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The Perfect Mile Three Athletes One Goal and Less Than Four Minutes to Achieve It Read & download ↠ 0 ï [Epub] ➞ The Perfect Mile Three Athletes One Goal and Less Than Four Minutes to Achieve It By Neal Bascomb – There was a time when running the Hree continents and defying the odds their collective uest captivated the world Perfect Mile Three Athletes One PDFEPUB or and stole headlines from the Korean War the atomic race and such legendary figures as Edmund Hillary Willie Mays Native Dancer and Ben Hogan In the tradition of Seabiscuit and Chariots of Fire Neal Bascomb delivers a breathtaking story of unlikely heroes and leaves us with a lasting portrait of the twilight years of the golden age of spor. Oh my holy fudge I LOVED this book I savored every page and looked forward to reading it at every opportunity At the same time this wasn't one of those books where I could toss off a few pages while cooking dinner I had to make sure I could really give myself to the reading of it so I often had to wait until all other obligations were taken care of see also why it took me than two weeks to get through itThat said there is a litmus test for predicting one's potential interest in The Perfect Mile and it is this take a look at the front cover If you know who that is and what he's doing then I think you're going to love this bookEven if you don't know just from looking at the picture if you've ever run competitively or taken any interest in track or if you have a good sense of running times vs distances in meters and yardsmiles or really if you think you could enjoy the suspense of lots of footrace descriptions The Perfect Mile is going to be a fun book for you to read

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There was a time Mile Three Kindle #208 when running the mile in four minutes was believed to be beyond the limits of human foot speed and in all of sport The Perfect Kindle it was the elusive holy grail In after suffering defeat at the Helsinki Olympics three world class runners each set out to break this barrierRoger Bannister was Perfect Mile Three MOBI #238 a young English medical student who epitomized the ideal of the amateur still driven not just b. At the end I'll give a list of places to go for race footage and other info relating to the subject for those who have already read the book and are interested in knowing I have no interest in sports and of all the sports I would vote for running as the least interesting but I absolutely LOVED this book The author does a wonderful job of building suspense even if normally it is something you couldn't care less about How many times I have been on the edge of my seat waiting to hear who was going to win or what their time was going to be I listened to the audio version which was very well done There were times when I arrived at my destination but didn't want to turn off the car because I had to find out what was going to happen A very compelling gripping book There were times I cried and there were times I laughed but it was the suspense that I remember the most Part of the appeal of the book is the three men it is about They were interesting and for the most part admirable men I will say at first it was a bit confusing trying to remember who was who but after a few chapters I had them nailed down and it was much easier to follow It probably would've been easier if I had been reading the book version and could have glanced back and reminded myself I also appreciated the lack of anything vulgar in the bookThe epilogue may be my favorite part of the book or at least it included my favorite story of the book That was one of the times I cried not because of something sad but because of something very sweet and truly heroic As a Christian I often found myself challenged to run my race the way they ran their races I often thought of Paul's words about laying aside anything that would encumber us in our race when I read about them being so careful about the smallest things the dirt on the spikes of their shoes the weight of the shoes themselves etc It seems silly to us but these little things made a difference in their speed I suspect that little things make a difference in our spiritual lives as well and want to be like them in forgoing innocent things in order to run faster But on the other hand I was made thankful that God isn't a harsh taskmaster and doesn't demand of me the things that their sport demanded of them the little sleep the brutal workouts the sacrifice of relationships Above all I'm thankful for the assurance that I will win my race something they never could know I may not run a perfect mile but I have a perfect Savior who ran it for me and through Him and His grace I will be victoriousAdditional infoFootage of the barrier being broken in 2012 carrying Olympic torchhttpwwwtelegraphcouksportolym 2012 Olympic torchhtmlInterview with BannisterhttpwwwachievementorgautodocpaBannister and Landy’s race helps teammate and still wins Movie by ESPNhttpwwwimdbcomtitlett04573501988 movie

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The Perfect Mile Three Athletes One Goal and Less Than Four Minutes to Achieve ItY winning but by the nobility of the pursuit John Landy Perfect Mile Three Athletes One PDFEPUB or was the privileged son of a genteel Australian family who as a boy preferred butterfly collecting to running but who trained relentlessly in an almost spiritual attempt to shape his body to this singular task Then there was Wes Santee the swaggering American a Kansas farm boy and natural athlete who believed he was just plain better than everybody elseSpanning t. What a delightful read This book has it all drama action suspense One can not help but be inspired by the story of Bannister Santee and Landy as they struggle to acheive the first sub 4 minute mile Bannister's story is perhaps the most engaging of all as he achieved the distinction of breaking the mark first while he was going to medical school and pursuing a life outside of athletics In an age when records are regularly broken by professional atheletes who train hours a day and freuently misuse an assortment of performance enhancing agents the story of the men chronicled here is most remarkable Yes today sub 4 minute miles are typical among elite athletes but I doubt that many of todays stars would be where they are if they had to work full time jobs etc Bannister and company did what they did out of love for the sport and without concern for money Neal Bascomb should be commended for bringing this wonderful story to light It is carefully researched and elouently written Even those with zero interest in track and field will find this book of interest I especially recommend this to youngsters in hopes that it will inspire them to achieve their goals even if their conditions for success are not optimal Do yourself a favor and pick up this book you will not be disappointed