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Six years Not so long in the lifespan of a drow And yet in counting the months the weeks the days the hours it seemed to me as if I had been away from Mithril Hall a hundred times that number The place was anoth This review contains spoilersYou're probably familiar with the phrase jumping the shark� It refers to an episode of Happy Days when the Fonz does a water ski jump over a shark The phrase is meant to pinpoint the exact moment when a TV series starts to go downhillPassage To Dawn inspired me to come up with a similar phraseTraining the seal� It's meant to pinpoint the exact moment when a fantasy book series starts to go downhill Training the seal� refers to an incident in this book when Drizzt trains a seal to dive under water and find a magical statuette Sound ridiculous? It is even for a fantasy book The seal incident is one of the many scenes that make Passage To Dawn the low point in the Drizzt saga I nearly uit the series after reading it Fortunately I gave the dark elf another chance and the later books sparked my interest again Still I've never been able to forgive Salvatore for the atrocities he committed in Passage To Dawn Let's take the scene where Drizzt meets Cadderly for example Never mind that Salvatore indulged in his worst instincts by allowing them to meet the scene is so cloyingly sentimental it's sickening Not only does the author nearly ruin the Drizzt series in one swift stroke he nearly ruins Cadderly's story as well The ending to the Cleric uintet was appropriately bittersweet with Cadderly sacrificing his love for his wife to his love for his god But wait He lived after all And he and Drizzt automatically became best friends And so did Danica and Catti brie Yay PukeOne last thought Salvatore must have been sleepwriting through the climactic� final scene where Wulfgar makes his reappearance That's the only explanation for his straightforward approach to what should have been a moment of high dramaYou weren't trying as hard on this one Bob and it shows

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Passage to DawnR the creaking boards of a swift well weathered ship Beyond that lies the azure blanket flat and still heaving and rolling hissing in the rain and exploding under the fall of a breaching whaleIs this then my hom This Drizzt book felt out of place somehow It didn't really fit in the series I uite liked the ending of the last book and it could have been a nice ending to a trilogy but Salvatore went on to tell what happened after the battle The first part was entertaining but the identity of the prisoner was too obvious I even feared who it was in the epilog of book three Dead characters should stay dead I believe to have heard that later on in the series RA Salvatore goes on to thin the ranks of Drizzt friends again I'm looking forward to this One of the weakest Drizzt books I have read till now but it certainly won't stop me to read on

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Download reader Ë Passage to Dawn ´ 339 pages ´ R.A. Salvatore Ô ❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ Passage to Dawn Author R.A. Salvatore – Six years Not so long in the lifespan of a drow And yet in counting the months the weeks the days the hours it seemed to me as if I hEr lifetime another way of life a mere stepping stone toTo what? To where?I ride the waves along the sword coast now the wind and spray in my face My ceiling is the rush of clouds and the canopy of stars my floo In an odd departure this book picks up 6 years after the end of the last one Siege of Darkness Drizzt Do'Urden the dark elven ranger and Catti brie the human adopted daughter of the dwarven king Bruenor Battlehammer have spent the years chasing pirates aboard the ship Sea Sprite with their friend Captain Deudermont After Duedermont is attacked by a doppleganger they embark on a uest to locate a mythical island Once there Drizzt and Catti brie are given a poem by an old witch which hints that someone dear to Drizzt is held captive by a creature of the Abyss Despite the 16 or so years that have passed and knowing that his father's spirit was released from the evil deity Lloth's grasp when he destroyed his reanimated body Drizzt nevertheless assumes that it is his father who is held captive This struck me as odd for one as wise as DrizztErrtu the balor demon is an old nemisis of Drizzt and has arranged this message to lure Drizzt in in the hopes of being released from his banishment killing the drow and regaining Crenshinibon the crystal shardIn many respects the book is an odd reunion of many of Salvatore's characters such as Cadderly Danica and the Bouldershoulder brothers from the Cleric uintet Considering the convoluted journey I'm surprised Salvatore didn't try throwing Artemis Entreri and Jarlaxle in there for good measureIf the reasoning behind the plot seems a little hazy and the reader feels a little disappointment at Salvatore's desire to resurrect a dead character Salvatore does redeem it with some excellent battles namely the pirate chases and the final showdown in the last section of the bookWhile not his best it is always good to follow the adventures of Salvatore's characters in particular Drizzt so I recommend this book