gorgeous and annoying partner in all of Halceyon AdonisHis kisses give me strength his presence soothes my soul but our love is completely forbiddenThere is a war coming and now that the Titans ha WOW This is not your ordinary Rachel Van Dyken book but with that being saidI loved it all the same From beginning to end it's a battle of good versus evil with a lot of lust and love thrown in there What's a girl to do when you have two sexy as sin men fighting for your afffection? Well in this case keep them both by your side Love the characters of Seth and Adonis both have completely different personalities but can charm you to death with their over the top good looks Can't wait for of this story to unravellooking forward to see what happens in this triangle of Seth Adonis and Thena and to get a glimpse into Alexander King Love Rachel Van Dyken and am continually blown away by her storytellingyou rock sista

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Ve been released it’s been brought to my front door One thing is for certain I’m going to have to make a choice and I’m not sure I have the strength to make the right one not any Not after meeting Seth not after my best friend’s betrayal and not after I meet my father face to face and learn the truth I may be exactly like hi Reviewed by AngelaBook provided by the authorAnother sleeper of a book for me I was so surprised how fast I got pulled into this In Divine Uprising we are introduced to Thena and Adonis the female and male leads respectively This is the kind of love story that I can’t get enough of It’s not just you meet two people and they fall in love but it is one that they need to work on It’s there in the story and you can see the connection between Thena and AdonisI found myself so entranced by this story I loved learning about Gods Titans and other myths when I was growing up and that is all touched on in this amazing story In a good vs evil setting where sides must be chosen you really learn what people’s true colors are Set in present time but dealing with things that go bump in the night  Set in multiple locations I never felt overwhelmed by the changes and was able to follow the story without any issueAs with all of the books I have read by Rachel Van Dyken I am giving this a 5 Rose rating for being able to surprise me with the detail and a look back into times forgottenFavorite uote It’s impossible that you don’t know how beautiful you are Thena Sometimes I wonder if you’re at all aware of the effect you have on the male species”