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EPUB ✓ Burn The Rephaim #4 ô Paula Weston Suddenly Gaby remembers everything For a year she believe she was a backpacker chilling Burn The PDFEPUBout in Pandanus Beach Working at the library Getting over the accident that killed her twin brother Then Rafa came to find her and Gaby discovered her true identity as Gabe one of the Rephaim Over a hundred years old Half angel half human all demon smiting badass and hopelessly attracted to the infuriating Rafa Now she knows who faked her memories and how and why it's all hurtling towards a massive showdown between the forces of heaven and hell More importantly she remembers why she's spent the last ten years wanting to seriously damage Rafa Paula Weston lives in Brisbane with her husband a retired greyhound and a moody cockatiel Burn is book four in The Rephaim series after Shadows Haze and Shimmer Praise for The Rephaim series ‘I have been dying to get my hands on the rd book of the Rephaim series ever UPDATE 21515 It's done And here's a sneak peek at early chapters POSTThis is my current work in progress due out in mid 2015 I wasn't planning on rating it but someone gave it 1 star which seems odd since it's not even written and that one star was driving me a little nuts on my Goodreads author dashboard

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PDF Ó BOOK Burn The Rephaim #4 ì HELPYOUANTIB ☆ [Reading] ➿ Burn The Rephaim #4 By Paula Weston – Helpyouantib.co.uk Suddenly Gaby remembers everything For a year she believe she was a backpacker chilling out in Pandanus Beach Working at the library Getting over the accident that killed her twin brother Then Raf Since Haze officially turned the Rephaim series into my favourite angel series ever The tension is palpable and the pacing is sharp making Shimmer the most fierce and kick arse book in the series so farI haven’t been this pumped for a series since those early Hunger Games days’ Inkcrush blog ‘Paula Weston has done it again Shimmer is another stellar instalment in this the best Angel themed paranormal series I’ve ever read and it’s so much heart palpitating fun that I don’t even mind being led back to that cliffhanger rock face again for the ending ’ ALPHA reader ‘Beautiful writing witty dialogue badass characters and an intense and richly crafted tale what else can you ask for If you want an angel series that will blow your mind away this is the one Now I only have one uestion where’s book ’ YA Midnight Reads ‘Paula Weston is the ueen of cliff hanger endings and this one’s going to blo I finally have all my answers and YES it was satisfying I'm satisfiedAnd acutally I can’t believe I’m even saying that cuz one of the revelations in this book really really pissed me off and disappointed me view spoilerAll my spoilers are real spoilers don't read it unless you've already read the book view spoilerSeriously don't ruin it for yourselfview spoiler You know I had been coming up with all kinds of crazy theories in my head of why Gabe didn't leave the Sanctuary wJude My favorite one was that Jude had drawn that line in the sand to leave wGabe but then at the last minute Gabe discovered some other big shady thing going on wNathaniel and felt she had to stay back to learn about it take care of it and it had to be convincing that she wanted to stay back so that's why everything played out over the next 10 years the way it did I had guessed other scenarios too some to do wNathaniel one with Daniel and a couple cuz of the bad guys But NOT ONE of my guesses was that she stayed behind because of something as mundane as a lover's spat Never in a million years did I ever think it would be over something as lame as thatFuckAre you kidding me Don't get me wrong I did enjoy reading the drama that happened with Rafa and Gabe from 11 years ago and it explained so much of why Rafa is the way he is in the present towards Gaby But here's the thing One of the things that I've been really loving in these books is the fierce love between the twins in their amnesia state AND in the glimpses of their past that we hear from the supporting characters They were tight I had no doubts about that I just knew that whatever it was that caused the rift between them had to be MAJOR something huge life threateningsomething bigger picture importantBut nope It was because of boy problems Boy Problems FUUUUUUUCCCKK hide spoiler

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Burn The Rephaim #4W your mind I have absolutely loved reading Shimmer and can’t praise the Rephaim series highly enough’ Speculating on SpecFic ‘If there is one Aussie author I feel needs international recognition it’s Paula Weston After finishing Shimmer I can’t suppress the urge to tell everyone I know just how great a series the Rephaim books areThis series is one of my favourite urban fantasy reads and without a doubt my all time favourite angel series’ Fictional Thoughts ‘Full of suspense And you’ll love or love to hate all the characters’ Dolly ‘Late for dinner late for work late late late Thanks so much Paula Weston I picked up Shimmer and forgot everything elsea gripping tale of half angels demons love sacrifice and very cool violence wrapped up in one nicely written package’ Adelaide Advertiser ‘Fast paced and action packed this book doesn’t stop from page one’ Launceston Examiner on Shimme I re read the entire series in anticipation of starting this final book in the Rephaim series It was probably the best idea I've had in awhile So much fun experiencing Gaby finding out she's not human all over again meeting Rafa for the first time that kiss the Hellhounds the trainingall of itAnd it kind of helped because this book was the hardest of them all on Gaby as she reconciles who she is now with who she was as Gabe and what all comes with that Especially where it concerns Rafa and what happened between them Through a series of flashbacks and memories we finally get to see what transpired between them the real reason Gaby stayed at the Sanctuary when she'd been all set to leave with Jude and the other Outcasts before that And it isn't prettyI really could have used Rafa in the here and now sense in this final book because for half the book the only time we saw him was in Gabe's misbegotten memories And I didn't like what I saw I had kept up hope that this rift between them was Gabe overreacting that it was her fault it had gone on so long And that last part is true but her feelings were warranted But they were given a second chance and GabyGabe isn't going to take that lightly eitherAlso not pretty What Jude and Gabe did a year ago that resulted in them losing each other and their memories Trust has always been an issue with the characters in this series but that's the least of their worries right now Because that prophesied war between angels and demons that everyone's got their panties in a twist over It's comingNone of this series has been particularly joyful except maybe when Gaby and Jude were reunited but this book was by far the most emotionally fraught at least for me It changed how I viewed some of the characters Not necessarily in a negative way; I just have a lot of feelings to sort out It'll probably take another series re read or two before I'm fully reconciled with everyone's new rolesReally thoughI can't believe it's over I'm not ready to say goodbye to these characters Not even Mya P I'm pretty damn satisfied with this conclusionwith the answers we got with how the memory loss happened and how it was resolved with who the Rephaim are and what their purpose is That said I rarely read spin offs but I would SO read one set in this worldGIF it to me straight Like one of my favorite series ever kind of awesome