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Her Secret His ChildMitch Scanlon hadn't faded with the years And now the man himself threatened to become a permanent fixture in her life as well as a bittersweet reminder of her darkest secret One that surely couldn't last once father and daughter were united. read in 2011The novels description is what grabbed me and I was excited to read it However I found the hero to be well kind of disgusting He was such a man whore and it drove me insane learning about his exploits I felt very sorry for the heroine and what she had went through I know this sounds horrible but when he lost the use of his legs right away I thought karma

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Her Secret His Child Characters ä 108 í ❮Reading❯ ➷ Her Secret His Child Author Paula Detmer Riggs – Helpyouantib.co.uk Golden ChildHer daughter meant everything to Carly Alderson After all she'd gone through hell to have her As an unwed teenager no one had understood Carly's fiercely protective bond to her fatherlesGolden ChildHer daughter meant everything to Carly Alderson After all she'd gone through hell to have her As an unwed teenager no one had understood Carly's fiercely protective bond to her fatherless childnot her parents not the sometimes na. Title should be Date rape It ain't that badEpic Fail Can't imagine a mother cheering for someone who's raped her child in a football matchBurn mofo BURN

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Rrow minded college town she called home But Tracy was hers and no one would ever take her away especially the golden boy who'd made Her Secret PDFEPUB or Carly a woman and nearly destroyed her world one all too memorable nightThe memory of. This book has been out a good long while so I'm not going to do any spoiler text for the first two thirds or so of the book Skip the review if you care about thoseThe premise of this book is that the heroine was raped by the hero some 17 years back then raised the resulting child on her own Virginal heroine is at spring break and meets a football player she idolizes lies to him about her name and by implication sexual experience and they end up going to his room She knows he plans on having sex with her and is gung ho for the idea right until he's at her entrance at which point she panics But she doesn't say 'no' because he kisses her before she can then she just endures things until he finishes his business and essentially passes out they're both seriously drunk heroine for the first time in her life She's traumatized because she's scared because he's big and his body is holding her down and because he didn't stop when she wanted him to and he hurt her all legitimate causes of a traumatized brainWhen it comes to rape and sexual issues I'm not just a 'no means no' person I'm an 'only an enthusiastic yes means yes' person at least early in a relationship I believe that we live in a rape culture where it is assumed that 'sex is for men' and women's sexual pleasure is still viewed askance And when it comes to relationships I am all for 'believe all women' or men who say they've been raped because Secondary Wounding is a thing But I do not believe that legally speaking men have to be mind readers and when they're not and make a mistake then they're a rapistHere's the deal People hurt each other in lots of different ways but in order for something to be a crime there needs to be evil intent andor deliberate negligence Rape is not just 'bad sex' Rape is when Person A decides to make sexual use of Person B with no consideration of Person B's needs wants or preferences except insofar as Person A can make use of them to get Person B to submit to being used Rape is a deliberate act that reflects an ongoing attitude on the part of Person A that their needs and wants are important than the needs and wants of their target Rape is someone choosing to risk traumatizing another person and forcing that person to spend years or the rest of their life wrestling with emotional pain and with a brain that has been permanently changed just for a few moments of the rapist's pleasure sexual or otherwiseI was perfectly willing to go along with the heroine of this book being traumatized with what happened because intent has nothing to do with trauma children have been traumatized by medical procedures meant to save their lives From what research indicates it's fear that does the damage and changes how the brain works and our heroine clearly felt a lot of fear And I don't mind her therapist considering it rape because the therapist wasn't there and may not have had all the details But what happened to this heroine is not what I call rape in a legal sense and this hero is not a rapist Our heroine was doing the 'enthusiastic yes' thing right up to the very end and her 'no' signals when she gave them were ambiguous things some women do in the throes of passion I believe we're even told the hero checks with her now and again to make sure she's good with what's going on he just fails to notice her reluctance at a crucial pointThe heroine finally recognizes that she never told him 'no' and she also knows that when he woke up he saw the blood stains and went looking for her meaning to apologize and to try to make things right if he'd hurt her because she had been pretending to be a sexually experienced woman who knew what she wanted and he'd treated her that way The reader knows that this was not a pattern with this guy but a one time miscommunication that he deeply regrets and has never repeated This would be a lovely time for the author to discuss the enthusiastic yes and why someone should check with their partner when there's a sudden mood shift but that never comes up except by example when the couple has grown up sex so there's that view spoiler But what really irks me is that the hero and heroine's daughter then follows the same pattern as her mother enthusiastic yes then loses her nerve at the moment of penetration except the daughter actually does say 'no' and her boyfriend does it anyhow and he's presented as being just like the hero That IS a date rape where the guy doesn't care enough about the girl or her needs but just pressures her until she agrees to something she's not ready for a guy who has good reason to know she's not ready because she's told him so and then ignores her 'no' when she finally says it But I'm supposed to believe he's a good guy like the hero I think notAlso don't like having two identical but atypical rapes in one book Most people who are raped and even most people who are date raped are not enthusiastic participants right up to the moment of penetration A lot of them are too drunk to really respond most serial date rapists deliberately encourage such drinking and another goodly number are reluctant or passive long before it gets that far but their resistance and in a sexual situation passivity is often a form of resistance is ignored And I especially could not believe that our heroine who still considers what the hero did as a rape and who wanted her daughter to go to the police and get boyfriend arrested for rape first off that would have been discussed at the hospital since the hospital would have notified the cops and second the police rarely prosecute a he saidshe said case then cheers on her daughter's rapist on the football field One of the most telling details of this book is the fact that the boyfriend's importance as a football player means he isn't even thrown off the team for having raped someone it's never even mentioned and considered even though both her parents are in a position to do it But instead of considering a conseuence they can apply and a conseuence that many college rape survivors have reuested that guys be thrown off the team for such sexual misconduct the hero and heroine never consider it Which frankly boggles my mind I have forgiven the guys who abused me but I don't think I could ever forgive a guy who abused one of my kids that way not completely and certainly I could not cheer him on in a football game This is why college football players are so often rapists they know they can get away with it hide spoiler