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characters î The Minimalist Program 105 Â [PDF / Epub] ☃ The Minimalist Program By Noam Chomsky – The Minimalist Program consists of four recent essays that attempt to situate linguistic theory in the broader cognitive sciences In these essays the minimalist approach to linguistic theory is formul The MinimalisMance systems articulatory perceptual and conceptual intentional All syntactic conditions then express properties of these interface levels reflecting the interpretive reuirements of language and keeping to very restricted conceptual resourcesThe EssaysPrinciples and Parameters TheorySome Notes on Economy of Derivation and RepresentationA Minimalist Program for Linguistic TheoryCategories and Transformations in a Minimalist Framework. Good

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The Minimalist Program consists of four recent essays that attempt to situate linguistic theory in the broader cognitive sciences In these essays the minimalist approach to linguistic theory is formulated and progressively developed Building on the theory of principles and parameters and in The Minimalist ePUB #10003 particular on principles of economy of derivation and representation the minimalist framework takes Universal Grammar. Writing a review for this book feels a bit like writing a review for a National Park or a meal your mom made It just doesn't feel right I don't mean that the book both its content and presentation is infallible or untouchable Chomsky's writing is difficult but structured Why anyone chooses endnotes over footnotes in a work not to be judged aesthetically is beyond me Like most of Chomsky's work I can't imagine how anyone could approach this without some sort of background or pedagogical accompanying text Despite its purpose as introducing a new proposal is not an introductory text The first chapter a review of Principles and Parameters is a good example of this It is somehow at once both skippable for the seasoned syntactician and completely unhelpful for the uninitiatedIn any case I'll use this review space for my notes on the text This book is important reading Reading through and experiencing the theoretical history and revisions that lead to current day Minimalist theorizing is important than the technical or concrete solutions Chomsky arrives atOne thing stood out for me in Chapter 4 it is clearer for me now just how much anti Chomskyans using specifically that polemic term are off the mark in a certain way Chomsky is NOT setting down some sort of gospel for weak willed linguists to follow Unfortunately there is a lot of unhelpful ad hominem discourse in linguistics about how MP syntacticians are merely Chomsky's followers and following Chomskyan dogma that just wastes everyone's energy Anyone who spends any time with this book will understand sympathetic to the actual content of the Minimalist Program or not that Chomsky is in good faith trying to discover something new For exampleAbout his own proposal It is far from obvious that language should be like the Minimalist Program at all which is just a research program p 203The MP assumes word order is not part of the computational system being simply a conseuence of the fact that we have to articulate language in real time This means that word order is of at best secondary importance in syntax This is a huge conceptual departure from other syntactic frameworks and even pre MP transformational grammar and causes a lot of problems in introductory graduate syntax courses Chomsky does note these tacit assumptions that linearity is a mere surfacePF effect are far from innocent p 202 assuming that UG settles the matter is hardly an innocuous step p 244And he ends the novel with exactly the kind of positive spirit that all syntacticians should have it is not unreasonable to press the MP to the limits to see what can be discovered p 349

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The Minimalist ProgramAs providing a uniue computational system with derivations driven by morphological properties to which the syntactic variation of languages is also restricted Within this theoretical framework linguistic expressions are generated by optimally efficient derivations that must satisfy the conditions that hold on interface levels the only levels of linguistic representation The interface levels provide instructions to two types of perfor. This book is a super rough read I had to constantly refer to outside notes and explanations I feel like Chomsky is the one person right now whose thoughtstheorieswhatever I'm really emotionally invested in understanding so I really tried to make it through but the writing in this book is truly incredibly opaue and painful