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PDF ã BOOK Hammer Head FREE Á HELPYOUANTIB ë ❴Reading❵ ➶ Hammer Head Author Nina MacLaughlin – Helpyouantib.co.uk Nina MacLaughlin spent her twenties working at a Boston newspaper sitting behind a desk and staring at a screen Yearning for tangible work she applied for a job she saw on Craigslist—CarpNina MacLaughlin spent her twenties working at a Boston newspaper sitting behind a desk and staring at a screen Yearning for tangible work she applied for a job she saw on Craigslist Carpenter’s Assistant Women strongly encouraged to apply despite being a Classics major who couldn't tell a Phillips from a flathead screwdriver She got the job and in Hammer Head she tells the rich and entertaining story of becoming a carpenterWriting with infectious curiosity MacLaughlin describes the joys Is there a genre about twenty somethings have a career crisis If not this book could start oneNina was an editor at a newspaper in Boston when she got tired of the daily grind and one day she uit On a whim she applied to be a carpenter's assistant and she got the job despite not having any experience This book is about the months she spent learning to build stuff with her hands and learning to let go of her old lifeI was drawn to this book because I used to be a web editor and I could relate to her frustrations about the insatiable needs of the Internet Just post one story One video One slideshow One uiz Gaaaa The Web Beast never sleepsI like stories about people learning something new and changing their lives for the better but the reason this memoir only got three stars was because it is overwritten Seriously ridiculously eye rollingly overwritten Nina is the kind of writer who never met a description she didn't like She describes each street Each house Each person in the coffee shop She describes every tool she uses and gives the history of the tool There were several stories I enjoyed such as the time Nina built bookcases for her dad's home and she was so proud of how well they fit and how sturdy they were I also liked what she learned from her boss Mary and how Nina was reminded to be smarter than the tool It takes skill to solve carpentry problems and Nina learned a lot from her mistakesThere is some good writing here but there is also a fair amount of plodding I would recommend this memoir with the caution that you will probably have to do some skimming Favorite uotesThe screen exerts an oppressive power and I am as seduced as anyone by the clips and pics the news and noise of the Internet I would rather e mail than talk on the phone I have pals I know only online and am grateful for those connections But there is no other place I can think of where one can consume so much and absorb so little The Internet has no eual in that regard I am leery of its siren song the way it beckons and of my own inability to ignore its call It's a rabbit hole exit a tumbling in space with Wonderland ever always one click awayFinishing a piece of writing the sensation was relief coupled with a spentness a short temper and depletion grinch and hollow After a deadline I experienced a pinched feeling behind the eyes and the next person I'd encounter would get strained smiles and diverted unfocused attention Almost immediately upon finishing a piece of writing the glow faded and all I'd see were the flaws Work with Mary her carpenter boss was different I looked back on everything we'd built with satisfaction and pride even the things that didn't deserve it My whole self felt honest useful and used There was no grinding back to a different world I'd been there the whole timeWhat appealed to me so much about carpentry work is how far it is from words The zone of my brain that gets activated building bookshelves is a different one than the one that puts together sentences And what a relief it can be not having to worry about the right word not having to think over and over is this the best way to say this The uestions carpentry raises are the same ultimately — will this work Will this function as it should be true and strong But the answers come from different rooms in my head and it is good to exit the word room in favor of a less used realm that deals with space numbers tools and materials Much of what carpentry reuires does not come naturally to me Angles numbers basic logic But with carpentry you have a tape measure a saw a pencil a piece of wood Concrete understandable real in the world each of these things made for a specific purpose

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Kitchen gut renovating a house MacLaughlin examines the history of the tools she uses and the virtues and varieties of wood Throughout she draws on the wisdom of Ovid Annie Dillard Studs Terkel and Mary Oliver to illuminate her experience of work And in a deeply moving climax MacLaughlin strikes out on her own for the first time to build bookshelves for her own fatherHammer Head is a passionate book full of sweat swearing bashed thumbs and a deep sense of finding real meaning in work and li If you had told me that one of the books that would come to mean the most to me as a writer was the story of a woman who uit her job as a journalist to become a carpenter I would never have believed you But that’s exactly what Nina MacLaughlin’s Hammer Head has done Not because it’s not really about becoming a carpenter It is and reading about MacLaughlin’s learning those skills – all those saws the measurements – is part of the great pleasure of the book But the other great pleasure of this book is MacLaughlin’s beautiful assured prose from the way she describes the uality of the cold in the morning to the use of a spirit level She has an ability to see things and to relate them that resonates deeply It is a book about becoming a carpenter but it is also a book about learning to make anything including a life a self I love it –Kat Howardfrom The Best Books of 2015 So Far

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Hammer HeadAnd frustrations of making things by hand reveals the challenges of working as a woman in an occupation that is percent male and explains how manual labor changed the way she sees the world We meet her unflappable mentor Mary a petite but tough carpenter sage “Be smarter than the tools” as well as wild demo dudes foul mouthed plumbers grizzled hardware store clerks and the colorful clients whose homes she and Mary work inWhisking her readers from job to job building a wall remodeling a The end of this book is beautifully written and almost stirred me to give it four stars AlmostI just don't think I'm enough of a classicist to enjoy a transition like someone saying you'd need wings to survive that fall taking us into an exploration of the DaedalusIcarus myth It feels forced and showy to me I also don't have the spatial intelligence to enjoy many of the descriptions of carpentry used here and in some respects the book feels incomplete like this is still the beginning of Nina MacLaughlin's story I felt like she held back at times That being said it's a wonderful book in many respects and I did enjoy it If you can handle a few Ovid references than I can you'll probably love this