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PDF è BOOK Dust By Patricia Cornwell FREE ¹ PATRICIA CORNWELL ☆ [PDF / Epub] ☃ Dust ✑ Patricia Cornwell – Helpyouantib.co.uk Massachusetts Chief Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta has just returned from working one of the worst mass murders in US history when she’s awakened at an early hourMassachusetts Chief Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta has just returned from working one of the worst mass murders in US history when she’s awakened at an early hour by Detective Pete Marino A body oddly draped in an unusual cloth has just been discovered inside the sheltered gates of MIT and it’s suspected the identity is that of missing computer engineer Gail Shipton last seen the night before at a trendy Cambridge bar It appears she’s been murdered mere weeks before the trial of her 100 million lawsuit against her former financial managers and Scarpetta doubts it’s a coincidence She Why do I keep doing this to myself? The last 10 books have been exactly the same Every man wants the beautiful and smart Scarpetta The bizarre killingscrimes are always committed to impress or taunt Scarpetta Benton or Lucy Scarpetta is always hungry but never has time to eat Lucy has a new toy that she invented Scarpetta Lucy and Benton continue to feel superior to everyone and talk crap about Marino Marino is jealous of Benton Scarpetta uses a thousand acronyms Lucy has a new car Scarpetta bores us with long explanations of her vast knowledge of fill in the blank Did I leave anything out? I think I'm finally done The arrogance of Scarpetta is too much Patricia Cornwell who I believe feels a real connection with Scarpetta needs to take it down a notch I find myself constantly rolling my eyes I think Cornwell continues to write these books so she can travel and do research on whatever new topic she wants to write about Perhaps she should switch to non fiction because the Scarpetta books are boring and lack the suspense and excitement of the first few

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Nd Benton Wesley is convinced that certain people in the government including his boss don’t want the killer caught  In  Dust Scarpetta and her colleagues are up against a force far sinister than a sexual predator who fits the criminal classification of a spectacle killer The murder of Gail Shipton soon leads deep into the dark world of designer drugs drone technology organized crime and shocking corruption at the highest levels With unparalleled high tension suspense and the latest in forensic technology Patricia Cornwell once again proves her exceptional ability to surprise and to thri This is Patricia Cornwell at her possible worst if you don't count her immediate post Jack the Ripper book This is what most of you want to read so I have edited my post accordingly Whatever I have written below this is irrelevant The books a bomb It is a terrible read No one should read this book according to the majority if you so obviously I have no reading comprehension as well as no idea what a good book should beDespite that I have read all of Pat Cornwell's books and that I do agree that she went on a downside I do not agree with the majority of you that think that Dust is a terrible book She has written much worse than this book She has shown bad judgement in her plot choices and has at times turned her characters into caricatures of themselvesBut why not write your own review of the book rather than coming in here and attacking what I have written? You don't agree fine How do you think it feels to have this many people denigrating what you've written? At least I wrote something not just a ditto of what someone else posted We see insight into how Kay Scarpetta thinks about herself and those around her than we ever have before A very tight story filled with all of the expected state of the art forensics that we all have come to expect I read Dust in just one day It was impossible to put down Having just returned home from one of the worst mass murders in US history while just recovering from the flu Scarpetta receives a phone call in the early hours of the morning a body has been found on the grounds of MIT Kay sees no obvious cause of death The woman's body has been draped and posed in a way that is similar to the Capitol Murderer case that her husband Benton is working on? And what is the dust that covers the victim's body that fluoresces in three vivid colours? Could she be Gail Shipman reported missing earlier from a trendy bar that Scarpetta's niece Lucy freuents? Is there a connection to Lucy or the multi million dollar lawsuit that Gail Shipman was to go to court with in a few weeks against her former money manager

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Dust By Patricia CornweAlso fears the case may have a connection with her computer genius niece Lucy At a glance there is no sign of what killed Gail Shipton but she’s covered with a fine dust that under ultraviolet light fluoresces brilliantly in three vivid colors what Scarpetta calls a mineral fingerprint Clearly the body has been posed with chilling premeditation that is symbolic and meant to shock and Scarpetta has reason to worry that the person responsible is the Capital Murderer whose most recent sexual homicides have terrorized Washington DC Stunningly Scarpetta will discover that her FBI profiler husba I am really concerned that I read a totally different book than the other reviewers Where to start? What Dust needs is an editor and a plot This book was absolutely everything I can't stand about what the Kay Scarpetta series has become in one 500 page novel Implausible timing totally no character development and a storyline that takes less than 50 pages to wrap up with a neat tidy bow If this was a book by any other author I would have stopped but as a Scarpetta series fan I felt I owed it to the good doctor to finish view spoiler Really? You're going to have this whole murdermystery solved in a day over 500 pages? Really? This whole novel reads like one run on sentence I know that Dr Scarpetta is an amazingly talented woman but it's actually tiresome for the reader to have no change of scenery Would it kill you to write about a happy character? Everyone is so lost in their own self pitydepression spiral that it's honestly kind of a downer to read I don't know if Cornwell is tired of this cast of characters or what but she seems completely content to make their lives miserable and depressing hide spoiler