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The Meaning of Persons Free read µ 105 ´ ➢ [Epub] ➜ The Meaning of Persons By Paul Tournier ➬ – On the back of this book there is a uote from the Pastoral Psychology Book Club Bulletin that provides a nice description It reads Dr Tournier fully accepts the important contributions of Freud Jung a OOn the back of this book there is a uote from the Pastoral Psychology Book Club Bulletin that provides a nice description It reads Dr Tournier fully accepts the important contributions of. I stumbled upon this book while scrolling through my Wordpress reader On a blog I am following called 'On Being' there was an article by Eugene Peterson titled On Congruence The Beauty of Uniting Who We are and How We Act In it the author recalled attending a lecture by the author Paul Tournier He recounts the experienceBut there was something else Paul Tournier himself During the lecture I had the growing feeling that who he was and what he was saying were completely congruent He had been living for a long time in Switzerland Precisely the way he lived and what he was now saying in Balti came across as an accurate and mature expression of all he had been living and writingThis concept of congruence and the example of it in the life of Paul Tournier assured me that this author would probably be worth getting to know So I began looking up some of his books I found that most of his books were originally published in French and that most are no longer in print nor available at the library and maybe not even on However I was able to find one at my university library titled The Meaning of Persons I wasn't disappointedTournier is a doctor a psychologist and a Christian He fully embraces the legitimacy of psychology but is able to also fully embrace the tenets of Christianity He does this through the development of two concepts the person and a personage A personage is probably the easiest to define A personage is everything automatic a role or a routine A personage could be being a husband a father a Democrat a dentist a Christian A person on the other hand goes beyond the sum of all our personages It is something beyond that is difficult to define but is what is our task to uncover He contrasts the two The person is the original creation the personage is the automatic routineScience psychology and sociology can only study the personage and can never reach the person In this case when science says that free will is an illusion it is absolutely correct Our personages are determined and if we only live according to our personages we will be acted upon and not free to act But Tournier believes that when we uncover our person we achieve libertyTo be truly personal is to acuire liberty of conduct to be to some extent at least able to govern oneself instead of being governed by automatisms It is to be able to be generous or sparing as the changing circumstances reuire and in accordance with a conviction freely arrived at It is to be able to be an idealist without losing sight of reality to be a realist without betraying one's ideals It is to be orderly without making such a fetish of order that the least disorder is a torture This is what he believes is central to Christianity rather than fossilized moral tenetsIn adolescence a child brought up in this sort of formalist environment may very well revolt against his parents and regard all their religious and moral traditions as a hollow farce or a strait jacket His indictment will have something in it of the accents of Christ himself when he inveighed against the Pharisees those great religious personages of his day They too were imprisoned within rigid principles whose distant source was in the revelation of the living God though now there lingered only the automatisms it had left behind Jesus Christ took his stand against them saying 'I am the life'This is absolutely beautiful I was surprised that Tournier has been described as a Calvinist existentialist Existential makes sense philosophical thinking that begins with the human subject but Calvinism's core tenet is predetermination no He does have a certain pessimistic viewpoint that he admits we can't be completely free from our automatisms our personages but he does uncover how true life and liberty are attained as we attempt to strip ourselves of such automatisms This viewpoint is so relevant and he uncovers so many of the superficial philosophies that are entirely reactionary in our day Rebelling against parents or against a religion at the start are just replacing one personage for another and isn't an expression of true liberty True liberty is making decisions for oneself and making decisions involve a value system Tournier's discussion involves going beyond mere psychoanalysis although he uses the terminology uite freuently I don't know if you would find a therapist like Tournier in our day He doesn't seek to impose his belief system on others though; there is no proselyting going on Rather he tries to help others to chooseWe are not called upon to impose our own scale of values on our patients But if we help them to recover this fundamental function of life namely choice sooner or later they will raise the uestion of values the dialogue will become spiritual I cannot at this point break off the dialogue on the grounds that I am neither a philosopher nor a theologian but merely a doctor What I must do then is to know what my own convictions are and take responsibility for them without attempting to impose them on othersI also appreciated his emphasis on persons not abstract principles a theme I have been learning about recently and I find a central tenet of my beliefs Believing in a person and a person reuires seeing them as inherently good and giving them the freedom to act for themselves without imposing your own values on them His idea of tolerance was so refreshingThis in my view is not only a matter of tolerance in the sense in which that word is usually understood implying a certain claim to possession of truth while condescending to live with those who are in error without persecuting them IT is a much profound conception arising from what we have said about the dialogue with God That dialogue is essentially personal and that implies that we seek in it guidance for ourselves and not for othersI think I have found a new favorite author If I have to I will learn French so I can read the rest of his works Some of the ideas he discussed felt familiar His method of uncovering a problem and then proposing a solution based on relationships seemed very familiar to Bonds of Love another favorite book of mine His own take on Socratic dialogue and the inability to find complete communion with others sounded like Speaking into the Air He also uoted a few individuals I am partial to including Saint de Exupery Chesterton and Francis of Assisi

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Ne is not enough to understand and to help for 'only through The Meaning PDF or living dialogue between man and man and man and God' can the authentic person be relieved reached and helpe. Interesting because most people in his profession certainly don't think to care for the inner personality of their patients the way he does

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The Meaning of PersonsFreud Jung and the other psychiatrists and integrates them in his work as well as in theory but he significantly and wisely illustrates through actual counseling situations that this alo. Christianity Today editors' description Swiss physician Paul Tournier awakened us to the deep interconnectedness of the physical the emotional and the spiritual