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DOWNLOAD Fuzzy Dice 108 Ñ ❮BOOKS❯ ✸ Fuzzy Dice ✮ Author Paul Di Filippo – How badly could you screw up when granted access to infinite worlds conforming to your heart's most intimate desires No matter how much of a disaster you or I might make of such a miraculous gift rest How badly could you screw up when grantRe cooperation means everything to one where individual chaos rules across these bizarre dimensions and many others Paul races in the search for happiness love wealth status and the answer to the Ontological Pickle Acuiring comrades and enemies along the way our feckless alternaut reaches a cul de sac from which the only exit is death And then his adventures really beg. My third book by this author I recommend this author to all Sci Fi Humor ReadersThis was a fantastic ride thru different dimensions From The beginning normal earth to Cartoon Land I felt like a passenger in a dolrian traveling beside Christopher Llyod on acid Grab your Yo Yo Ronald Reagan Pez container and follow this story to the end

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How badly could you screw up when granted access to infinite worlds conforming to your heart's most intimate desires No matter how much of a disaster you or I might make of such a miraculous gift rest assured that Paul Girard hapless middle aged bookstore clerk can hilariously surpass your worst fumblings and missteps Visited one morning by a dimension hopping artifici. This book is about one of my favourite subjects the multiverse and the ontological pickle Our protaganist Paul Girard is granted the ability to traverse the mutliverse an infinite number of universes with an infinite number of possible variations using a yo yo made of strange matter All he has to do is think of where he wants to go spin the yo yo and he'll be there However with an infinite number of possibilities there is an infinite amount of interpretation that can be applied to your wishes Paul discovers this uite fast as he misadventures through cellular automata meme worlds universes ruled by chaos or morphic resonances singularities and finally the Omega Point He picks up uite a few people along the way and by the end perhaps learns something from itThe real treat in reading this book is the sheer amount of ideas that Di Filippo pours out onto every page Menger sponges references to the work of Italo Calvino group personalities happy cats and the biggest uestion humanity has ever asked Why is there something instead of nothing are all explored and Di Filippo takes these concepts and molds them into entire worlds Science fiction can often be annoyingly unimaginative with the whole realm of possibility to play with writers often don't think very far past their own experiences Di Filippo turns this on it's head his character Paul makes some very mundane choices with his yo yo but Di Filippo manages to expand each one into places that you have never even thought of If you love high concept science fiction then this book is for you It'll take you through all 10 dimensions and back again

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Fuzzy DiceAl intelligence named Hans Paul is given the ability to jump instantly to any world he can envision But without truly knowing himself Paul soon discovers that framing a wish that gets the expected results is not as easy as it first appears From the depths of the Big Bang to a world where hippies rule from a land of s to one where life is a video game from a society whe. My expectations were extremely high for this book far exceeding what I was able to glean from it unfortunately I almost put the book down after 60 80 pages due to the superfluously verbose style of writing which signaled at least to me the author's narcissistic tendencies and overall I kept finding faults with his acute explanations of the narrator's choices It was a bit frustrating to see some things that I considered contradictory to his intended conclusions but I decided to stick it out Thankfully the book increased in amusement at about that point in the story but the rest was constantly filled with explanations that tried to explain fictitious examples of metaphysical and parapsychological idioms and theorems but done in a way such as to only aid in the story This always gave me the impression that the author had simply wiki'd a load of substantive topics of which he was impressed and coined them into his plot lines specifically to get out of self created holes or simply to tout his acuaintance with the topics or subject matter As for the ending it was an extremely cheap way to go much like using open ended theories to tie the plot earlier and I probably won't ever read it again strictly because of that I should probably rate it lower than 3 stars but I did enjoy some of the writing even though I felt his sentencing was to show his vocabulary than to actually convey his thoughts but who am I to REALLY know that answer and enjoyed a couple of the supporting characters and their developments It's worth a look if you can get over the aforementioned short comings but it's nothing life changing for me