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review Always Spiral of Bliss #5 Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ ❴Ebook❵ ➠ Always Spiral of Bliss #5 Author Nina Lane – Dean promised to slay monsters for me Not once has he broken that promise Not once has he retreated from battle Not once has he failed to keep me safeBut now as our maEd by a monster that my husband can't destroy A monster Always Spiral eBook #10003 he can't even faceAs Dean and I struggle to stand together we're forced to confront our deepest fear Not even our intense precious love can protect us from all evilThe love story of Liv a. 4 ★'s I was sooo excited to get another book for Dean and Liv even though I thought their story was over However I was in no way prepared for what the drama would be and it is heart breakingBut once the shock wears off a bit Dean and Liv get down to business And while definitely hats off to Liv Dean shines through like the Knight in shining armor he is There's never been any uestion that nothing would ever tear Dean and Liv apart and this only goes to show that they can weather any storm I do have to admit I was a little worried about Dean therea few times in fact Thank goodness for Archerhe certainly came through in flying colors Not only was he amazing with the kids but he did all the right things with Dean Most importantly I loved his patience with Kelsey and it was sooo sweet where that got himA big disappointment was Allie I kind of had an idea of why she acted the way she did but still shame on her She should've known better and what she did even though it was sweet was nowhere near enough I hated that Dean felt he needed to apologize I really loved all the scenes with North and that he was a well needed balm for the whole family It was wonderful how much the kids connected to him So as heart breaking as the drama isit's very heartwarming as well We get put through the ringer but it's an amazing journey Do I wish things were different Hell yea but it is what it is Dean and Liv's story wraps up very sweetly romantically and hot as hell as alwaysthere is definitely no shortage of steamy scenes I'm sad to see them goI will miss The Professor and His Beauty

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Nd Dean West and their beloved friends and family in Mirror Lake now comes to a breathtaking conclusion as the professor and his beauty Spiral of Bliss MOBI #245 fight the battle of their livesSpiral of Bliss Reading OrderAROUSEALLUREAWAKENARRIVEBREAK THE SKYADOREALWAYS. TOP FAVE OF THE YEAR ❝Together we'll always be a white knight and his beauty who battled monsters and won❞ Nina Lane you have me under your spell You know the phrase if they build it they will come well if you write it I will read it I have loved Liv and Dean from the start I've read some of the books in the series than once I've loved them all But 'Always' is my favorite ❝A handsome professor who showed a damsel in distress what it means to love and to be loved A student who learned how to trust one man alone with her body and soul A barista who saved the freshest cookies for a certain customer who always wore a tailored suit and perfectly knotted tie A dorky medievalist who championed obscure foreign films A girl who learned she already had everything she needed to become a woman A man who protected her with the whole of his heart and kept her safe through it all❞ That is a perfect summary of this series True all encompassing love Love so powerful that not even the highest mountain is impossible to climb It's when you are broken and tired and the only thing you want is to give up you look across the room to your strength your heart your source of life and keep going Liv and Dean's passion is captivating the romance is addictive ❝Wrapped in Dean's arms intoxicated by his kisses I'm just Liv again the starry eyed girl who melts at his touch and he's the captivating man who loves me with a wild tenderness that is powerful and eternal than time itself❞ In 'Always' Liv and Dean face the battle no one wants to face One that could change the course of their future the story of their history When Liv is at her lowest and the Professor is unable to fix slay or bring the monster to heel their world suddenly lays on shaky ground Dean is at a loss locking himself in his tower leaving Liv without her Knight But to the rescue is the Knight's brother Archer Knowing exactly what Dean needs to push forward and being the solid ground for him allowed Dean to realize it's okay to not always be the hero Sometimes monsters are too big Liv's battle was far from easy and seeing Dean in pain adds guilt to her daily struggle She can't help her herself let alone her husband ❝An unexpected surge of guilt hits me filling my chest I did this to him I'm the one causing him this torture this pain ❞ We are granted with two Epilogues Gratefully since this is the last book of the series They were fantastic and since there has to be an ending they perfect way to end the West's storyNina Lane has given us a passionate love story which rivals the classics Dean and Olivia's story is real The challenges they have faced along the way are challenges married couples face daily And they have faced them head on together ❝We were destined to create a life together one in which promises are kept blessings are counted and our marriage is the safe harbor to which we always return❞ Liv and Dean as well as their friends and family have become than just characters in a book To me they have become part of my landscape Theirs is a story I would wish would never endTop Fave of the YearARC graciously provided in exchange for review

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Always Spiral of Bliss #5Dean promised to slay monsters for me Not of Bliss Epub #217 once has he broken that promise Not once has he retreated from battle Not once has he failed to keep me safeBut now as our marriage is complete with two beautiful children and a blissful home life we're attack. 5 'An Important Thing' Stars It's always hard to say goodbye to books or series that you love It's even harder to say goodbye to the characters that stole your heart while reading This is what happened with the Spiral of Bliss series and their main characters Dean and Olivia West The professor and his beauty gave us a journey full of all types of moments and for that they will stay forever with me Thank you for this outstanding series Nina Lane Always is the fifth and final installment in the Spiral of Bliss series and it concludes the story of our dearest Dean West and his beauty In this novel Dean and especially Liv have to fight against a monster that the professor cannot slay It's extremely emotional and extremely good because of that A life filled with both change and lovely sameness I’ve finally learned that life is all about those things existing side by side like a pathway curving alongside an ever moving river Sometimes you take one route sometimes the other but both will move you forward After I finished the fourth book Adore I thought that was it I thought Nina gave her readers Dean and Liv's happy ending and there would not be another book I felt it was not necessary But of course Always is a great addition to the series The Spiral of Bliss couple are enjoying their life as a family together with their two children Everything is good the kids are the cutest thing ever and the married couple still have sizzling chemistry “I love you like milk loves cookies” I murmur against his mouth He sueezes my ass “I can’t wait to eat you tonight”A sinister territory stretches in front of us A land of monsters How do I fight What are my weapons How do I protect her But everything changes when Dean and Liv are forced to surpass one of the hardest things that life can bring you They struggle they argue there is lots of tears and some scary moments My poor heart How I suffered while reading this I love this couple so much and I was so afraid for them However of course they fight against this horrible monster Dean and Olivia continued being a couple who did not give up and a couple that considers their love the most important thing of all Nicholas will always believe in superheroes and Legos Bella will always know cute animals and finger paints are better than medicine I will always champion doing your best and taking risks And Dean will always stand guard over us only allowing the good into our dreams Obviously Nina Lane together with heart breaking moments continued giving us the off the charts chemistry between Dean and Liv West I have always loved their loving relationship I love how Dean can be sweet and extremely hot at the same time I love how intimate their sex scenes are I love every freaking part of the professor and his beauty together as a couple and as a family “Liv” “Right here” “You you live inside me” I press a hand to my chest my heart that beats in rhythm with hers “Everywhere You are the key to every part of me”“Marry me again” I say “I’ll never stop marrying you” These two are one of the best married couples in Contemporary Romance Nina Lane has created unforgettable characters that will remain forever in our hearts Dean Liv Archer Kelsey Nicholas Isabella Allie etc She has created a wonderful love story with a couple that has the most beautiful relationship As I said it's hard to say goodbye to them but Always was a great way to do it “Give me a kiss beauty” Therefore my rating for Always is of course my special 6 STARS rating because there wasn't a single thing I did not enjoy about this book It's a great a addition to this outstanding series and the sweetest conclusion for Dean and Olivia West Again thank you Nina for giving us this fantastic love story And PLEASE if you haven't read this series and you want to enjoy the amazing relationship between the professor and his beauty check the Spiral of Bliss series You will not regret it I highly HIGHLY recommendCHECK OUT MY BLOG HERE