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Read & Download Ê LAtitudes 104 × [Reading] ➹ LAtitudes By Patricia Wakida – This literary and cartographic exploration of Los Angeles reorients our understanding of the city in highly imaginative ways Illuminated by boldly conceived and artfully rendered maps and infographics This literary and cartographic exploratiBecerra takes us into the smoky spicy kitchens of a family tauero business in El Monte Steve Graves traces the cowboy and spacemen themed landscapes of the San Fernando Valley Overlooked sites and phenomena become apparent LGBT churches and synagogues a fabled “Cycleway” mustachioed golden carp urban forests lost buildings ugly buildings What has been ignored such as environmental and social injustice is addressed with powerful anger and elegiac sadness and what has been. Here are the uestions we discussed at the Reading the Western Landscape Book Club at the Arboretum Library of the Los Angeles County Arboretum Botanic Garden on May 18 2016view spoiler• What was your favorite essay and why• “Naming Los Angeles” Were you surprised by this article Why Why not What did you think of the 2nd person writing approach• “Gridding the City” What was your favorite fact here Why• “Ugly Buildings” Did you believe the author Why Why not• “Freeway Jam” How does the author’s work fit into your view of the LA Freeways• “Coyote Tours” Are you hopeful about a deepening of understanding of the Native American roots in Los Angeles Why Why not• “The Bovid Metropolis” What did you learn about longhorns• “Landscapes of Racial Violence” Was her approach to the issue effective for you as a reader Why Why not• “The Fortifications and Catacombs of the Conuests of Los Angeles” What history did this tell you and why Did the map match• “Emperors of Dust” What happened to Elizabeth Friederich• “Cycleway” Is the author as optimistic as Dennis Crowley and Horace Dobbins• “Woody and Buzz” Do you believe him or was this essay over influenced by internet word searching Why Why not• “Pioneers on the Frontier of Faith” Is the author’s story larger than the LGBT community• “How Xicans Are the Makeweight of Los Angeles’s Past Present and Future” What is the best thing you learned about the Xicana community in Los Angeles in this essay• “Orphans dwarfs strangers and monsters” What level of credibility did you give this author Did it affect your reading of the rest of the book Why Why not• “Stalking Carp” Would you eat the carp in the LA River given the information in this article Why Why not• “Under the Radar and Off the Charts” Did this article change your thinking Why Why not• “The View from the Air” Does this essay fit with the others Why Why not• “Los Angeles is Singing” Do you agree with the author’s premise Why Why not• “Speakeasy Tacos” Does this story differ from the others Why Why not hide spoiler

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This literary and cartographic exploration of Los Angeles reorients our understanding of the city in highly imaginative ways Illuminated by boldly conceived and artfully rendered maps and infographics nineteen essays by LA’s most exciting writers reveal complex histories and perspectives of a place notorious for superficiality This chorus of voices explores wildly different subjects Cindi Alvitre unveils the indigenous Tongva presence of the Los Angeles Basin Michael Jaime. In general Having New York and various European cities as models in my head it actually cost me some time wrap my head around that this was a very different type of city and that it needs to be appreciated on its own terms One can easily get lost in the miles and miles of traffic ridden freeways endless strip malls and empty sidewalks Getting to appreciate what LA has to offer takes a real effort and it reveals itself slowly Getting beyond cliches about “no there there” and “no history” you can see that LA and California in general do not have a long history in terms of written documentation but there most certainly is a uniue rich and diverse historical heritage that shaped the region into what it isThis book compiles essays from writers with different backgrounds that address widely different topics that are beyond the cliched narratives of Junipero Serra’s missions the Gold Rush etc Each essay is approximately 10 pages long and is at least in part based on a map showing a particular characteristic Topics range from a description of the demographics economy and ecology of pre Columbian colonial and Mexican greater LA basin homesteading in the outer parts of what is now LA descriptions of vegetation and the LA River and descriptions of failed schemes and potential alternative histories they might have presented Also included are essays that belie the idyllic stereotypical image sometimes presented and show the struggles of various groups against the darker side of the cityThis book is a good complement to Mike Davis’s “City of uartz” which also presents an alternative history of Los Angeles

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LAtitudesMaligned is reexamined with a sense of pride the city’s freeways for example take the shape of a dove when viewed from midair and pulsate with wailing blues surf rock and brassy bandaInspired by other texts that combine literature and landscape including Rebecca Solnit’s Infinite City this book’s juxtapositions make surprising connections and stir up undercurrents of truth To all those who inhabit love or seek to understand Los Angeles LAtitudes gives meaning and reward. An inspired diverse collection of essays about the visible and invisible LA of the past present and future A fascinating read for anyone who calls this vast metropolis of comfort and contradiction their home