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Nujeen One Girl's Incredible Journey from War torn Syria in a Wheelchair Free read ´ 102 Õ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Nujeen One Girl's Incredible Journey from War torn Syria in a Wheelchair By Nujeen Mustafa – Was bedeutet es wirklich ein Flüchtling zu sein durch den KriegWas bedeutet es wirklich Girl's Incredible eBook #9734 ein Flüchtling zu sein durch den Krieg frühzeitig erwachsen werden zu müssen die geliebte Heimat hinter sich zu lassen und vom Wohlwollen anderer abhängig zu sein Die sechzehnjährige Nujeen erzählt wie der syrische Krieg eine stolze Nation zerstört Familien auseinander reißt und Menschen z. This memoir puts a different face on the Syrian refugee crisis Nujeen was born with cerebral palsy and has spent her life in a wheelchair She is a sixteen year old Kurdish girl and has very little formal education She taught herself English by watching US soap operas on television In 2014 her City Koban was the center of fighting between ISIS and the US backed Kurdish forces They escaped to Aleppo where they lived a few years and then fled to TurkeyHer sister Nisreen helped her and they fled to the island of Lesbos in Greece This is where Fegal Keane of the BBC interviewed her They traveled by ferry and bus to the SerbianHungarian border; they arrived as it was closed to the refugees This is where the BBC again interviewed her They had to then walk to Croatia and on to Germany The sisters finally reached Germany and were reunited with brother Bland and sister Nahda She has asked Germany for Asylum She is attending a special school for pupils with disabilities She states that Germany and the German people have been kind to her She is learning German and making friends Her parents remain in TurkeyThis is an uplifting story Nujeen faced many dangers and met life with a positive attitude I have great admiration for her sister Nisreen who took care of her on the trip The memoir was written with Christine Lamb who also co wrote “I am Malala” The courage of both these young women is amazing The memoir is clearly written and the details from life in Aleppo to the trek to Germany are dramatic This is a must read book for everyone of all agesRaghad Chaar does an excellent job narrating the story Chaar is an actress and producer She is a graduate of The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and an audiobook narrator

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Ur Flucht zwingt In Nujeens Fall zu einer Reise durch neun Länder in einem Rollstuhl Doch es ist auch die Geschichte einer willensstarken jungen Frau die in Aleppo durch eine Krankheit ans Haus gefesselt ist und sich mit amerikanischen Seifenopern Englisch beibringt weil Nujeen One eBook #223 sie die starke Hoffnung auf ein besseres Leben hat Eine Ho. I want to put this book into the hands of every politician on the planet Nujeen is the face and spirit of Syrians forced out of their homes The abuse and obstacles she and her sister faced as they met barrier after barrier in their search for peace and restLet us show that we can learn from our mistakes and that we can take pride in doing the right thing which is seeing refugees as people with the right to live anywhere they want

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Nujeen One Girl's Incredible Journey from War torn Syria in a WheelchairFfnung die sich nun vielleicht fern der Heimat in Deutschland erfüllen kannEs ist die Geschichte von Flucht dem Verlust der Heimat die Geschichte unserer Zeit – erzählt von einer bemerkenswert tapferen Syrerin die nie aufgehört hat zu lächeln„Wer würde dieses Mädchen nicht in seinem Land haben wollen“US TV Moderator John Oliver über Nujee. I have been to Lesbos It is one of the Greek Islands It was this island that 16 year old Nujeen Mustafa gets to in 2015 It is a tranuil island even though it is touristy and uite beautiful It was odd seeing the news at the time of Syrian refugees paying smugglers 1500 each plus another 50 for a life jacket to get to that island The gateway to Europe Nujeen explains in the prologue that it was not just Syrians There were people from Ira Morocco and Afghanistan ‘To be leaving all you knew and had built up in your own country to make this dangerous uncertain journey it must be bad’ 12 million refugees headed to Europe in 2015 Nujeen is a Kurd She was born with a type of cerebral palsy so all the above was done with her in a wheelchair and her sister Nasrine pushing and dragging her Incredible She provides a wonderful description of her life in the first few chapters and also the political turmoil at that time From the Arab Spring that started in Tunisia that sent a wave across North Africa and the Middle East Unlike Egypt the protestors in Syria were hit by Assad’s tanks The family were living in Aleppo at this time but by July 2012 they had to leave The destruction got to close ‘By the end of 2012 it seemed like the Battle of Aleppo would never end It was a full scale war where on one side there was Assad and Hezbollah and on the other all sorts of rebel groups including criminal gangs and Jabhat al Nusra also known as the al Nusra Front which is the al aeda branch in Syria’This is such a personal human story of a normal family trying not to get killed as brutal destruction engulfs everywhere they go ‘After a while we got so used to the bombing that one day I realized I couldn’t remember normal any ’ Her story to get to the promised land of Germany is captivating but not without humour along the way ‘Unlike some refugees who paid smugglers for the whole journey we were Pay as You Go Migrants’ It’s like a crazy plane trains and automobiles but with refugeesSyria Turkey Greece Macedonia Serbia Croatia Slovenia Austria and Germany I have probably missed some of the countries she passed through but it was an epic 3500 mile journey Smugglers con men people that want to do you harm but also kind caring people who would do anything to help you All of humanity in its grotesue and beauty is met along the way An amazing journey from a war torn home through the wilds of Europe A uite captivating read