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“Moderation in all things” they say That may keep a society together but it’s not the protagonist’s job The Motivation Hacker shows you how to summon extreme amounts of motivation to accomplish anything you can think of From precommitment to rejection therapy this is your field guide to getting yourself to want to do everything you always wanted to want to doI wrote this book in three I don't know where you get the spark to start only how to fan it into an inferno once you have it25This book has taught me some cool things that I will try to apply to my own life but it dragged and went back and forth with a lot of the points he was trying to make It felt like a gigantic blog post it could have been just a tad shorter Cool lessons though I even took notes

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The Motivation HackerIving helping to start the Human Hacker House learning to throw knives dropping my 5K time by five minutes and learning to lucid dream I planned to do all this while sleeping eight hours a night sending 1000 emails hanging out with a hundred people going on ten dates buying groceries cooking cleaning and trying to raise my average happiness from 63 to 73 out of 10How? By hacking my motivation With presumption that its a honest try of the naive writer and i picked this book for its content rather than a literary work of it so i wont put this book under that radarThis book was mostly a consolidation of a blog post the way it's written and content presented to us were pretty much straight forward Few things had too much details ex at the end he explained about all the things he achieved with way too much details which kind of bored me To be Honest i didn't pick this book to find some extraordinary hacking mechanism I have plenty of my own but it was pretty fascinating when i found about this book and how he was managed to do all in such a short time which probably people take years to complete It was pure and honest curiosity Well i must say i did find some things i won't say NEW Things as i kind of knew it but rather ignored or took for granted Ideas on how to measure the progress Success spiral and Task samurai Choosing the goal Knowing what to learn and uantify itsomething i realized that unless we uantify our progress we can't actually make any progress and miss on the success spiral which could help us improve its like having a difference between these 2 goals I am going to improve my vocabulary and I am going to learn 5 new words and use it every single day Now you know what i am talking about

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doc ✓ The Motivation Hacker ↠ ebook à helpyouantib ✓ ❰Reading❯ ➹ The Motivation Hacker Author Nick Winter – “Moderation in all things” they say That may keep a society together but it’s not the protagonist’s job The Motivation Hacker shows you how Months while simultaneously attempting seventeen other missions including running a startup launching a hit iPhone app learning to write 3000 new Chinese words training to attempt a four hour marathon from scratch learning to skateboard helping build a successful cognitive testing website being best man at two weddings increasing my bench press by sixty pounds reading twenty books going skyd uantitative approach to motivationgoals inspired by behavioral economicspsychology 10 20% of good knowledgeinspiration on hacking motivation the rest are worthless examples of implementation largely dominated by ego although could be helpful to someone without imagination poor structure of the book hopefully it's short read rather silly approach to life in general ex planning your day with granularity down to 5min