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Read & download Ï A uestion of Honor The Couriers #1 È PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free × [EPUB] ✺ A uestion of Honor The Couriers #1 By Nita Abrams – London 1813 Wellington and Napoleon are locked in a desperate battle for Spain And nowIs a rogue and a heartbreaker though he is unuestionably brave Indeed when they were both kidnapped he risked his life to save hers but their unexpected intimacy has compromised her reputation Like a uestion of Honor The Couriers Epubtrue gentleman he has offered for her hand yet she must refuse Rachel cannot betray the bonds of kinship and of faithalthough the bonds of love may uestion of Honor The Couriers Epubprove even powerf. Nice historical details Abrams writes intriguing mysteries that mix in information about the lives of Jews in England during the Napoleonic wars The romance level is traditional than steamy nothing much stronger than a passionate kiss and the characters are well written

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Gh her education is impeccable her manners exuisite and even Drayton's wayward little niece is captivated by her gentle ways But the Captain has been marked for death and badly wounded by agents aiding the enemy and Rachel's true identity as the niece of an immensely wealthy uestion of Honor PDF #8608 Anglo Jewish banker remains a mystery Still he must trust her if he is to surviveRachel has heard the whispers the handsome Captain. Liked that the book dealt with difficulty being a spy let alone a family of Jewish spies for England during the Napoleonic Wars Going to read the next one in this series because I was invested enough to find out what happens to a character from this story

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A uestion of Honor The Couriers #1London Wellington and Napoleon of Honor PDFEPUB #235 are locked in a desperate battle for Spain And now that the French have infiltrated England's intelligence network Captain Richard Drayton has sworn to ferret out the traitor But he'll be damned if he'll let a woman distract himEven one as intriguing as his sister's governess Rachel Maitland Ross The Captain A uestion Epubsuspects that Rachel is not what she appears to be althou. As a Jewish reader of historical everything it's painfully rare to find heroine like me out there With the exception of Jewish fiction gentle reads there's hardly anything out there This is of course because Jews were excluded from so much of the high society events that spice up most historical fiction They wanted our money but then they wanted us to go away And yes it's true we bankrolled Wellington and YOU'RE WELCOME Plus Plus Rachel isn't a super religious Jew but part of the vast diaspora moving away from blind observance and towards what would eventually become Reform JudaismMy only uibble with this book is that she and Drayton while discussing the conseuences of a goy marrying a Jew never brought up potential children That's literally the only reason that this isn't a five star book I encourage all my fellow historical fans to go out and lay your hands on a copy