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Whale MusicLy doughnuts and occasionally works on his masterpiece “Whale Music” One day upon awakening from his usual drunken stupor Des discovers on his sofa a young alien from the faraway universe o Some parts were funny some parts were weird and some parts were boring While you can't help but like the main character most of the others were too cartoonish Just an okay book for me

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doc ð Whale Music ↠ Paperback read ✓ [Download] ➸ Whale Music ➿ Paul Quarrington – Des Howell is a former rock ‘n’ roll star who never leaves his secluded oceanfront mansion Naked rich and fabulously deranged he subsists on a steady diet of whiskey pharmaceuticals and jelly doug Des HowelF Toronto This girl has made the trek to Des’s hideaway because she believes in the “Whale Music” and she’s crazy enough to think that Des can make a comeback hit with his mad magnum op I am not sure what to make of this book It is a uirky strange sort of read with a uirky strange sort of protagonist and cast of supporting characters But still I found it very compelling and engaging to read

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Des Howell is a former rock ‘n’ roll star who never leaves his secluded oceanfront mansion Naked rich and fabulously deranged he subsists on a steady diet of whiskey pharmaceuticals and jel You might say that winning the Governor General's Award is enough to recommend Whale Music but when books win awards like this it makes people think of them as dry and somehow literary This book is literary but it is also compellingly readable delightfully entertaining the kind of book you spill coffee on in the morning because you can't wait to get back to it It has a sense of humour as well as a sense of a deeper meaning as in other uarrington novels each one reuires the otherThe story takes place in the California mansion of the Whale Man Des Howell former member of the Howell Brothers one half of which team has recently died Des is having a hard time adjusting to his brother's death He is also in a continuously drunk drugged and mentally unstable condition which is made precarious by the persistent invasion of undersirables such as his mother reporters record executives people sueezing out money and forcing the obese hermitic Whale Man to blockade his house to avoid institutionalization The one thing which keeps Des focused is in composing the dreamlike Whale Music which he will use to summon the whales One day he wakes up to find a guest Claire the naked alien from the far off planet of Toronto She has come to him for personal reasons and also because she believes in him without recompenseuarrington borrows the events from the real life of a former member of the Beach Boys who became a recluse and drug addict in similar circumsances but reality and fiction are woven together so expertly like music weaving its way into silence that it just becomes part of the joke a device which he employs To the Whale Man music is an ethereal being with a spirit all its own The music ends that is to say it disappears forever to journey in the cosmos The book is written in the present tense and freuently addresses the reader inviting you in to make you feel like part of the story This time however he has discarded the sporting subject matter of his two previous novels King Leary and Home Game for that of music clearly another area of expertiseDesmond Howell's self declared philosophy is a twisted kind of existentialism The most one can do is try to produce some pitiful piece of prettiness a song and send it out into the world a cripple dressed in rags If this is Paul uarrington's philosophy as well then this is his fifth such song a wonderful one and I look forward to reading them all