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DOWNLOAD Rocky Mountain Proposal î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ô ❴PDF❵ ✐ Rocky Mountain Proposal Author Pamela Nissen – For Aaron Drake his word was his bond But when he promised his dying friend he'd hold on to hope Aaron had no idea what he was getting himself into Because hoN't do it However the time Rocky Mountain EpubHope spends with the grieving widower the she finds herself falling for the sweet protective man But Hope will only marry for love Can Aaron learn to care agai. A nice historical romance story Aaron Drake picks up Hope Gatlin from the train depot for his best friend When they get back to the farm his friend has died He had promise Paul he would look after hope not knowing Hope was her name not a feeling His word was his bond and has now put him in this predicament A cute story I enjoyed it

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Eady en route to Colorado Aaron's duty is clear He'll meet Hope at the train and ask her to be his wife Yet who could have guessed that the woman would say noAgree to a marriage of obligation No Hope would. Aaron had no idea what he'd agreed to when he promised his dying friend that he would take care of hope that his best friend meant Hope the fiance arriving on the train that day Aaron returns with the fiance to find that his friend is dead But Aaron won't back down from a promise even if it means working two jobs to help Hope run her farmThis was a sweet novel I enjoyed the story lines and the characters were engaging It was a pretty predictable plot but since I started the book knowing it was a basic romance I was okay with that The book is the third in the series and I could tell there was to the story of some of the secondary characters but it could definitely be read as a stand alone On a random note I really didn't care for the cover Overall this was a sweet romantic story that was entertaining to read

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Rocky Mountain ProposalFor Aaron Drake his word was his bond But when he promised his dying friend he'd hold on to hope Aaron had no idea what he was getting himself into Because hope is Hope Gatlin his friend's bride to be alr. Another winner by Ms Nissen This one brings two uneventful people into a relationship that from afar doesn't look very promising But city slicker Hope learns a new founded iron steel soul as she learns how to farm and finds comfort in the farm animals that she raises She's a true grit woman who even though was wearing fancy Boston eastern dresses still insists on plowing the fields to ease Aaron of work on his shoulders She befriended a orange tabby kitten who becomes her best friend Any novel with a cat in it wins in my book She also tames a bull Has chickens that come to her voice as wellPlus they talk about faith and God The importance of prayer and what is faith and hope Aaron had so much pain and heartache in the prior books that I wasn't expecting to see him find love again But he did With a true grit woman who has a heart of fire and a backbone of steel but soft enough to train her animals to answer to her voice and of course Aaron falls in love with each funny thing that happens throughout the book From watching the goats steal her underpants and she runs across the fields trying to retrieve them from their mouths is enough to make anyone smile He sees her determination to make it a go on the farm despite never having farmed before in her life I hope readers find the joy in this novel like I have