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Ut og stjæle hesterSommeren 1948 bor 15 år gamle Trond og faren hans på ei seter ved ei elv nær grensa til Sverige Der opplever han død og svik noe som forandrer gru I believe we shape our lives ourselves at any rate I have shaped mine for what it’s worth and I take complete responsibility But of all the places I might have moved to I had to land up precisely hereI’m a sucker for these self reflective sort of novels where the narrator looks back on his or her life and we as readers have the opportunity to make that journey as well I’m also crazy about subtle language that in its simplicity still manages to deliver a powerful punch to the reader’s gut Author Per Petterson sure seems to have a gift and I adored the writing in this gorgeous piece of Scandinavian literature Trond Sander now in the twilight of his years at the age of sixty seven has decided to move into a small house in eastern Norway where he plans to live out his days in isolation An unexpected encounter with another man triggers a flood of memories from Trond’s past The story alternates between the end of the millennium to 1948 where at the age of fifteen he spent the summer living in a cabin with his father during tree felling season In some ways this is a coming of age tale though by no means is it a young adult story There perhaps comes a time in our lives when we recognize the fact that our parents are not perfect human beings What do we do with this information? There are exuisite passages about regret grief bitterness sensual desire abandonment friendship and aging Time is important to me now I tell myself Not that it should pass uickly or slowly but be only time be something I live inside and fill with physical things and activities that I can divide it up by so that it grows distinct to me and does not vanish when I am not lookingThis novel also beautifully illustrates the link between individuals and the natural world The feeling of vitality that working with the land and the river can instill in a person is juxtaposed with the apprehension of facing a harsh winter alone It is the summer of one’s youth when so much lies ahead and the winter of one’s maturity where all that seems to remain are the memories And when someone says the past is a foreign country that they do things differently there then I have probably felt that way for most of my life because I have been obliged to but I am not any If I just concentrate I can walk into memory’s store and find the right shelf with the right film and disappear into it and still feel in my body that ride through the forest with my fatherThis is a book you cannot read for the plot or you may be disappointed Much of what happens occurred in the past and although it is weighty stuff the story is not propelled by the action Instead it is driven by the reflections of how those things affected not just one person but a string of persons How an act reverberates across people and over a length of time Much like one tree felled by a swift strike by the ax will echo throughout the entire forest The I think about this book the I realize just how affecting it really is I read this at a time when life is becoming extremely hectic changes lie ahead hopefully all for the best I was happy to sit with a uiet novel that made me think Actually I loved this I have nothing against the face in the mirror I acknowledge it I recognize myself I cannot ask for

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Download Ut og stjæle hester Ebook ò 269 pages ô Helpyouantib ✓ ❰Epub❯ ❤ Ut og stjæle hester Author Per Petterson – Sommeren 1948 bor 15 år gamle Trond og faren hans på ei seter ved ei elv nær grensa til Sverige Der opplever han død og svik noe som foranNnlaget for livet hans 67 år gammel har han flyttet ut til et lite hus ved en innsjø langt øst i landet sammen med hunden sin Hans nærmeste nabo v What do we see when we look back over our lives Are we the hero of our own story? Looking into that mirror can we really see ourselves or is our view doomed to be perpetually blocked offering maybe a Maigret image of only the backs of our heads? A man 67 Trond lives alone in a small house by a lake in east Norway and contemplates his past We travel back and forth between the present 1999 and 1948 when he was a fifteen year old living with his father in a summer place The events of that summer defined his life in many ways This is his coming of age story I was very much of two minds about this book For the first half maybe two thirds I loved it thought it might be a masterpiece There is a rich store of allusion here imagery that fills language that offers structure and beauty in support of its aims story telling craft that mostly worked very well But I found that the back third left me dry If I could I would have given it 35 starsThere are events in the story that call for some drama in how Trond reacts yet he often seems incapable Maybe that was the author’s intent I don’t know but I found it unsatisfying Too many uestions were left up in the air for my comfort The book made me wonder though if the author’s great gifts have been put to satisfying use in other works I was impressed with how Petterson modulated the pace and tone of his words I loved the sparse clipped sentences that open the book Early November It’s nine o’clock The titmice are banging against the windowThere is a reddish light over the trees by the lake It is starting to blowThis reflects well the starkness of the character how his life is as stripped down as the wordsPetterson’s style grows appropriately breathless when painting a haying sceneAs the wire gradually unrolled it became easier but by then I was that much exhausted and there was suddenly an opposition to everything that was physical and I grew mad and did not want anyone there to see I was such a city boy particularly while Jon’s mother was looking at me with that blinding blue gaze of hers I’d make up my own mind when it would hurt and if it should show or not and I pushed the pain down into my body so my face would not gibe me away and with arms raised I unrolled the reel and the wire ran out until I came to the end of the meadow and there I put the reel down in the short stubble of the newly mown grass the wire taut all as calmly as I could and just as calmly straightened up and pushed my hands into my pockets and let my shoulders sink downThere are many references that add a feeling of substance and connection to the work references to Dickens Oedipus Maigret the River Styx Petterson likes to mirror events and images Being run off the road is used several times crossing the river Styx? from one life to another several watery baptisms But while the imagery satisfies the thinness of Trond leaves one wanting something

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Iser seg å være en annen skadeskutt eldre mann med hund en han kjente før og som han må forholde seg til og så begynner sommeren 1948 å plage ha ”Early November It’s nine o’clock The titmice are banging against the window Sometimes they fly dizzily off after the impact other times they fall and lie struggling in the new snow until they can take off again” ”I live here now in a small house in the far east of Norway A river flows into the lake It is not much of a river and it gets shallow in the summer but in the spring and autumn it runs briskly and there are trout in itI can just see it from my window once the birch leaves have fallenIt is here that Trond Sander finds the solitude the peace and uiet he’s been longing for with Lyra his dog It is here as well that he comes to realize that with solitude comes reflection introspection In his case rumination of nearly seventy years a lifetime of memories Some good some hauntingThe year he was fifteen an incident occurred that returns to him a friend’s life forever changed and the aftermath affected them all Ripples of grief and guilt affect them both and their families draw even closer together It is this incident that has wormed its way back into his mind reminding him of that summer the summer he worked moving lumber along the riverSpare deliberate haunting prose moves this story along uietly with a sense of this man seeking a sense of peace with this past to accept the losses that come along with a life lived to come to terms with secrets affections withheld all of the injustices real or perceived And while the memories once belonged to the boy the man he has become shares this past these moments of reminiscence with the wisdom gained through the years ”That part of my life when I could turn the dreams to some use is behind me now I am not going to change anything any ” ”If I just concentrate I can walk into memory’s store and find the right shelf with the right film and disappear into it and still feel in my body that ride through the forest with my father”