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Harleuin Valentine review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ ❮BOOKS❯ ✫ Harleuin Valentine Author Neil Gaiman – Helpyouantib.co.uk In this modern retelling of a classic commedia dell' arte legend of tomfoolery and hopeless fawning love creators Neil Gaiman Sandman and John Bolton Manbat Batman update the relationBackgrounds Those who have spent Valentine's Day alone know that the cold February holiday can be hard to swallow Gaiman and Bolton want you to know that all it takes is a steak knife a fork and a bottle of uality ketchupContains an additional page backup feature written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by John Bolton on the history of commedia dell' arte. I get that this is supposed to be a modern retelling of the Harleuinade stories but it falls flat in my opinion It's rather depressing honestly since I generally love Gaiman's work The artwork being ghastly certainly doesn't help The interview at the end explaining the history for those who don't already know was interesting at leastEdit I'm looking at the reviews for the first time and apparently a lot of people love the artwork Perhaps my tastes are unsophisticated Ehn

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Ly Consumed with love the impulsive clown sees his heart dragged about town with a charming surprise to bend the tale in a modern direction Gaiman's writing is poetic and as loopy as the subject matter Bolton's art a combination of digitally enhanced photo realism and dynamic painting provides sensational depth with bright characters over fittingly muted. Would you give your heart to someone for Valentines’ Day—literally Neil Gaiman’s buffoonish Harleuin certainly will In this romantically twisted re imagining of Comedia dell’Arte and the British Pantomime Gaiman once again proved that he is a wizard of storytelling Couple that with John Bolton’s adroit hands with a palette of colors and what you get is a little literary treasure that will leave a lingering feeling in you after you turn the last pageHarleuin Valentine follows the story of the Harleuin who nails his heart to the door as a valentine gift for his Columbine Missy The contrast between the characters is like black and white Harleuin is very romantic and fickle while his Columbine is practical and sensible Bolton’s amazing depiction of the juxtaposition is spot on since his illustrations really resonate with the personalities of the characters I like how he blends some bright photo realism to his actual paintings and contrast them with the subdued backdrop Columbine tries to figure out what she will do to the heart as she puts it in a sandwich bag; Harleuin meanwhile stalks her and falls deeply in love The storyline becomes interesting as it becomes peppered with characters from the Comedia and the Pantomime including Doctor and Pantaloon and of course Pierott This is like role assigning actually since the Harleuin only thinks of the characters in the people he is encountering during his little adventureI’ve read Gaiman’s longer works and what I’ve noticed is that he has different attitudes in writing them compared to the short stories His novels are riveting leaving an ecstatic hangover to those who read them Mostly Gaiman takes time in unveiling all the parts of the story like carefully putting down the parts in the safe places in the middle of a mine field and guiding the readers to them He said so himself he’s not the kind of writer who pens stories that should be done in one sitting In writing short stories he is uite the opposite—brevity after all doesn’t favor that process He deftly builds the plot with a touch of elegance yet in the end drops it with a bomb that will leave the readers reeling at the end It’s not the “I’m shocked” kind of bomb though—it’s the “It’s effect is still on me” kind For something so short the effect is surprisingly long termThat’s the effect of Harleuin Valentine on meI think this will be not enjoyed by people who are not entirely familiar with the ComediaPantomime Even if there's a comprehensive sort of guide that came with this format I think readers will still be confusedAnyway as for the whole idea of switches spoilery so I'll say nothing than that I'm not sure if this is the first story where he applied that concept I mean I've seen it in American Gods and a short film who knows if there's an earlier work where he used that Not that it's much an issue of originality It's still his idea though shrugsFour stars for a great read

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Harleuin ValentineIn this modern retelling of a classic commedia dell' arte legend of tomfoolery and hopeless fawning love creators Neil Gaiman Sandman and John Bolton Manbat Batman update the relation of Harleuin and Columbine A buffoon burdened with a brimming heart Harleuin chases his sensible oblivious Columbine around the streets of a city having given his heart free. Interesting story I didn't know much about Harleuin before I read this graphic novel However the graphic was a bit so so Can't say I did like the art very much and if the story had not been so engaging would I probably have given Harleuin Valentine a lower rating