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Reader ´ One Part Woman ↠ 248 pages ï Helpyouantib ↠ [PDF / Epub] ☉ One Part Woman Author பெருமாள் முருகன் [Perumal Murugan] – About the Book One Part Woman All of Kali and Ponnas efforts to conceive a child from prayers to penance potions to pilAbout the Book One Part Woman All of Kali and Ponnas efforts to conceive a child from prayers to penance potions to pilgrimages have been in vain Despite being in a loving and sexually satisfying relationship they are relentlessly hounded by the taunts and insinuations of the people around them Ultimately all their hopes and apprehensions come to converge on the chariot festival in the temple of the half female god Ardhanareeswara and the revelry surrounding it Everything hinges on the one night One Part PDF when rules are relaxed and consensual union between any man and woman is sanctioned Now Nominated for the National Book AwardThis controversial novel led to book burnings and almost ended the career of its author Tamil writer Perumal Murugan Local caste based and religious Hindu groups found the portrayal of their culture so objectionable that they staged violent protests but while the police compelled Murugan to sign an unconditional apology and the district banned the book the Madras High Court later in 2016 declared the ban illegal and directed the state to better protect artists The same year Aniruddhan Vasudevan won the Translation Award of the Indian Academy of Letters Sahitya Akademi Award So what made the conservatives fume The short book tells the story of a young married couple Kali and Ponna They both love each other very much but the fact that after 12 years of marriage 28 year old Poona still couldn't get pregnant puts a strain on their relationship The reason for their worries is less that Kali and Ponna desperately want to be parents in fact Kali is than unsure whether he wants to have children at all and Ponna is also ambivalent but that they are shamed ridiculed and ostracized by their families friends and other villagers because of their childlessness Kali is called unmanly and impotent and Ponna is the barren woman who brings bad luck Ponna and Kali try everything They consult astrologers make offerings to the gods try to fight off presumed curses and partake in rituals but nothing seems to work Finally their families scheme to convince Ponna to attend the annual chariot festival celebrating the half man half woman god where men and women are free to copulate with anyone It was obviosuly the portrayal of this ritual as well as Murugan's criticism of cruel societal standards that protesters wanted to see bannedMurugan writes empathically about the plight of Ponna and Kali and his allegorical descriptions of nature and animals give the text the feel of a fable This impression is heightend by multiple stories that are told within the text about family members ancestors gods and the past of the couple The outside pressure puts a heavy psychological burden on both of them and they also start to fail each other which is especially true for Kali who commits a horrible actMurugan writes an urgent tale about the pointlessness of sticking to convention without considering the happiness of the individual the cruelty of some societal norms and the caste system And as the court in Madras put it If you do not like a book simply close it The answer is not its ban That's how fiction can help progress

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This night could end the couples suffering and humiliation But it will also put their marriage to the ultimate test Acutely observed One Part Woman lays bare with unsparing clarity a relationship caught between the dictates of social convention and the tug of personal anxieties vividly conjuring an intimate and unsettling portrait of marriage love and sex About the Author Perumal Murugan Aniruddhan Vasudevan Perumal Murugan is a well known contemporary Tamil writer and poet He was written six novels four collections of short stories and four anthologies of poetry Two of his novels have been I bought this book to show solidarity with the author after he was bullied by right wing elements and forced to apologise etcSo this was my statement for freedom of expression i am against banning any bookAnd I am glad I didelse i would have missed reading a wonderful bookThe prose is superb and I can only imagine how beautiful it must be in original tamil The descriptions of the village and temples and festival crowds etc are superbmakes one feel like going there and being a part of itThe love of ponna and kalitheir attraction to each other their frustration at not being able to bear a child and their relationship with the village folkfamily etc who constantly bring up their childlessness and alienate them from rituals and occasions because of this are all wonderfully writtenthe characters have layers and depthOne can feel the pain of the couple who have to conform to whats acceptable in their society but are relegated to the fringes and made to feel inadeuate over something they have no control overThere is nothing controversial in itno vulgarity and it is a window to a different worldOverallits a very fast paced book and I would definitely recommend this book to everyone I know

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One Part WomanTranslated into English to wide acclaim Seasons of the Palm which was shortlisted for the prestigious Kiriyama Award in and Current Show He has received awards from the Tamil Nadu government as well as from Katha Books Aniruddhan Vasudevan is a performer writer translator and activist based in Chennai He has written for the New Indian Express Media Voice and Kalachuvadu He also documents various public health projects and art projects and is involved in LGBT advocacy work He is currently a graduate student in anthropology at the University of Texas Austin and is also working on his first nov It is said a man is a social animal The moment the man believed it he became a slave to the very society imperceptibly he is a part Society placed the rules he followed The society built the civilizations he ruled The whole time he forgot that he made the society If society is water he is the bowl that containing it So he only holds the power to change a society's discourse But in course of time Man let society rule him This is where One Part Woman started One Part Woman is about a village couple Kali and Ponna Married for 12 years they have no children Their inability to conceive a child made them first useless then helpless And they became the victims of the tragedy that was bound to happen Society taunted them being barren humiliated them shunned them deliberately up to such a level that they inadvertently believed they have to be approved by the society to live a life What the author Perumal Murugesan did is what a free man is doing from the birth of society He uestioned what is a society's place in man’s life should a society’s boundaries define man’s life Does a man need to be approved by a society For that the author is brandished as a culprit as his protagonists were made social outcasts in the story Protests happened against the author and his books were banned Isn’t it human vanity that makes humans search something that society approves to be happy forgetting that their lives are independent of society In the end tragedies are bound to happen whenever a man seeks the society’s acceptance to be a man