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FREE READER ↠ DOC Sanctuary Û NORA ROBERTS Î ❮BOOKS❯ ✻ Sanctuary ✴ Author Nora Roberts – From #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts comes a seductive and suspenseful novel of dangerous liaisons and family betrayalsPhotographer Jo Ellen Hathaway thought she'd escaEadNow Jo must return to the island and to her bitterly estranged family With the help of Nathan Delaney who was on the island the summer her mother disappeared Jo hopes to learn the truth about the tragic past But Sanctuary may be the most dangerous place of all From the Trade Paperback editi This was slow and boring in comparison to some other Nora Roberts' novels I also didn't feel any bond with the characters and I didn't like how the story switched between different storylines and characters I also didn't uite understand why the Hathaway family could so easily believe that the dissapearance of a loving wife and mother of three didn't have anything to do with some crime They believed that she just walked out on them and resented her memory That really didn't play right for meI recommend Virtue Falls by Christina Dodd instead

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FromNew York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts comes a seductive and suspenseful novel of dangerous liaisons and family betrayalsPhotographer Jo Ellen Hathaway thought she'd escaped the house called Sanctuary long ago She'd spent her loneliest years there after the sudden unexplained disap First things first I'm sorry CyndiCyndi is my friend who loves Nora Roberts Actually I might have 1 starred this baby if not for my guilt over not liking this bookOkay now that that's done let's dish about why I hated itFirst we have Jo She's a professional photographer who has a stalker and goes back to her childhood home after the stalker drives her crazy in a literal sense Here are some of our descriptions of what Jo looks likeTall thinShort red curly hairBlue eyesPale skinLong feet they made a point of thisAlso she smokes and wears baggy clothesSo here's what I have in my headSeriously could we not make her sound even remotely attractiveJo goes home to an island where her family runs a bed and breakfast inn They are all screwed up because the mother ran off when they were young and they never heard from her again The brother is an ass the sister is a slut that talks like the slutty woman in the Golden Girls the father lives in his own world and their cousin is the care taker of everyone who has a major martyr thing going on Although the cousin was the most bearable character in the bookHey they already have the clown position coveredNow it just so happens that every single sibling is single and has a love interest right there when we start the book So we have three love stories going on simultaneously along with our stalkermurderer person after Jo Jo the Clown Yes I named her It seemed like the right thing to do The problem is that none of these characters are all that likable except for the guy who loves the slutty sister He's nice An idiot but a nice idiotOnly the patsy takes that pieceJojo's love interest is Nathan He kisses the slutty sister and considers sleeping with her but he'd rather have Jojo because she's interestingNathan to Jojo “Hmm You’ve got very attractive feet Long narrow an elegantly high instep Okay he just confirmed my theory Who the hell says something like this to a woman they are trying to woo Also are her feet really that long They are apparently long enough to have the book mention it in her description and then again have the love interest point it out Those must be some long ass feetI see this in their futureNow Nathan seems a likable guy at first but he is on the island to tell Jo and her family about something horrifying that will change everything And yet he keeps putting it off and acting like they are old friends at a high school reunion I don't want to spoil it but it is the euivalent of a doctor who just realized you have terminal cancer and instead of telling you he decides to spend the weekend with you water skiing He's eating your food making jokes and having a jolly time and flirting with your sister who will be devastated when she learns about your diagnosis He acts like everything is perfectly fine and doesn't want to ruin his own fun by talking about that nasty cancer thing That would ruin the party He might not get lucky if he does that In other words he's a selfish doucheSo when you find out why Nathan is on the island in the first place and then you remember how he has been acting the whole time you have to wonder about this guyAs for the stalkerkiller Well it's kind of weird but I had an idea go through my head very early in the book that ended up being true I thought my idea was a little too soap opera ish but I guess notAside from all of that I got bored a lot in the story The whole book started with a dream seuence which is basically a trigger for me Don't tell me your fucking dream And then it got into descriptiveness that was just too long Followed by family angst that basically boiled down to a bunch of jerks being jerky to each other and romances that were terrible for various reasons It just didn't do it for me I will still read Nora Roberts but this one wasn't my cuppa

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SanctuaryPearance of her mother Yet the sprawling inn on an island off the Georgia coast continues to haunt her dreams And now even haunting are the pictures someone is sending her strange close ups and candids culminating in the most shocking portrait of all a photo of her mother naked beautiful and d 25 Stars Rounded downI generally have a lovehate relationship with Nora Roberts I either find her books absolutely wonderful or I roll my eyes and inwardly cringe at how awful it is This one for once was in the middleJo is a famous photographer haunted by the past when she used to live on an island on an estate called Sanctuary 20 years ago her mother suddenly disappeared No explanation No word from her again Everyone assumed she had run away But Jo received some photographs of herself Someone is stalking her And among those photographs was the image of her mother naked and most definitely dead In an attempt to unravel the mystery Jo returns to her childhood home and attempts to reconnect with the remainder of her estranged familyI will cut this book some slack It was written in 1997 Although the 90’s were amazingly awesome they were filled with overt sexism and gender stereotypes So before I chastise Ms Roberts for betraying her own sex with the over the top damsel in distress roles where the woman gradually succumbs to the macho male hammering away at her reserves I will remember that this was written in the ’90sI listened to the audio version and I must admit I enjoy a Southern drawl And although the scenes where the character was thinking were extremely distracting because they turned into this echo seuence it was still a lovely accentThe writing was great the romances were sweet despite the sexism But in the last uarter of the book I was just so over the stupid decisions the characters were making I have complained about this in some of her other books but the decisions are just cringe worthy WHY ARE YOU LEAVING THE HOUSE ALONE WHEN THERE IS A KILLER AFTER YOU Oh that's right because you are a mere female who thinks she must be overreacting SighThe ending was uite an anti climax for me It didn’t live up to the rest of the book I figured out the “twist” right at the start so there was no surprise in it for me And some of the scenes just had violence and rape in it which seemed were there just for the hell of it So trigger warningWould I recommend this bookIt had some great moments a little bit of humour uite a lot of romance and some raunchy scenes But overall it was a big MEH for me If you are after a romantic suspense you can do betterI purchased Sanctuary at my own expense on audibleFor reviews check out my Blog Instagram Twitter  Facebook