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Rise by Patty Azzarello Read ô 100 Ã ➸ Rise Free ➮ Author Patty Azzarello – Helpyouantib.co.uk A straight shooting Silicon Valley executive reveals insider career strategies to becoming a great leader developing your network succeeding without wasting time and managing trade offs between your w A straight shooting Silicon VallE business at thirty five and became a CEO at thirty eight all without turning into a self centered miserable jerk      In Rise Azzarello shares the insider secrets to advancing your career while having a life in three practical steps  DO Better Set Ruthless Priorities work and lead strategically and deal with frustrating obstacles and stupid people LOOK Better Buil. Terrific career advice probably most useful for people close to executive level positions or senior management but there's plenty for people earlier in their career aspiring for responsibility too This is one of those books that resonated so much with me that I bought a hard copy after finishing reading the digital version

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D your credibility with the people who can help or blacklist youCONNECT Better Develop your network without being political Get on the List of people who get the best opportunities     Whether you are just starting up the corporate ladder stuck midcareer transitioning or eyeing the corner office Rise shows you the difference between getting ahead and just working har. This was an interesting book from an intriguing viewpoint Considering I'm far from such level yet I don't agree with some of the points in the book like it is okay to fail your job if you bring value to business instead Maybe my opinion will change in future but anyway the book was really useful and helped be understand some things about top management

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Rise by Patty AzzarelA straight shooting Silicon Valley executive reveals insider career strategies to becoming a great leader developing your network succeeding without wasting time and managing trade offs between your work and life so your life worksGET YOUR BREAKTHROUGH     Patty Azzarello became the youngest general manager at Hewlett Packard at age thirty three ran a billion softwar. I really really liked this book I think it would be a great guidebook for anyone looking to climb the corporate ladder It also helped me realize that I don't want to do that It's in her chapter on becoming the CEO of a big companyHere's how it goes from my own experience and discussing this with others basically you get paid the first 250000 annually for your brains and your resultsThe second 250000 you get paid for frustrating time wasting disheartening big company slowness and bureaucracy needing to defend your honor and your budget constantly and freuent changes of direction causing embarrassment and rework basically to deal with your allocation of corporate crapAnything north of half a million a year is the hazard pay for the company acting like it owns you letting you know your time is not your own and finding seemingly laser targeted ways to torture youIt probably sounds like the work of a bitter disillusioned person but Azzarello doesn't seem to be she comes across generally as an upbeat realist She breaks her strategy down into do better have impact look better be visible but not annoying and connect better get support She realized she had to focus on the second and third things in her career when she failed to get a bonus one year and her boss said I tried but nobody knows who you are She set out to make sure that didn't happen againShe starts out the do better section by telling you to do less Identify a big win set your ruthless priorities for the year and then only work on the things that support those priorities Refreshing change from the books that tell us that we can do a bazillion things if only we adopt their organizational system; Azzarello understands there are only so many hours in a dayShe also points out that everyone has some aspects of their job that they hate and are bad at and others that they like and are good at; you don't just get a dream job you have to sculpt it by figuring out how to adjust your job description In the chapter The Agony and the Paycheck she tells the story of two project managers who changed their jobs to suit different strengths one liked analysis and process but hated arguing with people and moved into a broader role to support other project managers by improving processes The other liked interacting with people but was disorganized and he moved into politically challenging projects and made sure he had people who were good with logistics on his team This is not the approach you find in most career books; most of them talk about finding a career that fits you not molding oneIn the chapter They Shoot Workhorses Don't They she says not to work too hard you need to work at the right level if you want to get ahead And if you are doing all the work yourself and not building a system or delegating then you have identified yourself as someone who does work at the individual contributor level not as a manager Again advice that you don't find in most career related books which just say to work hard and make your boss look good and you will be rewardedI was less interested in the personal branding stuff But I liked the guidance about being visible to your boss and your boss's peers and about finding mentors You Need to Kiss a Lot of Frogs was one section heading She also has some good stuff to say in the Experience Paradox chapter how do you get promoted if you need experience but you need the promotion to get the experience about practicing for the job the next level up before you get it and even using others' experience as if it were your own for job interviews she even tells you exactly what to sayI was just talking to a CEO who had a similar situation a few weeks ago It was fascinating because at first he saw this as one issue but then he realized there were two first a clear external issue to be solv