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Bride of a Bygone War Beirut Trilogy #2The second book in a Bygone ePUB #10003 the Beirut Trilogy Bride of a Bygone War is set in the spring of when Lebanon hopes for fresh political winds that might end its seven year civil war Enter Walter Lukash a midlevel CIA officer assigned as intelligence liaison to the Phalange militia Lukash soon becomes a pawn in a Levantine game intended to draw the US Bride of PDFEPUBinto conflict with Lebanon’s Syrian occupiers Unfortunately Lukash is too distracted by problems arising from having abandoned his Lebanese bride five years earlier to see the trap until it springsBeirut Walter Lukash a journeyman CIA case officer has been post. The author is a great story teller who exhibits a command of the subject matter and the period This is an excellent thriller that grew my interest particularly after the first third of the book when the background circumstances were defined I like stories which clearly take me away into the time and place and this one captured the spirit Much like some other recent historical novels we are inside the lives of Americans who are on foreign soil in extremely dangerous circumstancesWe are taken to the midst of the Lebanese Civil War in 1981 at the side of Conrad Prosser junior case officer in the Beirut CIA station and Walter Lukash a seasoned case officer newly assigned to the Phalangist Intelligence Services in East Beirut Walt is known to be effective in recruiting agents but a difficult character who does not follow the rulesWe learn from the Ambassador that since the November elections the White House and the National Security Council are asking if the leaders of the Phalange Party can be coaxedbribed to take a moderate position toward their Muslim countrymenIncreased intelligence cooperation with the Phalange is clearly the starting point Lukash has been selected by the agency to act as the US government's intelligence representative to the Phalanage and to encourage them to believe that further American support will be contingent on the letter and spirit of their cooperationThe support will primarily come in the form of newly delivered electronic communications euipment and weaponsthat must have their usage monitored to insure they does not precipitate a Syrian response against American interests in BeirutProsser knows Lukash from their Beirut work two years earlier; he knows him to have a short memory and to be a guy who cares only about what is happening to himself todayThe reader learns one fact not disclosed by Lukash to his CIA bosses that may destroy their plans Lukash is also known in Beirut as William Conklin an American Arab language student who abruptly flew out five years ago and deserted Muna his beautiful new Lebanese bride from a prominent Phalange familyWithin this framework Lukash must also deal with his soul mate Irish girlfriend Lorraine Ellis who has followed him from Amman with the hope of marriage and life in the USLukash's assignment will have him cross over into East Beirut and settle in with the Phalange It also has him working shoulder to shoulder with the Phalangist Major Elie who has long desired to marry Lukash's deserted wife Meanwhile Lukash nearly becomes a casualty of both Syrian and Phalangists power playersThe author's detailed descriptions of the Beirut city life and the Lebanese countryside during this period add rich flavor and strong credability to the story We come to know the crossover points the ad hoc roadblocks by local militias and random actions taken by factions for power politics money or personal pleasure including kidnapping and random executions The human suffering of the Lebanese citizenry from years upon years of fighting and political collapse is made personal through the portraits of characters of different ages and social circumstances from the former upper middle class merchant families who have lost nearly all their wealth from burned businesses during the war to seventeen year olds who act as hooded thugs at impromptu roadblocksWe see the factionalized Lebanese society composed of groups who seek to destroy each other based on a religion revenge or personal power politics of the Lebanese or the Syrian Asad familyAs one would expect if you are at the Green Line in Beirut of 1981 Lukash and Prosser are at risk in a free for all setting which apparently continues today While this is a novel about history as well as love and personal growth it is also very relevent to understanding the nature of today's Middle East region

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Characters É Bride of a Bygone War Beirut Trilogy #2 º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ ☉ Bride of a Bygone War Beirut Trilogy #2 PDF / Epub ❤ Author Preston Fleming – The second book in the Beirut Trilogy Bride of a Bygone War is set in the spring of 1982 when LebFrom Amman and Lukash has defied orders to break off the relationshipWhen the two month assignment is extended to two years Lukash realizes he can no longer avoid painful realities and choices But before he can straighten things out he is caught in a deadly three way intrigue between the Phalange the US government and Lebanon's ruthless Syrian occupiers that threatens to unleash the full force of Syrian backed terrorism against Americans in Beirut Bride of a Bygone War captures the uniue atmosphere of Civil War Beirut with a lively and intelligent style that draws the reader into deep identification with the characters and the acti. Great charactersMy second novel read from this author and I am looking forward to reading intrigue from him very soon

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Ed in the Middle East for eight straight years and is ready for a uiet desk job back in Washington When he is ordered of a Bygone PDF #203 to Beirut instead for a two month secret liaison assignment with the Phalange militia’s intelligence unit his superiors believe they understand his reluctance to acceptWhat they don’t know of a Bygone War Beirut Epubis that five years earlier Lukash secretly married a Lebanese woman against Agency rules and abandoned her soon after the outbreak of war More than that his new Irish live in girlfriend whom the Agency considers of a Bygone War Beirut Epuba security risk has followed him to Beirut. Walter Lukash is caught in two worlds but doesn't see a way out of his situation either Walter's girlfriend who happens to be married is chasing after him because she's a clingy bitch Walter secretly married against policy now has to face the conseuences of that choice as well Walter is suppose to prevent The US from getting involved in another war Walter's contacts have other ideas about his mandate Can Walter get out of the crossfire Will the girlfriend or wife find Walter Your answers await you in Bride of a Bygone WarPreston Fleming has created a wonderful world that centers around historical facts He brings them to life by showing how the intelligence world really works not just the Hollywood version of the events places and people Fleming never seems to fail at making historical facts into a captivation story I look forward to of this author in the future