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Smoke and Mirrors Short Fiction and Illusions Free download ✓ 104 Í ➬ [Ebook] ➧ Smoke and Mirrors Short Fiction and Illusions By Neil Gaiman ➸ – Sumérgete en esta antología de relatos cortos en el mundo fantástico erótico y onírico de Neil Gaiman el guionista deSumérgete en esta antología de relatos cortos Mirrors Short PDFEPUB #189 en el mundo fantástico erótico y onírico de Neil Gaiman el guionista de cómics más premiado Smoke and Kindle y leído de la década de los Entre su creciente producció. Gaiman is literary bacon short stories young adult fantasy adult fiction he’s good in anything “Smoke and Mirrors” is a collection of 30 or so short stories They run the gamut from sci fi to very short parables to fantasy to magical realism It’s not his best work but as a collection it’s imaginative and provocative I enjoyed a majority of these stories and Gaiman continues to be one of my favorite authors Some of my preferences were “Chivalry” “Changes” “We Can Get Them for You Wholesale” and “Snow Glass Apples” One of my favored aspects of Gaiman is his ability to slip seamlessly between realism and fantasy One moment the story feels like an honest recollection of his past and the next we're interacting with angels trolls and werewolves He so deft with his word choice that these transitions happen with ease A good example of this is “The Price” where Gaiman story about stray cats turns from reality to supernatural in an instant This ability also really stood out to me in a different book “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” I can’t help but admire his mind It’s the little things like referring to crabs and fish as “ filled with things with too many legs and other things with no legs at all” In this collection Gaiman is daring taking on explicit sex politics pornography and even sex change Of course this book was originally published in 1998 when navigating these waters were a little less turbulent than today The book includes an Introduction which gives a short description of the inspiration or background of each story I found myself flipping back and forth to this section after each story For example in the particularly sexually graphic story “Tastings” Gaiman admits that the story took him four years to write largely because he was embarrassed by it I always appreciate short story collections where the author reveals a bit of their motivation inspiration or background of the storiesOne note on 'Changes' it's a creative story idea about the cure for cancer having the side effect of gender change which society turns into recreational use It's laid out almost as author notes for a novel And it could be a fascinating controversial and complex novel But why include it in this form Why not write it Weird and I found it wasteful and disappointingAn aptly titled collection of stories where Gaiman does indeed use sleight of word and a bit of magic to make the unbelievable feel just about real

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N literaria destaca el best seller Buenos presagios escrito junto a Terry Pratchett la and Mirrors Short PDF #201 recopilación Humo y espejos y su primera novela en solitario Neverwhere basada en la serie de televisión de la BBC creada por el propi. 'Smoke and Mirrors' is the first of two short story collections written by Neil Gaiman This title was first published in 1998 while 'Fragile Things' came out in 2006 Having read 'Fragile Things' mere months ago I was doing uite a bit of comparison between the two as I worked my way through 'Smoke and Mirrors' While there are a lot of similarities between the two there are also many differencesBoth collections involve Gaiman doing what he does best that is taking our own myths fables and folklore tweaking them to better resonate with our modern culture and handing them back to us complete with the grit and gristle that were absent from the versions that we received as children While this seems to be an over arching theme to most of the stories in 'Fragile Things' it still shows up occasionally in 'Smoke and Mirrors' along with so much else Gaiman takes the reader to so many places throughout these stories These include a couple of nods to writers that surely influenced him along the way Lovecraft and Moorcock specifically a writer struggling through a screenplay that has been watered down by the movie studio discovering the legendary Hollywood of old and political intrigue amongst the angels in heaven Lawrence Talbot also makes an appearance in a tale involving the Wolf Man Gaiman's books are usually shelved in the Sci FiFantasy section at the average bookstore which I think is a bit of a disservice as these stories are so much diverse than the typical view of the Fantasy genre that involves touchy feely knights riding around on horses and tends to prejudice the typical reader to that genre negativelyA tip to any readers who are in the habit of skipping book introductions Gaiman actually hides a story within the introduction of this book as a payoff to those who religiously read the introduction That sort of cleverness suckers me in every timeIt may be unwise to compare the stories in 'Smoke and Mirrors' to each other and to 'Fragile Things' as both books represent of a compilation of Gaiman stories that appeared in other publications over a particular period of his writing career versus something that was put together as an intentional unified collection However as it is great fun to wildly speculate I believe that the stories in 'Smoke and Mirrors' are bolder than the ones in the later collection As most of these stories were written around the time that 'Sandman' was finishing its run I'm wondering if the reason for this was to prove to any naysayers that Gaiman was a serious writer and not just that comic book guyThese stories may not be something that would be discussed in a college level literature class with the austere professor that lives and dies by the canon but I don't think that is Gaiman's intention as a writer He comes from the storyteller tradition and I feel that such a thing is just as important in feeding one's imagination and intellect as the heavy literature now and again

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Smoke and Mirrors Short Fiction and IllusionsO and Mirrors Short Fiction and eBook #215 autor Entre los galardones ue ha recibido destacan cuatro premios Eisner de historieta el premio International Critics Horror a la mejor antología de terror y el premio World Fantasy a la mejor historia cor. 25 stars a few gems but way too many narrative poems and meh stories