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The tragic true love story of an Blossom A Epub #225 English officer Arthur Hart Synnot and a Japanese woman Masa Suzuki played out against the background of World Sword and PDFEPUB or War OneThis is the beautiful true story of a tragic love affair When Arthur Hart Synnot a disciplined conservative British army officer met Masa Suzuki a and Blossom A PDF #180 bright beautiful Japanese girl whilst on a military posting to Japan the pair fell deeply and hopelessly in love Masa was than a ‘temporary wife’ li. Love devotion and war have always made for strong ingredients in the sort of humanistic story that is a pleasure to read and that holds true for this tale of heartbreak about a man and a woman from two separate nations during wartime The fact that this is a love story involving two of the most reserved nations of people in recent history a British man and a Japanese woman is amazing in that the story is even in the least bit intriguing This trial of unreuited love wouldn't even have come down to us from the private past if the principles were not devoted letter writers Pagamenta has done a superb job of recreating the past and piloting us through a little known story that has at its core the very essence of life beyond simply breathingnot such an easy thing to do with such an immense weight pressing down on one's heart So do take into consideration before passing on this book due to my bland 3 star rating that Sword and Blossom is a very good read for fans of Memoirs of a Geisha or anyone who wants a non fiction love story and don't mind it not being overly dramatic Essentially as long as you don't read this expecting mad passion and fireworks you should find it uite enjoyable

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Sword and Blossom A British Officer's Enduring Love for a Japanese WomanSpite seeing each other only for a few weeks over than a decade Yet tragedy was to strike and after being horrifically wounded in World War One Arthur was never able to return to his love This is a uniue picture of the world seen from two very different perspectives Peter Pagnamenta tells this extraordinary tale in heart rending detail using Arthur’s many letters to Masa translated from Japanese by his co author Momoko Williams and it is illustrated with photographs of the families From the Hardcover editio. Meh I found that it dragged

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READ ò Sword and Blossom A British Officer's Enduring Love for a Japanese Woman Ú [Epub] ➟ Sword and Blossom A British Officer's Enduring Love for a Japanese Woman By Peter Pagnamenta – The tragic true love story of an English officer Arthur Hart Synnot and a Japanese woKe and Blossom A British Officer's MOBI #207 most of the other officer’s Japanese girlfriends Arthur described her as ‘the supreme woman in the world’ When he was recalled to England then sent to Burma and then to India their relationship struggled on in the face of opposition from her family from the massive gap between their cultures from the military and from the huge distances between them Kept going by the many letters they both dedicated themselves to writing they remained devoted to each other de. I picked up this book on my way to Singapore and although it’s been some time since it was published 2006 I thought some of the themes would really resonate with my readersIn 1904 British army officer and Boer war veteran Arthur Hart Synnot was sent to Tokyo to learn the language and observe the Japanese military Masa Suzuki worked at the Kaikosha Officers’ Club and his initial attempt to try speaking with her would lead to an extraordinary cross cultural romanceThe first few chapters revisit Arthur’s own background as heir to Ballymoyer House and his long family military history This helps the reader understand his occasional naivety with women and desire to distinguish himself through the military He was freuently away from Masa and their home on the Sumida river first due to his obligation to study the Japanese army methods used in the 1905 Battle of Mukden and throughout the Manchurian winter British perceptions of Japan are explored after Admiral Togo’s victory over the Russian navy and this section would be of interest to anyone studying colonialism or race issuesMeanwhile Masa gave birth to Kiyoshi the eldest of two sons she would have with Arthur Arthur moved to Hong Kong and even went to the trouble of building a Japanese style home looking across to Kowloon This is when the slow tension starts to build Although it is clear that Arthur is infatuated with Masa and the idea of living in Japan he formed little attachment to his sons and often spoke as if Masa should leave their children behind to start a new life at his various military postings The authors sensitively handle this by describing how Arthur’s superiors may have hindered his career due to his relationship with a ‘local’ woman and addressed how mixed couples and their children faced discrimination from both the British and JapaneseIn 1911 Masa visited Arthur and his Japanese style home in Hong Kong What would follow would be a series of beautifully written letters as they attempted to maintain a long distance relationship in the lead up to World War I In 1918 Arthur tragically lost his legs after the couple had endured years of separation The physical and emotional hardships would have disastrous conseuences for his relationship with Masa and his hope of returning to Japan To add insult to injury his family estate was on contested land between the Protestant Unionists and Catholic Nationalists and in the end the contents were stolen and the home abandoned How things had changed since Arthur had dreamed of bringing Masa to Ireland as his wife or failing that returning to Japan to enjoy beekeeping and gardeningIt is here I will move on to the story of their eldest son as I don’t want to spoil the book for the reader The book expertly shares some of the challenges he faced as a student of mixed heritage Some issues I had never even considered such as his height making it nearly impossible for his mother to find him appropriate clothing and shoes in Japan Kiyoshi became a sensitive young academic a student of philosophy and proficient in French and Russian Despite being separated from his father for most of his life he followed in his footsteps by setting records in running and taking an interest in foreign languages As his academic environment became increasingly militarized and politicized Kiyoshi's life captures the feeling of Japan as it headed towards World War IIThe story of these entwined families which spanned from 1904 to Masa’s death in the 1960s reflects key historical moments with a deeply personal touch One line in the book truly captured the madness and division of the era While the British and Empire prisoners in Singapore included a family member Arthur knew he was the only British general with a son in the Japanese army though from now on there was no way he could get news of either Kiyoshi or Masa”I'm afraid the description on the paperback version of this book may do it a bit of disservice The reference to ‘Madame Butterfly’ gives the impression that the story is only about tragic romance when actually it covers a fair bit of politics and military history I see online that the hardcover version offers a far detailed description than my copy Of course it has a love story at its heart but through Arthur and Masa’s eyes we are able to examine the challenges that came with the modernization of Japan and two World Wars The book repeatedly addresses the issue of what life was like for an unmarried Japanese woman with a foreign lover and her sons I would recommend this book if you have an interest in Japanese nationalism military history and perceptions of cross cultural relationships at the time There is much despair in this love story but there is also a beautiful story of how this couple – who saw the world “from two very different perspectives” – managed to pick up the pieces for the sake of their son Overall I found this book to be so moving that sometimes I had to set it down to absorb what I had just read Not only because of the love story but because their story so perfectly encapsulated the beauty and terror of the timesCross posted at eastwestnotescom