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review Õ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Paul Coccia In the gay community a young husky man is known as a cub Seventeen year old Theo fits the definition perfectly but he is very self conscious about his body So when his best friend signs him up for a cooking competition at Heat the city's. Yikes Predatory much Two maybe three middle aged men sexually assaulting the 17 year old protagonist

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Cub AUTHOR Paul Coccia characters ↠ 7 Ã ❴KINDLE❵ ✾ Cub Author Paul Coccia – In the gay community a young husky man is known as a cub Seventeen year old Theo fits the definition perfectly but he is very self conscious about his body So when his best friend signs him up for a c In the gay community Newest trendy restaurant Theo is nervous He's confident in his baking ability and dreams of opening his own bakery one day but he's not a chef and he hates being in the spotlightAs Theo survives round after round he gains the admiration. phew wow where to beginokay a bit of background this book is a hilo high interest low reading level book geared towards teens who are struggling readers the sentences are short the words are easy and the action moves uickly that's great we need books geared towards that audience unfortunately i had a lot of issues with this onei'm gonna start off by saying that i almost straight up stopped reading after chapter one we're introduced to main character theo and his best friend who calls herself his hag despite the fact that theo says he hates it di in her introduction di is described as having micro braids which i took as an indicator that di is black at the end of chapter one theo and di are joking around and theo gets playfully angry at her and says i'm not making you brownies i'm making you a noosei literally said what the f k out loud to myself alone in my room we never get a good description of di so i'm still unsure if she is black in which case WOW THAT'S RACIST or if she's just a white girl with an appropriative hairstylereading from theo's perspective is justa real downer he criticizes his appearance non stop always talking about how fat he is and that he's ugly and no one will ever be attracted to him this might be relateable to teens with body issues but it's alsonot fun to readthe restaurant owner and one of the main characters is named KCC so you have to get used to reading that acronym on every pagethe word cub is never defined within the text so that reference could be confusing to readers who are new to the lgbt communitytheo made crepe enchiladas for his first dish in the cooking competition please don't sully enchiladas in this wayokay getting into spoilers and the absolute wildest parts of this bookview spoilerso i thought this book was going to be a cooking themed romance i was very wrong basically what happens is theo starts being pursued by the restaurant owner KCC is excited by it for a bit flirts and kisses him tHEN KCC brings his husband into this they want to have a threesome suddenly theo is in a three way makeout session he likes it but then they start getting aggressive KCC and his husband start taking off theo's clothes and touching him saying things like you need to relax go with it we can guarantee you a career you don't want to ruin your chance at the competition do you they don't listen when theo tells them to stop someone walks in and interrupts them before they can go any furtherdid i mention that theo is 17 years old and these men are old enough to be grayingpredatory older gay men pressuring underage boys into sex is a very harmful stereotype and this book doesn't examine it at all it also doesn't examine theo's feelings afterwards it doesn't give him any time to deal with being sexually abused it doesn't consider the toll this takes on him it doesn't have enough GOOD gay characters to balance out the predatory ones and that's a huge issue i have with this booka big theme of the book is theo's poor body image and how he learns to love himself unfortunately the way he learns to love himself is by having older men in positions of power come onto him that's not a good thingi was expecting something completely different when i started this book and maybe that's on me though i think the synopsis on the back is pretty vague but even judging it for the type of book it's trying to be edgy and provocative it fails i feel like there's a way to do hi lo readers with depth and nuance and character arcs and exciting plots but wow this sure isn't it hide spoiler

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Cub AUTHOR Paul CoccOf both the audience and the restaurant owner a sexy celebrity chef known as KCC When the owner makes it clear he is interested in what Theo might do outside the kitchen Theo has to decide how far he is willing to go to launch his caree. I mean this is a typical Orca book hi lo Fast paced super resolved ending predictable plot That being said I think these books are super important to continue publishing and have available for reluctant readers They hook you from the beginning and deal with issues that aren't in a lot of other YA fiction Best book ever Absolutely not Important in its own way Yes