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The exciting conclusion to the Fitzwilliam Darcy Gentleman trilogy recounts the climactic events of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice from its enigmatic hero's point of view One of the most beloved romantic heroes in all of literature Fitzwilliam Darcy remains an enigma even to Jane Austen's most devoted fans No longer With this concluding volume in the Fitzwilliam Darcy Gentleman trilogy novelist and Austen aficionada Pamela A I am really reviewing the entire trilogy since it is impossible to simply pick up one of these As a rendering of Darcy's life during Pride and Prejudice Aidan does very well when she sticks to the plot set forth in PP Her portrayal of Darcy's character and inner life and the fundamental changes in him after he is refused by Elizabeth are well written and do the character justice She also brings Georgiana to life very well giving her a deeper dimension PP does not allow and also does nicely with the additional views we have of the Bingleys and Charles' relationship with Darcy in particular However as Darcy disappears twice from the original story for fairly decent lengths of time after the Netherfield Ball until Rosings and then again after his disastrous proposal to Elizabeth until he sees her with the Gardiners at Pemberley Aidan felt the need to fill in the blanks with something of an adventure of his own This is by far the weakest part of the trilogy and takes up almost the entirety of the second installment Duty and Desire The intrigue seems forced and I think she would have done better to simply have portrayed the dangers of the typical social circles of the time rather than create this sensational diversion She gets back on track uickly though when Elizabeth re enters the scene and when Darcy sets off to find Lydia and Wickham and I found these sections in particular worthy imaginingsOverall the books are well worth any Austen lover's time but I found myself wishing she had cut out the odd intrigue storyline and then condensed the whole thing to one book I discovered this was originally self published so kudos to Aidan but I also wonder if it couldn't have used a firmer editing hand

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These Three RemainIdan at last gives readers the man in full These Three Remain follows a humbled Darcy on the journey of self discovery after Elizabeth Bennet's rejection of his marriage proposal in which he endeavors to grow into the kind of gentleman he desires to become Happily a chance meeting with Elizabeth during a tour of his estate in Derbyshire offers Darcy a new opportunity to press his suit but his newfound strengths are put to the t Pamela Aidan's Fitzwilliam Darcy Gentleman series is just brilliant but it's not for everybody I understand that purists may not appreciate the additional things that Aidan came up with such as the new set of characters Dy Lady Sylvanie Fletcher for example and behind the scenes events like those that happened at Norwycke Castle Also the series is rather long; Aidan has a tendency to be verboseBut it's because of these that made it a 5 star book for me I think that all those things that Aidan provided made the characters especially Darcy human and relatable When I read Pride and Prejudice I felt like I couldn't really envision Darcy as a person What did he feel? What did he think about all those things? And this is where this series comes in It really did its job in addressing these uestions without losing the Austen touch Aidan's writing had the same tone and style which I appreciate immensely I've read too many Pride and Prejudice seuels and re tellings that weren't able to preserve Austen's magic but Aidan pulled it off beautifully Having said that readers should be prepared to treat this with the same respect and patience as they would give the classics The word choice and style are rather archaic and others may not be able to appreciate the beauty of this series because of itI've had this book ever since its first publication 10 years ago and this is my 17th time reading it I love it and the series so much

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EBOOK ☆ EPUB These Three Remain ä 9780743291378 FREE ↠ PAMELA AIDAN ☆ ☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ These Three Remain By Pamela Aidan ✍ – Helpyouantib.co.uk The exciting conclusion to the Fitzwilliam Darcy Gentleman trilogy recounts the climactic events of Jane Austen's PriEst by an old nemesis George Wickham Vividly capturing the colorful historical and political milieu of the Regency era Aidan writes in a style evocative of her literary progenitor but with a wit and humor very much her own While staying faithful to the people and events in Austen's original she adds her own fascinating cast of characters weaving a rich tapestry out of Darcy's past and present that will beguile his admirers anew Reread series 513Enjoyed again immensely This time appreciated the familial relationships particularly Darcy Georgiana Reread the real thing at same time and felt again that all in all Aidan did a pretty fair job of recreating This book takes Darcy from Elizabeth's rejection to just beyond the end of Pride Prejudice The thing I liked the very best about this book is that Darcy's biggest problem with what Elizabeth said about him at the rejection was that he did not behaving in a gentleman like manner He realizes that he has always prided himself on what he thought was his genteel behavior his family name and his station in the world while in reality he was arrogant conceited suffered from false pride and only paid serious attention to those in his station in life and really did feel that all others were below him He learns that to be a true gentleman like his father and like he always hoped to be he must begin paying attention to all aspects of life specifically realizing that his narrow sphere of acuaintance needed to be enlarged and that he could do so much good in the world with the blessings he had been so abundantly given When he realizes that he's not going to get over Elizabeth and that he's not going to get her either he still perseveres in becoming the man she WOULD consent to marry and you know with what success he met For example I loved to see him realize that his servant valet was a man with real feelings and dreams not just put on earth to be Darcy's servant AND I loved what happened in his heart concerning the despicable Mr Wickham I loved that Aidan portrayed Darcy as a moral man committed to virtue and fidelity we like Elizabeth so much we want her man to be worthy of her right?