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doc í reader Doomsday Men Dr Strangelove and the Dream of the Superweapon 9780312373979 Ñ P.D. Smith Ñ ❰KINDLE❯ ❄ Doomsday Men Dr Strangelove and the Dream of the Superweapon Author P.D. Smith – This is the gripping untold sHad transformed the laws of nature into instruments of mass destruction and for many people in the Cold War there was little to distinguish real scientists from that “fictional master of megadeath” Stanley Kubrick’s Dr Strangelove Indeed as PD Smith’s chilling account shows the dream of the superweapon begins in popular culture This is a story that cannot be told without the iconic films and fictions that portray our deadly fascination with superweapons from HG Wells’ The War of the Worlds to Nevil Shute’s On the Men Dr Strangelove PDFEPUB #191 Beach and Kubrick’s Dr Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the BombAlthough scientists admitted it was possib PD Smith's Doomsday Men is a mix of science fiction analysis and all too real history The book covers the fixation on the dream of the ultimate weapon which evolves from chemical weapons to a true doomsday system put in place by the Soviets On both the side of scientists and writers there is the great fear of what these powerful weapons might mean for political power and for society What drives them is the dream of what they might do From Nobel with his dynamite on the dream has been that weapons might become so powerful as to prevent war altogetherOn a practical front the dream has been that powerful weapons will drastically shorten war and thereby lessen its effects The fixation on technical solutions to these problems tend to come up short as demonstrated by chemical weapon which were initially overpowering but were uickly countered The technologists tend to forget that war is a competition of measure and countermeasure and all the new weapons tend to do is to make it worseThe book is an excellent introduction to the subject of weapons for non specialists but specialists will benefit from the seeing the interplay between science fiction and the development and understanding of what these weapons can do

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Le to build the cobalt bomb no superpower would admit to having created one However it remained a terrifying possibility striking fear into the hearts of people around the world The story of the cobalt bomb is an unwritten chapter of the Cold War but now PD Smith Men Dr Strangelove and the ePUB #10003 reveals the personalities behind this feared technology and shows how the scientists responsible for the twentieth century’s most terrible weapons grew up in a culture dreaming of Men Dr Strangelove and the ePUB #10003 superweapons and Wellsian utopias He argues that in the end the doomsday machine became the ultimate symbol of humanity’s deepest fears about the science of destructio This book provides an in depth look at the atomic era in American culture It examines scientific and public perception over the years by referencing literature and film Although it is not always the most engaging read sci fi readers will love it's coverage of sci fi history it provides a historical viewpoint not covered in Richard Rhodes' works on this subject Of special enjoyment is the background and analysis of Stanley Kubrick's hit Dr Strangelove Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb long one of my favorite movies

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Doomsday Men Dr Strangelove and the Dream of the SuperweaponThis is the gripping untold story of Dr Strangelove PDFEPUB #232 the doomsday bomb the ultimate weapon of mass destruction In Hungarian born scientist Leo Szilard made a dramatic announcement on American radio science was on the verge of creating a doomsday bomb For the first time in history mankind realized that he had within his grasp a truly God like power the ability to destroy life itself The shockwave from this statement reverberated across the following decade and beyondIf detonated Szilard's doomsday device a huge cobalt clad H bomb would pollute the atmosphere with radioactivity and end all life Doomsday Men PDF or on earth The scientific creators of such apocalyptic weapons Poor Peter D Smith set out to write a great book but for want of an editor the kingdom was lost He's absolutely authoritative and definitive regarding the Weltuntergangsromane and Zukunftsromane two just outstanding Gastwörter for which I have Mssr Smith to thank of 1880 1965 both in English and German the French are presumed to have been engaged in existential omphalos gazing and the Russians busy creating epic steel structures and новый советский человек though a passing nod is given to Russian Futurism especially Zamyatin's Мы This is as close to an academic study of science fiction as I ever hope to come but it managed not to annoy me so hurrah He has clearly read all the nukeporn of the First Era pretty much everything from the Smith Report through Tom Clancy this is my terminology and does a great job of including stories from disparate places even the most bibliomaniacal and autodidactic amateur will find something here the entire story of Sanford Simons the Plutonium Collector was unknown to me These are facts They are positiveUnfortunately Smith's book is hobbled by a a possibly amphetamine induced repetition of uotes themes and allusions there is a reference to Dr Strangelove in literally I manually verified this every chapter many of them introducing the movie as if it hadn't been mentioned less than thirty pages earlier I laughed out loud when I reached the 17th chapter which in its entirety concerns Dr Strangelove This as you the reader might not yet have realized was a movie by Stanley HOLY GOD SHUT UP SHUT UP WE'VE ALL SEEN THE FUCKING FILM b an understanding of physics at the approximate level of a moth i'd rather not go into the grim details here c not having read it seems anything published during his ten years of research the only uote of this century nevermind tiring and overwrought mentions throughout that omfg some ragheads might set us up the camel jacketed cobalt jacketed bomb and jockey them into NYC 911 changed evvvvverything fart where're the revelations of Kay and Bird from 2005's American Prometheus where for the love of god and all things atomic is Sakharov's autobiographyActually writing this review has made clear a few other positives whoever did the index and bibliography ought be given a fucking medal outstanding get you a case of beer for that one coverage of Unit 731's Ishii is the best I've seen same goes for analysis of the WWI era German chemistry scene a briefer yet just as informative guide than The Crime and Punishment of IG Farben which was pretty much unreadable he gets DEFCON oriented correctly which is better than David Foster Wallace could do in Infinite JestSo I give it a fourth star but grudgingly 2009 07 18 Supposedly a high note among the crashing tide of each year's dozens of new nucporn titles I'm a bit worried about the physics though; if this is really about cobalt jacketing as a solution to the planet killing problem that's a dark portent indeed how do you distribute the Co60 See uestion 16 in the nuclear weapons FA or Brian Martin's 1982 technical report HOW IN GOD'S NAME DO I SUPERSCRIPT ON GOODREADS ARGHHHHHHHH