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SUMMARY Ü Cursed by the Sea God Á [Reading] ➶ Cursed by the Sea God Author Patrick Bowman – Fiction The second volume in the trilogy that revisions Homer's Odyssey is once again told from the viewpoint of Alexi the young Trojan boy Captured by Odysseus after the fall of Troy Alexi is forced the Sea Kindle The Sea Kindle #211 Fiction The second volume in the trilogy that revisions Homer's Odyssey is once again told from the viewpoint of Alexi the young Trojan boy Captured by Odysseus after the fall of Troy Alexi is forced to accompany the Greeks on their sea journey home to Ithaca Cursed by the Sea God contains many of the iconic adventures of the homeward jo. My original Cursed by the Sea God audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook ReviewerAlexi’s journey as slave to Odysseus continues on the fateful journey to Ithaca  This audio is based on Homer’s Odyssey; packed with action involving deadly encounters with Circe the sorceress the Sirens and their deadly song the cannibals of Laestrygonians and the keeper of the wind  Mistakes are made through bad decisions of which Alexi had no input but faces the conseuences even as a pigletRemoved from Lopex’s Odysseus favor through no fault of his own Alexi must use his wits and knowledge to outsmart others in his company and save them from the curse of the sea god  Alexi is losing friends but is able to redeem himself in the case of one  Alexi learns to not turn his back on his friends and his actions has conseuences for all involvedThe audio was wonderful  A retelling of an old story with a fresh look – told from the view point of a slave  The moment when Alexi realizes Greeks are human too is moving and genuine  His perseverance and uestioning of authority is witty and completely today – it is interesting to see how teenagers have not changed from day one until now  Bowman makes Alexi real and easy to build a connection with as with others in the seriesBowman’s fresh take on Homer’s Odyssey is engaging and fun  I remember studying the Odyssey in high school and later in college – not once did we look at it beyond the view point of Odysseus or as stories legends are made  Hearing this told from the viewpoint of Alexi is interesting; further it raises the thought in one’s mind “what other viewpoints are there” Well written and crafted Bowman is masterful in his story tellingHis character building is excellent as well  There are some characters you just love to hate  I thought telling the story of Pen was an excellent addition to the story  Demonstrating how easy it is to forget one’s beginnings peer pressure and bullyingThe narrator Gerard Doyle did an amazing job at bringing the characters to life with his voice and enthusiasm  His voices were well suited for the tale with just the right amount of excitement sadness and wonder strategically placed  His voice over all is calming and light  His accent is wonderful and comes across as naturalAlthough this is an old story Bowman’s freshness and Doyle’s accomplished narration makes it all new and entertainingThere were no audio issues everything went smoothlyAudiobook was provided for review by the publisher

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Urney including the encounter with the keeper of the winds the Cursed by MOBI #207 descent into Hades the fateful visit to the cannibal Laestrygonians the encounters with Circe the sorceress the songs of the Sirens and the deadly passage between the monster Scylla and the whirlpool Charybdis Having earned his master's respect in saving him from the Sirens A. Againa superb book by a excellent writer Dont miss reading the second in the series


Cursed by the Sea GodLexi loses it all though mischance and his own circumstances take a turn for the worse as he is given away to the most brutal soldier on the by the Sea PDFEPUB #229 ship It takes all of Alexi's skill and determination just to stay alive The first volume in the trilogy TORN FROM TROY was nominated for the OLA Red Maple Award and has proved to be a best selle. Alexi was taken as a slave when the Greeks sacked Troy Since then he has been travelling with Odysseus and his men Here they encounter Aeolus the cannibalistic Laestrygonians whom they call the ‘ship breakers’ Circe Hades Scylla and Charybdis unnamed the sirens and wind up on the island of Helios the sun god Throughout Alexi must survive his own tale The Greek sailor and bully Ury is doing his best to kill Alexi in mistaken revenge for the death of Ury’s brother in Troy Others on the ship help protect Alexi but Odysseus blows hot and cold and Alexi never truly understands him Will Alexi survive this voyage and finally escapeI mostly enjoyed this which was a pretty straight take on the Odyssey with Alexei's tale added in The violence was too much for me but apparently doesn't bother the kids who read it I was interested in the characterization of Odysseus who could be pretty sneaky and unreliable interesting interpretation though where did the author get the name Lopex for him Alexei was a sympathetic character and there was lots of action and description so violence aside this one was a winner