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The Accidental BrideNow living together Lizzie and John enjoy a state of blissfully uncomplicated pleasure and an increasingly tumultuous sex lifeBut when an Final part of the trilogyPast relationships hang over Lizzie and John’s future hopes to marryplots and plans continue almost to the end I’m glad everything turned out as didLoved the erotic play sessionsThe age difference at their age is negligiblebut future disparity is considered as should beI doubt his Lordship would be using the term love as pet name Maybe my Love but love is very northern working class and not inkeeping with his social upbringing or classI disliked his ex Clara and there are Clara’s in all social classesthey are pariahs that ruin other people’s relationships for their own selfish ends rarely for their love of the one they trying to separate from someone else’s ‘secure relationship’ Luckily John is very aware of her and past her whiles Love the end though would have liked of the blessing and immediate parents involvementOverall this follows the other parts as a 4 star read for me

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It is difficult to tell where John's heart really lies Lizzie accidentally fell in love will it be just as easy to accidentally lose him? Absolute PerfectionThe “Accidental” series from Portia da Costa is 100% perfection The story is an absolute winner with all successful parts needed for a bestseller I loved the ups and downs of the three part series The love story between John Lizzie held my attention the entire time There was also plenty of yummy delicious sexy time It was all perfect

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Book ´ The Accidental Bride Æ 368 pages ☆ Helpyouantib ☆ [Reading] ➰ The Accidental Bride ➸ Portia Da Costa – Now living together Lizzie and John enjoy a state of blissfully uncomplicated pleasure and an increasingly tumultuous sex lifeBut when an old flame from JOld flame from John's past turns up unannounced his and Lizzie's relationship is suddenly thrown into uestionDespite his marriage proposal The Accidental Bride is book three in the Accidental trilogy by Portia Da Costa If you haven’t read the first two books then I wouldn’t recommend reading this review as there will inevitably be spoilersBook three has loved up couple John and Lizzie living together in the gorgeous house John purchased They’re still having tons of fun together and even sex Things are as complicated between them as ever but they’re trying to keep it as simple as possible otherwiseAnd they’re doing a pretty good job until one of John’s old flames starts sniffing around She was a pretty big and influential part of John’s past and her contact with John sends him into a strange state of mind bringing bad stuff from his past rushing back Lizzie does her best to stand by him not ask too many uestions and hopes that everything will resolve itself in time In the meantime the pair continue to have incredibly freuent and kinky sexEventually the threat from John’s ex causes him to propose to Lizzie Part of her is delighted but another part of her can’t help but wonder if he’s asking her to marry him for all the wrong reasons Will the wedding go ahead or is Lizzie kidding herself She ended up with a millionaire uite by accident – can she manage to keep hold of him?The Accidental Bride was a great ending to a very enjoyable trilogy I found the secondary story lines concerning Lizzie’s friends a pleasant aside from the tumultuous relationship between the main couple It was another engaging well written sexy and funny book from Portia Da Costa So if you’re looking for a kinky yet heart warming story by an incredibly skilled author then I’d definitely recommend checking out the Accidental trilogy