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The Sandman OvertureThe Sandman Overture will feature cameo appearances by fan favorite characters such as The Corinthian Merv Pumpkinhead and of course the Dream King’s siblings Death Desire Despair Delirium Destruction and DestinyCollects The Sandman Overture 1 63020 I decided to reread the whole epic Sandman series by Neil Gaiman written by him and mostly illustrated issue by issue by different comics artists THIS volume was written as a preuel to the whole original series that had been completed in the mid nineties I just reread my review and feel laregly the same about it that is terrific artwork just gorgeous and pretty well done as an overture which is to say it introduces us to a series of themes we will see woven through the next ten volumes The centrality to stories in the shaping of meaning and indeed the universe; that the universe is itself at the end of an important juncture and possibly dying with the possibility of its being reborn as something better Beginning in 1915 early on at the advent of WWI the war to end all wars which was really just the first of several great which is to say horrific wars to follow Dream aka Dream the Endless aka Prince of Stories aka the Lord of the Sleeping Marches shadowy dark and broody is the central character of the epic and he faces this End of the Universe moment also facing his own possible annihilation He travels through the dreamscape with a cat who yet is another of his selves and a girl they meet named Hope In this volume not much actually happens but Dream meets several characters who drift in and out of the whole series including his father and mother and sisters and brothers Death Desire Delirium formerly Delight Destiny Despair Destruction There're Mortals DreamsNightmares The Endless and other creatures In case you haven't figured it out yet this is a work of fantasy with a deep streak of horror running through it though in this first volume it mostly just looks like fantasyMy initial review of this volume 2015 Read Sam uixote's fine and appropriately exuberant review this volume and about a Neil Gaiman book Sam? Sam doesn't always like Gaiman's work It took me decades to get down to reading the whole ten volume series after what I initially thought was a slow start I couldn't get into it it was fits and starts for years and then one month I just sat down and read the whole thing and was largely thrilled with it And then once I got through it I was able to appreciate what the slow and confusing beginning was about of course A bit at least I was also as happy as anyone else that the dude agreed after 25 years to do a preuel to help us answer uestions about what the Endless were really all aboutThis volume I actually read like a Real Comics Fan collecting issue by issue then got the deluxe hardcover with all the essays on the process by illustrator star J H Williams the penciller including a two page essay on his pencilling Dave Stewart on the colors and Neil on the story I have to say with a few thousand others so far that this is one of the best examples of comics illustration in the History of Comics It seems less comics and illustration really but who cares this is Art at its finest So the prize for best aspect of Overture goes to Williams hands down The story is still sorta vague and ethereal though still uite engaging The art carries the day but every aspect of it is interesting And it does provide some ideologicalfantasy overview which is to say it does help fans with some uestions about What It Is All AboutWill THIS volume get you into the whole series? Well I kinda feel like I did after reading volume 1 years ago that it felt a tad esoteric for kicking off a series in other words I felt the same way about Overture AND Volume 1 a bit I mean but right now having read it and seeing it as preuel it is pretty much awesome What a team to kick off a series Or end a series if you want to read it that wayI highly recommend you read the whole series and keep reading even if you are a scifi or horror person and less so fantasy or the other way around This is one of the greatest achievements in the history of comics Gotta read it But just to read this alone will be somewhat confusing I am sure of that But intriguing

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Read eBook Ö The Sandman Overture Hardcover í [Epub] ➞ The Sandman Overture Author Neil Gaiman – Twenty five years since The Sandman first changed the landscape of modern comics Neil Gaiman’s legendary series is back in a deluxe hardcover edition The Sandman Overture heralds New York Times best TwentyTwenty five years since The Sandman first changed the landscape of modern comics Neil Gaiman’s legendary series is back in a deluxe hardcover edition The Sandman Overture heralds New York Times best selling writer Neil Gaiman’s return to the a I mean that was pretty freaking awesome and weird and cool Although this is the first book I have read in this world BUT they have most if not all on kindle unlimited US so yay Right? RIGHT?? Sorry was having a moment I’m funnier when I make my Animoji’s and drive my friends nuts 🤣😂 See I’m a cracked nut Not sorry Happy Reading Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

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Rt form that made him famous ably abetted by artistic luminary JH Williams III Batwoman Promethea whose lush widescreen images provide an epic scope to The Sandman’s origin story From the birth of a galaxy to the moment that Morpheus is captured I've read several of Gaiman's novels but Sandman The Overture luckily it's a preuel is my first exposure to the Sandman Series What stands out right away is the art So many of the illustrations have a fantastical and hallucinatory uality; you can't help but feel drawn into Gaiman's dream world The narrative was interesting as were the characters even when several of them were merely aspects of the same character; however it somehow took me uite a while maybe the pace was a bit slow? to feel engaged with the actual story Still this is a series I'd like to continue